Book of Ra Roulette RulesThe Book of Ra Roulette title is the table game-themed version of the immensely popular slot series that mixes a 1-reel slot and roulette into one. If you are an iGaming veteran, then there is a good chance you have come across one of the Book of Ra slot games created under the Novomatic live brand. And for those of you that enjoy the ancient Egyptian theme, or if you like to switch from slots to roulette, you are probably going to love The Book of Ra Roulette!

When the original Book of Ra video slot first appeared in online casinos, it became an instant hit. It takes ancient Egyptian mythology and tells the story of ‘ The Book of Ra’, which is said to be an ancient text that awakens Ra, the god of the sun!

As the original slot version grew into what is still one of today’s most popular titles, Novomatic released new versions keeping the theme alive. The software provider then acquired Extreme Live Gaming and continued its fun Egyptian slot adventure by releasing The Book of Ra Roulette, and so here we are!

The Book of Ra Roulette game rules

You will play roulette on a European table with numbers 1-36 + a single ‘0’, which offers you the best possible RTP for all inside and outside bets. The overall RTP for standard European Roulette tables is 97.30%. However, the RTP on ‘The Book of Ra Roulette’ changes slightly due to the addition of the 1-reel online slot!

As this is a live dealer title, the croupier commentates as well as manually delivers the roulette ball to the wheel and the wheel spins, while an RNG handles the results of the slot. Placing bets is the same as any other roulette table. Outside bets are the odd-even, red-black, high-low, column, and dozen bets while you have inside betting options such as ‘Straight-up’, ‘Split’, ‘Street’, ‘Corner’, and ‘2-Way Street bets’. You can also use a ‘racetrack’ on the side of the table to place bets on sections of the wheel such as ‘Tiers’, ‘Orphelins’, and ‘Voisins’.

The Book of Ra roulette offers you all the usual ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ bets, plus the chance to place bets on sections of the wheel!

As for payouts, you can expect the same return as if you were playing any other version of roulette. ‘Straight-up’ bets pay 35-1, ‘Split’ bets 17-1, ‘Red-Black’ bets pay 1-1, and ‘dozens/columns’ bets pay 1-1. Therefore, the only unique extra feature to learn is the 1-reel slot which we will get to below!

Book of Ra Roulette ‘Quick Facts’

  • Combination of Book of Ra Slots & Live Roulette
  • Live dealer manually spins the roulette wheel
  • Based on European roulette rules
  • There are 37 numbers (Incl., ‘0’)
  • Racetrack & classic betting areas
  • Bet limits between € 1 & € 75,000

Game instructions and gameplay process

If you are a fan of roulette, then you will have no problems learning how to play Book of Ra Roulette. For those of you who are new to roulette, all you need is a basic understanding of how to play European Roulette, and you can easily learn to play roulette on this fun Book of Ra Roulette table. It is easy to learn the instructions and flow of play with the only extra feature you won’t find on any other roulette table being the 1-reel slot feature!

The slot is a side bet that gives options to bet on any of the 7 Book of Ra symbols. Each symbol has a payout amount, and if the slot hits the symbol you wagered, you get paid! Aside from this, you play the main game of roulette, choosing your inside and outside bets between each coup. Once the betting time period is over, all bets are off, and the croupier will begin the next coup!

Step-by-step guide on how to play Book of Ra Roulette

  • Find an online casino with Book of Ra Roulette
  • Deposit real money into your casino account
  • Open the Book of Ra Roulette in the Extreme Live Gaming Lobby
  • Get an overview of the betting options
  • Place your wager on numbers & Book of Ra symbols
  • The live dealer throws the balls into the wheel & the coup begins
  • As soon as a number is determined, pay-outs are evaluated

High-Quality Live Gaming Environment: The Book of Ra slot game side bet is an impressive feature, as is the dedicated studio. The roulette table’s betting area and the racetrack are both clearly visible as they are both quite large, while the game has an in-theme Egyptian style backdrop. Also, the slot itself uses high-end graphics on a large single reel. You will also see a large countdown timer, plus a ‘statistics wheel’ showing historical hot and cold spots on the roulette wheel!

