Dreamcatcher Live Game ShowOne of the first wheel of fortune live casino titles to come online was Dream Catcher Live. Evolution released this title to continue its mission to mimic that special land-based casino gaming experience via HD-webcam tech. A trip to Vegas, and you will come across Wheel of Fortune games in most large casinos while they are also a popular TV game show feature!

In this review, you will learn about the Dream Catcher Live wheel of fortune title, and how it pays multipliers of your bets that apply to a 54-segment wheel housed in a dedicated studio.  Plus, we cover its software, betting, pay-out ratios, RTP, and strategy tips!

The Rules of Dream Catcher Explained in Short!

Honestly, there is no reason to create a long form’ rules guide, hence the term ‘in short’. There is nothing to learning this incredibly fun casino title. When you open the live feed, you will see a betting panel below with 6 betting options.

These are numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 and they pay x1, x2, x5, x10, and x40 multipliers, respectively. You can bet on just a single number or bet on multiple numbers–it’s entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Just note that the higher the number, the fewer segments there on the wheel, but the higher the reward if the Dream Catcher live wheel of fortune lands on it.

  • Betting limits between €0.10 and €5,000 per round (depending on the live casino)
  • There are 54 segments on the wheel
  • You can bet on ‘6’ number fields; 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and/or 40
  • You can place bets on multiple number fields simultaneously
  • The higher the number, the higher the risk & pay-out

Dreamcatcher Live Game Host

Segments on the Dream Catcher Live game wheel and Winning Odds

Multipliers No. of Segments Winning Odds
1 23 1:1
2 15 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
20 2 20:1
40 1 40:1
Respin Multiplier 2x 1 Extra Spin
Respin Multiplier 7x 1 Extra Spin

Dream Catcher Multipliers Can Increase Your Pay-Out

An added feature on the Dream Catcher wheel is the ‘Multiplier’ segments. There are only 2 out 54 segments designated to these multipliers which result in a re-spin. If the re-spin lands on the number you bet, then the multiplier amount is applied to your bet. The standard multiplier segments are 2x and 7x with each of these taking up a single segment each on the wheel.

Additional Multipliers: When the game show host re-spins the Dream Catch wheel, there is always the possibility of the ‘Random Dream Catcher Game Multiplier’ dropping in and multiplying the current value!

An example of how they work is placing a €10 bet on number 2 and the next spin produces the 7x multiplier. The game host will spin again, and if the wheel lands on number 2 you win €10 x 2 = (€20) + €20 x 7 = (€140) + your €10 stake returned, giving you €150. If the ‘Random Dream Catcher Game Multiplier’ triggers, then your €140 win will often be worth 5x to 10x more! Incidentally, the maximum win limit on the Dream Catcher Wheel is € 500,000!

The step-by-step guide to the game

  • Open the Dream Catcher game in the lobby of your live casino
  • The live webcam feed starts & you see the wheel + presenter
  • Mobile players can play in landscape or portrait
  • Place your bets on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and/or 40
  • Your presenter will manually spin wheel (No computerised results)
  • No bets accepted when the wheel of fortune starts spinning
  • When the wheel stops on a number you bet, pay-outs are instant
  • If the wheel hits a multiplier, it will spin again

How does Dream Catcher work in the Live Casino?

You will find Dream Catcher available at almost every online casino with a live dealer section that hosts games from the live casino software manufacturer Evolution. Note that some casinos prefer not to host wheel of fortune games. When you load the game, you zoom in via webcam into a live studio specially built to accommodate the Dream Catcher Live wheel of fortune. In the studio, there is a live presenter a.k.a. game host that makes announcements and manually spins the wheel.

Sociable Live Chat: Dream Catcher has a live chat function all players can see. When you type into the live chat, your text will appear. This is active even while the wheel is spinning. People beckon the wheel to land on multipliers or their chosen number, while quite often other players will announcement how much they won from the last spin!

As for placing bets, Evolution’s software platform is enabled to display bets in multiple currencies such as UK£, EU€, ZAR, INR, CA$, AU$, and NZ$ plus cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DOGE, and Tether. The only other point worth noting is that there is usually a min-max bet limit of €0.10 to €5,000 per spin (or currency equivalent)–although these numbers can change slightly depending on the live casino you play at.

Example calculation of winning wheel spins

€10 stake on number 1 that wins = 1 x €10 = €10 + €10 stake returned

€10 stake on number 5 that wins = 5 x €10 = €50 + €10 stake returned

Sample calculation for winning rounds with multipliers

€10 Stake number 10 + Wheel lands on 2x multiplier = 20x multiplier

Re-spin lands on number 10 = 20 x €10 = €200 + €10 stake returned

€10 Stake number 10 + Wheel lands on 7x multiplier = 70x multiplier

Re-spin lands on number 10 = 70 x €10 = €700 + €10 stake returned

What is the RTP on the Live Dream Catcher Wheel?

