The Mega Ball Live Casino GameThe Mega Ball live casino game is yet another hugely popular live title from Evolution and one that will certainly appeal to fans of bingo. That is because it is a twist on that popular form of gambling via multipliers that could help you create payouts of up to €/$500,000!

Purchase up to 400 cards at a time and wait as the bingo machine sucks out the numbers that you hope will complete as many lines as possible. Then, if you get lucky enough, one of up to two multiplier Mega Balls with values of between 5x and 100x could complete additional lines and give you some bumper payouts!

As the numbers are revealed, a live host offering plenty of personality will commentate on the action, chat with players, and help to create an electric atmosphere. Your fellow players also help to generate a fun atmosphere via the community chatroom that is full of people all celebrating their wins or bemoaning their luck. When the Mega Ball multipliers are announced is when the chatroom usually explodes with messages!

Mega Ball might look and feel like a typical bingo game, but it is the addition of the Mega Balls and the high quality production that has enabled this title to enjoy continued success at the best live casinos since its launch in 2020.

Our Mega Ball Live Casino Game Guide: In this guide, we will explain how to play Mega Ball, where you can find this impressive live gameshow, explain the odds, rules, and features, and give you a few strategies you can employ.

Play at a Live Mega Ball Casino

Mega Ball is a fast-paced live casino game that you will find at all Evolution casinos. While the rules are simple enough, you still need to know how the game works, as it may look a little confusing at first. That said, once you have played a few rounds, you will get a feel for what you are doing and can then sit back and enjoy your session on the Mega Ball bingo game. You start out by purchasing between 1 and 400 bingo cards that each contain 24 numbers. The live host then commentates as an air machine automatically sucks 20 numbered balls from a tombola containing 51 balls.

As those numbers are drawn, the game will automatically mark the numbers on your card. The aim is to mark off numbers on your card so that you make lines of 5 numbers. Those lines could be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal across your card. When you create a line, you win a payout value. The more lines you create on each card, the higher that payout value will be.

Then, once that stage of Mega Ball is complete, you then get to enjoy one final twist. Up to two Mega Balls (multiplier balls) are drawn from the machine. The Mega Balls will have a randomly assigned multiplier value of between 5x and 100x. If those numbers complete lines on your cards, the layout you receive for that card is enhanced by the multiplier.

The appeal of Mega Ball and other live gameshows from Evolution is not just the potential big wins you can receive for relatively small wagers, but also the whole experience you receive. The studio is well designed and looks great, while the live hosts always do their best to create an enjoyable atmosphere. Plus, Mega Ball is a fast-paced game, so you are never waiting too long for a new round to start.

Mega Ball 1
Mega Ball 2

Evolution – A Multi-Award Winning Live Casino Supplier: Evolution is the undisputed king of live casino right now. While this could change as this iGaming vertical becomes more competitive, Evolution is the supplier to catch. The brand regularly walks away with industry awards and now has dozens to its name. Most recently, Evolution has picked up the Online Casino Supplier at the 2022 Global Gaming Awards and the Live Casino Supplier of the Year and Innovation in Casino Entertainment Awards at the 2021 SBC Awards.

How to Play Mega Ball at the Online Casinos?

Assuming you have found an Evolution casino that offers the Mega Ball live casino game, playing Mega Ball is broken down into three stages. First, you purchase cards before you watch the initial draw. Then, the action finishes up with the drawing of the Mega Ball(s). It really is as simple as that. In this section, we will take you through each of those stages in more detail.

  • Buying Your Mega Ball Bingo Cards

Your first consideration before playing a round of Mega Ball is how many cards you want to purchase and for what stake. You can buy any number of cards between 1 and 400 and can stake between $/€0.10 and $/€100.00 per card. If you plan on buying multiple cards, you can achieve this easier by buying them in units. You have the option to buy in units of 1, 10, 15, and 25. Your total stake for each round is the value of each card you bought. So, as an example, if you bought 100 cards with a $/€1.00 stake on each, your total bet is $/€100.00.

Each card consists of 24 numbers on a 5×5 grid. Each card has 12 winnable lines but it is not possible to fill an entire card as not enough numbers get drawn. The central section on each card is free space, so that is one number you do not have to find. The numbers on your cards are randomly selected, but if you don’t like them, you can refresh them by pressing the ‘Refresh’ button on each card. You can only do this if the betting round is still open.

  • The Main Mega Ball Draw

Once you have bought your cards and decided your stake, you now just have to wait for the betting round to come to an end. Once it does, the next stage of Mega Ball begins. The air machine produces 20 out of the 51 numbered balls in the tombola. As each numbered ball is revealed, your cards automatically update (there is no need to manually tick them off).

The software will automatically arrange your cards so that it put the cards with the best chance of winning in front of you. Along the top of each card are the numbers you need to finish winning lines. All that is left to do is sit back, relax, and hope that as many of your required numbers roll in.

Differences to Bingo: While the above might sound very similar to traditional bingo games, there  are actually quite a few differences between the two and not just the multipliers that we will come to next. For a start, Bingo is traditionally a game whereby players compete against each other. The first to complete a card is the winner. Plus, there are fewer balls in Mega Ball compared to traditional bingo games.