Overview of the Slot Symbols

Staying true to the original Book of Ra video slot series, the Book of Ra Roulette version uses the same symbols on its 1-reel side bet slot game. You can choose from 7 symbols to bet on, and each one will pay-out a multiplier. For the symbol to count as a win, it will need to land on the reel in the middle position. Overall, there are 3 positions for symbols, and the reel is in the middle of the screen so you can’t miss it or the results it produces. Compared to the roulette game’s top straight-up bet pay-out, the percentage of winning is 2.7% for a 35:1 pay-out while there is a 1.1% chance of landing either of the top paying symbols on the slot.

Roulette Book of Ra Slot Quick Facts

  • The slot game is for side bets only
  • 7 popular Book of Ra symbols
  • You can bet on individual game symbols
  • The Adventurer and Tutankhamun pay 80x your bet
  • The house edge for the symbols is between 10-14%

The Book of Ra Symbols

Slot Symbols Probability & Win Rate
Adventurer 1.10 % | 80:1
Tutankhamun 1.10 % | 80:1
Book of Ra 4.54 % | 18:1
Sphinx 4.54 % | 18:1
Scarab 21.90 % | 3:1
K 21.90 % | 3:1
Q 44.92 % | 1:1

Strategy Tip: Hedging your bets on ‘even or odd’ (or any other outside bets) and then betting half that amount on one of the high paying slot symbols will eventually pay off. You have a 48.60% (almost 1 in 2 chance) of hitting your even odds bet. If the slot hits your side bet symbol just once in 80 coups you win your money back. However, if you hit the side bet before then, you will walk away with a huge 80x win!

Payout percentage and profit opportunities

Aside from the explosive action from the side bet Book of Ra slot game, the rest of the roulette action is no different to a roulette table inside a land-based casino. As this is a European roulette table, you get better odds than an American roulette table as there is only a single ‘0’ rather than ‘0’ and ’00’.

  • Outside Bets: These bets are not placed directly on numbers, and there are 5 options in total. They are the red-black, even-odd, and high-low that pay even odds (1:1). And the column and dozen options that double your bet (2:1).
  • Inside Bets: These bets are placed when you put your chips directly on the numbers or lines between them on the roulette board. They offer the highest paying odds
  • Racetrack: This is the second betting area on the felts. Using these options will lay out a string of ‘Straight Up’ + ‘Split Bets’ on numbers that are next to each other on the roulette wheel – you may also see these types of bets referred to as Neighbour bets
  • Side Bets: The only side bets available on the Book of Ra Roulette table are the Book of Ra slot symbols
  • La Partage: This option is not available
  • En Prison: This option is not available

Be aware that outside bets will lose if the ball lands on ‘0’. Otherwise, if you want to cover the ‘0’, you can add a straight-up bet on the ‘0’ or a split bet with the 1, 2, or 3. The Voisins bet, which is short for Voisins du Zero will also cover the ‘0’ as well as 16 other numbers on the wheel in a series of 5 split bets and 2 corner bets. This bet gives you a 32.4% chance of winning!

Bet returned on top of wins: When you win your bet, your bet is multiplied by the respective pay-out and your original bet is always returned. For example, if you win a straight-up bet with 1 chip bet, you win 35:1, so 35 chips returned + 1 chip that you bet!