Understand the RTP on wheel fortune games is about simple mathematics. If you are a mathematician and you would like to figure out the game’s total RTP versus Evolution’s stated 96.58% RTP, then go for it! In fact, Dream Catcher’s mathematical RTP calculations are similar to lotto, Sic Bo, and Roulette games. One of the key point to note about this live game is that it does not use a ‘Random Number Generator’ (RNG) or ‘Provably Fair’ algorithm.

100% Natural Spins: The live Dream Catcher gameshow host spins the wheel of fortune manually meaning that every result on this live casino title is 100% natural!

All spins are manually carried out by the live presenter. That said, an RNG does come into play when the ‘Random Dream Catcher Game Multiplier’. Every time a x2 or x7 multiplier lands, the RNG will kick into action deciding whether to activate the ‘Random Dream Catcher Game Multiplier’ and what the additional multiplier will be.

The Odds of Winning on Dream Catcher Live

Betting Option Percentage Chance
1 43.40%
2 27.78%
5 12.96%
10 7.41%
20 5.56%
40 1.85%
Tips & Strategy Playing Live Wheel of Fortune Games

Wheel of Fortune games require no skill because there is no user interaction to how the outcome pans out. As this is a game based purely on luck, strategy comes down to betting patterns, probability, bankroll management, and sensible bet sizing decisions. That said, there is no full-proof way to beat the system. Sensible betting management and timely bets according to probability are the best ways to play most casino games.

Here are a few strategy tips for playing Dream Catcher Live:

Bankroll Management: Dream Catcher can hit your numbers regularly or end up not giving you win for several spins. Therefore, using a bankroll management such as using 5% or 10% for your session is best way to preserver your casino balance.

Bet Sizing: If you are using a bankroll management strategy and taking 10% of your bankroll, you will need to break down the amount you dedicate to your session into smaller amounts. For example, if your session budget is €10, your bet sizes should be small – €0.50 per spin gets you 20 spins. Or if you take €100 to the session, then €5 bets per spin is 20 bets. From those 20 spins, you should net a few wins.

Hedging Your Bets: We all want to win the big 20x or 40x multiplier, but there are only 2 and 1 segments respectively. To hedge your bets, you can bet €1 on number 1 with 23 segments, and then add a further 3 segments betting €0.50 on 20x and €0.25 40x. With the 2 multiplier segments also on your side, 28 segments could net you a win, which is 52% of the wheel. And if you land 1, you make a small profit, while hitting the 20x or 40x with these bet amounts nets you €10.

Combination Percentages: Combining segments to cover the wheel is virtually the same as hedging your bets. You are looking for combinations of numbers that will cover a large percentage of the wheel so you can win more often.

  • Bet 1 & 2 = 38 out of 54 = 70% probability
  • Bet on 5, 10, 20 & 40 = 14 out of 54 = 26% probability
  • Bets on 20 & 40 = 3 out of 54 = 6% probability
  • Add an extra 3.7% probability for the multiplier segments

Use the History Indicator: Dream Catcher has a history chart which tells you numbers hit from previous spins. You can use this to work alongside the theory of probability in the same way as any other casino game. For instance, the wheel has not landed on 40 for more than 50 spins, then it is worth placing a bet on the 40 segment because in theory it should it 1 in 54 spins. Of course, probability is not an exact science, and each spin is independent of the last, but all the same it is still a good way to judge the possibility of future results.

Best Dream Catcher Live Casino in 2022!

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Questions and answers about the Dream Catcher Live Casino game

💡 What is the best Dream Catcher Live strategy?

There is no golden recipe for success for guaranteeing a winning session playing Dream Catcher Live Casino. You can play a low variance game by betting on the lower number for a chance of small but regular wins, mix high variance bets such as 40x with low variance bets, or just go all out with a high variance strategy in search of 10, 20, and 40 multipliers. Check out our strategy tips above in the last section of our Dream Catcher Live game review above!

💡 What settings does the live casino game offer?

You can activate the live chat in the Dream Catcher Live game if you want to chat with other participants. This is more of a message board, but sometimes people will reply directly to your messages. You can also set it to turn off other people’s comments, and it will only show you winning results. It is also possible to choose between two views: the main view focuses on the studio with a small betting area, while the alternative view moves the betting layout to the forefront of your screen, enlarging the sequence of numbers. Furthermore, you can change the sound and video quality, plus there is a handy autoplay function to place bets automatically on each spin with no user intervention. Lastly, mobile players can choose portrait or landscape views!

💡 What are the stake and win limits?

The betting range in each Dream Catcher round is between €0.10 and €5,000, although there may be lower or higher betting limits depending on the live casino. The maximum win possible on the Dream Catcher wheel of fortune is €500,000.

💡 Is Dream Catcher available on the go via smartphone & tablets?

Yes, you can play Dream Catcher on almost any mobile device. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets and runs both via native live casino apps and via HTML5 instant play tech through your web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more.

💡 Is there a free play version of Dream Catcher Live online?

You cannot play Dream Catcher online for free, as it is a live casino game. However, Live Dream Catcher offers you the opportunity to test the game under real conditions with low stakes for as low as €0.10 per spin or currency equivalent. With the live casino bonus offers on our website, you can also play for real money with free credit provided via the bonus deal.

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