Mega Ball Game Overview
Live Mega Ball Casino
  • You can buy up to 400 Mega Ball bingo cards each round
  • Each card can have a stake of between $/€0.10 and $/€100.00
  • You can purchase your cards in units of 1, 10, 15, and 25
  • Each card has 24 numbers on a 5×5 grid
  • Each card offers 12 winnable lines
  • The middle section is free space
  • 20 numbered balls drawn from 51
  • Cards automatically update as the numbers are revealed
  • Cards get sorted so that those with the potential of payouts are the closest to you
  • Line winning numbers required are shown at the tops of the cards
  • Finally, up to 2 Mega Balls are drawn with multipliers between 5x and 100x
  • If they complete a line, that multiplier enhances the payout on that card
  • Max win is capped at $/€500,000

The Drawing of the Mega Balls with Multipliers

All the above is just the crescendo up to the most exciting part of the game. You may have already completed a few lines and made some profit, but it is the possibility of landing a big multiplier and completing a line with it that makes Mega Ball the popular game that it is. After all, if you complete the 6th line on one of your cards using a Mega Ball that has a 100x multiplier, you could land a win of 1,000,000x your stake! The only shame with that is that the max win is capped at $/€500,000. Still, how many of you will turn your nose up at such a big payout?

Once the main draw ends, the presenter walks over to a screen where an RNG determines the multiplier of the Mega Ball that is yet to be drawn. A wheel spins with multipliers of between 5x and 100x and the multiplier that the wheel lands on is the one that is applied to the Mega Ball. The air machine goes into action once again to draw that Mega Ball number. If it creates a line on your card(s), that multiplier is applied to your stake.

In some cases, a second Mega Ball is drawn. However, if that second ball creates a winning line on the same card as the previous ball, only the largest multiplier will apply.

Mega Ball Odds & Payouts

How much you win depends on how many completed lines you have on a card and if there is a multiplier attached. The more lines you complete, the better the payout. Plus, if a Mega Ball completes a line on that card, it multiplies the win value on that card. On each card, you can complete lines horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Completing a single line will give you back your stake on that card (unless a multiplier applies), but as you complete more lines, the payouts increase. The accompanying table shows you the payout ranges you will receive for completing lines on your cards. The max payout is dependent on the size of the multiplier (if a Mega Ball completes a line).

As each card is independent of another, the RTP (return-to-player) of Mega Ball is based on playing a single card. That RTP is 95.40% which falls into the range of most live gameshows. Of course, if you want a better RTP, you should play live casino European roulette or blackjack instead. What you get with live Mega Ball is the potential to win those big multipliers. While this is not a common occurrence, you will certainly remember it once it happens.

Number of Completed Lines Payout
6+ 9,999 to 999,999:1
5 999 to 99,999:1
4 249 to 24,999:1
3 49 to 4,999:1
2 4 to 499:1
1 1 to 99:1
Mega Ball Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Just like with any game of chance, there are no strategies that can guarantee that you always enjoy a winning session when playing Mega Ball. It really comes down to luck and being in the right place at the right time for those random multipliers. You cannot control what happens during the round. The numbers on the cards are randomly generated and then the numbers pulled from the machine are random. There is absolutely no way anyone could come up with a cast-iron strategy for this game.

Instead, treat it as it should be treated. Just sit back, buy a few cards each round, and hope that you land one of those massive multipliers. There is no point trying to beat the game, so just have fun with it! How you play is up to you. Whether you prefer playing a single card or buying multiple cards so that you have the potential to record a few more wins, it makes little difference to the odds in the long term. Each card is independent, so how many you buy has no bearing on your potential for success.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming Questions and Answers!

What is Mega Ball?

Mega Ball is a unique live casino game developed by Evolution. It offers similarities to lottery/bingo and involves completing lines on bingo cards. However, the big twist is the Mega Ball multipliers that could generate wins of up to 1,000,000x your stake. 20 balls are drawn from a pool of 51 and when you complete lines on your cards, you win a payout. Obviously, the more lines you complete on a card, the higher that payout is. Then, if the Mega Ball and its random multiplier of between 5x and 100x completes a line on your card, that multiplier is applied to the payout of that card.

Can I play Mega Ball on my mobile device?

Absolutely! All of Evolution’s titles are mobile-responsive and that means you can enjoy them on your smartphone and tablet mobile devices. How the game is laid out might differ depending on your screen size, but whether you play on a large screen monitor or 7 inch smartphone screen, you will get to enjoy a flawless user experience.

Is there a Live Mega Ball Casino Bonus?

Aside from the bonus round featuring a Mega Ball multiplier, which is a feature of Mega Ball, there is no exclusive live casino bonus that you can use when playing. However, depending on the online casino you sign up to, you may find that you can claim bonus cash and use it when playing Mega Ball. This is not always the case and some casinos will limit live casino games wagering contributions to 5% or 10%, but you can still enjoy the game using that bonus cash. Just make sure you read our live casino reviews to establish which online casinos and bonuses you can use.

Is it possible to play Live Mega Ball for free?

There is no demo version of the Mega Ball live casino game, but you do have the option of sitting at the table and watching the action as others play. All you need is an active casino account (you do not have to have funds loaded into it). Another little cheat is to play the First Person Mega Ball virtual title. Evolution offers RNG versions of its live games via its First Person series. In those games, you can click a button and get sent to the live version. The good thing about the RNG versions is that they do have demo modes. So, while you will not play in a live format, you will get to enjoy the same game.

Is a Live Mega Ball Jackpot available?

There is not a jackpot per se, although a top payout of 1,000,000x your stake is possible (capped at $/€500,000). That is not considered a jackpot as you might find on video slots. It is a multiplier of your stake that could reach a certain amount. Winning the top payout is rare, as you might expect, but then again, so is winning progressive jackpots.

Why is Mega Ball Compared to Bingo?

It is understandable that at first glance, Mega Ball looks like a bingo game. In many ways it is, but it does have some major differences. In bingo, players compete against each other, which is not the case in this game. Plus, in a traditional bingo game, at least 75 numbered balls are drawn. Then, of course, you have the massive multipliers possible thanks to up to two Mega Balls.

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