Roulette Probabilities & Odds

Betting Opportunity Winning Odds & RTP
Odd 1:1 | 48.60 %
Even 1:1 | 48.60 %
Black 1:1 | 48.60 %
Red 1:1 | 48.60 %
Low Numbers (1-18) 1:1 | 48.60 %
High Numbers(19-36) 1:1 | 48.60 %
Dozen Bet (1-12) 2:1 | 32.40 %
Dozen Bet (13-24) 2:1 | 32.40 %
Dozen Bet (25-36) 2:1 | 32.40 %
Colun Bet-34 2:1 | 32.40 %
Colun Bet-35 2:1 | 32.40 %
Colun Bet-36 2:1 | 32.40 %
2-Way Street Bet 5:1 | 16.20 %
Corner Bet 8:1 | 10.80 %
Street Bet 11:1 | 8.10 %
Split Bet 17:1 | 5,40 %
Straight-Up Bet 35:1 | 2.70 %
Tips & tricks for the best Book of Ra Roulette Strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games out there. Almost every casino has a roulette table, even if it means using an auto-roulette wheel. It is a game that comes with numerous strategies such as ‘Martingale’, ‘Reverse Martingale’, ‘Paroli’, ‘Fibonacci’, ‘Labouchere’, ‘Dalembert’, ‘Single Number’, and ‘Quadrant’ strategies to name just a few. Many of these are positive or negative betting techniques, but always take them with a pinch of salt because there is no sure-fire strategy that will guarantee a win. By all means, try them on the Book of Ra Roulette table, but never get sucked into believing any strategy that guarantees a win.

That said, there are few techniques you can use to reduce your losses and stay on the tables for longer:

  • Bankroll Management: Only take between 5% or 10% of your bankroll to your Book of Ra Roulette session. This way, if you hit a cold streak, you can come back another day!
  • Bet Sizing Strategy: Determine how small/large each of your bets will be. Don’t go too high or a few losses will mean your session will be over too quickly! Just remember, you need to be in it to win it, and if you bet too high, you will not be in it at all!
  • Avoid Chasing: If it is not your day, then it’s just not your day – simple. Don’t bet higher because you are losing and instead quit and come back another day!
  • Variance: Always remember that the higher the reward, the more volatile the bet is. High variance bets will not pay often, but when they pay, it’s big. Low variance bets pay little, but often!
  • Hedging your Best: When you hedge your bets, you look for a mix of low variance and high variance betting options. The idea is to bet larger amounts on the low variance options and smaller amounts on high variance options!

The 5 Best Book of Ra Live Roulette Tips

  • Only use 5%-10% of your bankroll each session
  • Choose the correct bet sizing for your session budget
  • Never chase your losses
  • Understand high/low variance bets
  • Hedge low variance bets against high variance bets

Questions and answers about the Book of Ra Roulette

💡 What is Book of Ra Roulette?

This is a classic European roulette table with a slot game as a side bet. The mini Book of RA slot gives you 7 symbols to bet on and the chance to win up 80x your bet! The side bet does not affect the main game.

💡 Which betting option offers the highest profit?

The highest betting options on the Book of Ra Roulette table are the symbols that pay 80x your bet. These are available on the side bet slot game. Look for the Adventurer and Tutankhamun symbols! Otherwise, if you do not play the side bets, the ‘Straight-Up’ bet on a single number is the highest paying bet.

💡 What is the difference between normal roulette & Book of Ra Roulette?

You can play the main roulette game as if you were playing any other European roulette table. There is no difference in the way you play. However, the Egyptian theme and side bet slot game based on the Book of Ra slot series is unique to this roulette title. It gives you a one-of-a-kind ambience not found on any other live table!

💡 Where can play Book of Ra Live Roulette?

After Novomatic purchased Extreme Live Gaming, it then sold the platform to Pragmatic Play Live. Later Pragmatic went offline and reopened its live studio minus the Book of Ra Roulette title. If it returns, we will let you know. However, there are plenty of other fun live roulette tables with 500x multipliers you can play!

💡 Are there Book of Ra Roulette alternatives?

At the moment, the Egyptian theme and use of the mini slot are unique to this title. Other live dealer manufacturers offer themed roulette tables, but none quite as eccentric. That said, you can try the fun Playtech Live Football Roulette! If you are looking for roulette titles with huge multipliers, check out Quantum Roulette (Playtech), Lightning Roulette (Evolution), and Mega Roulette (Pragmatic) as these tables offer 5x to 500x multipliers!

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