Deal or No Deal Live (Evolution)While many live casino suppliers stay in their comfort zone by producing live dealer versions of traditional casino games, including Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack, Evolution has always been known for its innovation and ability to create unique and entertaining games of its own. This is why the brand is the undisputed number one in the live casino vertical right now and why it has won countless industry awards over the years. For example, the company won the 2019 SBC Innovation in Casino Entertainment Award at the SBC Awards for its creation of live gameshows including Deal or No Deal, Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice in the same year. That is just one of the many awards the company has won since it entered the live casino vertical in 2006.

It is the first of those titles, Deal or No Deal that we look at in this guide. Created in partnership with Endemol Shrine, this is the live gameshow variation of the hugely popular television gameshow of the same name. Such is the popularity of this TV show, there are versions airing in over 90 countries around the world. That means that most of you will already know the concept involved and the reason why so many people love to sit and tune in each week. The live gameshow offers many of the core principles of the television show while offering high-quality production, a live presenter, and a top prize of up to 500x the stake.

In this guide: We will talk about Deal or No Deal, one of Evolution’s most innovative live casino games to date. We will show you how to play the game, teach you the rules, and give you some tips and stretigies you can use to improve your chances of walking away a winner.

The Popular Deal or No Deal Concept

If you are one of the millions that have seen the live television show Deal or No Deal, you will know that it is based on suitcases that each contain a fixed cash value. Depending on the country you are watching from, the total number of suitcases can vary between 20 and 26. The contestant lucky to play will choose one suitcase while the remaining contestants waiting in line for their turn will each stand behind the remaining suitcases. On each turn, the contestant chooses one of the remaining suitcases to eliminate. The suitcase is opened to reveal the value that is no longer in play. That value is removed from the on-screen graphic and as each round passes by the values drop off the screen.

After every few rounds, the banker will make an offer for the contestants’ suitcase based on the values still left in the game. As you can imagine, if they have eliminated many of the higher values, the banker will make a lower offer while eliminating the lower values will ensure a higher offer. This continues until the player accepts the banker’s deal or continues to the end to see the value of the suitcase they are holding.

The premise of the Deal or No Deal live casino game is similar except it has 16 suitcases and rather than fixed amounts, the suitcases will have a cash value that is a multiplier of your stake. The game is also broken up into three stages as you first have to qualify to take part, then top up the values in the suitcases with further funds, and then play the main game.

Finding and Playing Deal or No Deal (Step-by-Step Instructions)

  • Read this guide so you know how to play Deal or No Deal live
  • Find an online casino that features Evolution live casino games (use our live casino reviews)
  • Perhaps use a casino that offers a welcome bonus you can wager on live casino games
  • Register an account and fund it with real cash (claim bonus if applicable)
  • Find Deal or No Deal in the game lobby at your Evolution casino
  • Click it so that it loads up on your desktop or mobile device
  • Start playing using a sensible strategy

Not the only Deal or No Deal Live Gameshow: Evolution is not the only live casino brand to develop a gameshow themed around the Deal or No Deal television show. In 2020, the live casino supplier Playtech launched Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw, a title that is more a bingo-style game. If you love Evolution’s Deal or No Deal, you might want to check that one out too.

The Deal or No Deal Live Rules Explained (How to Play)

If you open up Deal or No Deal Live for the first time without reading a guide (such as this one) on how to play, you might find the game a little confusing at first. Essentially, there are three elements of the game. Below is a brief summary of each of those stages:

  • A Qualifying Round: To qualify, you must spin a wheel in the hope of lining up three sections of a circle. It is made to look like a vault combination lock. You can have as many spins as you want within the set time period and can also choose your difficulty setting.
  • A Top Up Round: Once qualified, the next step gives you the chance to top up the values in the cases. You can select which cases to top up and then spin a wheel to determine how it increases.
  • The Main Deal or No Deal Game: This is where the real fun starts as you get to enjoy the main game, which involves whittling down the suitcases and receiving banker offers.

During the first two rounds, you will make bets using your real money balance. How much you bet in these rounds determines your overall bet. The more you bet, the higher the values in the cases will be.

Step 1: Qualify to Play Deal or No Deal

Before you can participate in the main Deal or No Deal round, you and all others must first qualify. You must spin a wheel and hope that you line up the three segments of each circle. This is similar to playing a video slot and hoping to land three matching symbols along a payline. Like a slot, this part of Deal or No Deal (and, in fact, all parts) is determined by a random number generator (RNG). Most other live casino games are determined by the laws of physics and not an RNG, such as Blackjack and Roulette, for example.

Before you start spinning, you have the option of selecting which of the suitcases you want to be the highest value. If you do not pick, the highest valued case will be Number 16. When the qualifying round starts, you get 10 seconds to spin the wheel as many times as you like. If you line up the segments, you qualify. If you fail to line up those segments, you do not qualify and lose the money you staked for each spin taken. You do have the option to make life easier by adjusting the difficulty. There are three options in total:

  • Standard Mode: This is the default mode which requires you to line up all three segments. It costs the current stake you selected for each spin of the wheel.
  • Easy Mode: For a cost of 3x your selected stake, it already lines one position up, leaving just two to lock into place.
  • Very Easy Mode: As two positions are lined up, you just have to spin the wheel until the final segment lines up with them. This costs 9x your selected spin stake.
Deal or No Deal Live Specs/Information
Live Deal or No Deal Spielprinzip
  • Released: 2019
  • Live Developer: Evolution
  • Game Type: Live Gameshow
  • RTP: 95.42%
  • Betting Range: Depends on the online casino but can range between €0.10 to €5,000 (or currency equivalent)
  • Top Payout: 500x the stake
  • Number of Suitcases: 16
  • Suitcases contain cash values that are a multiplier of your stake
  • To take part in the main game, you must first make it through a qualifying round
  • You can top up suitcase values during the second part of the game
  • Finally, you play the main game

Stake versus Prize: How much you choose to stake in this round will determine the values hidden inside the suitcases. That is because the prizes are multipliers of your stake. So, somebody staking €1 will have lower-valued suitcases compared to somebody staking €5, for example.

Briefcase Number Multiplier Value
1 0.10x your stake
2 0.20x your stake
3 0.50x your stake
4 0.70x your stake
5 1x your stake
6 2x your stake
7 3x your stake
8 5x your stake
Briefcase Number Multiplier Value
9 8x your stake
10 10x your stake
11 12x your stake
12 15x your stake
13 20x your stake
14 25x your stake
15 50x your stake
16 75x – 500x your stake

Note: The above tables are assuming you have not chosen a case to have the highest value and have gone with the default number 16 case having the top value inside. Obviously, if you choose another number for the highest valued case, the table above is different. It is just to show you the different multipliers of the cases in the game.

Step 2: Topping up the Values of the Suitcases

If you have qualified for the main round of Deal or No Deal Live, you now have the opportunity to top up some of the values in the cases. You are not obliged to do this, but it is a good way to increase the multiplier values of the cases and thus improve the payouts you can receive. You get a total of two minutes to select the suitcases you want to top up, choose the stake amounts, and spin the multiplier wheel. Each spin will land on a multiplier of between 5x and 50x and that multiplier is applied to the current value inside the suitcases. This is the best round to stake some money as at a minimum you will improve the values by 5x in return for your stake.

Tip: Always keep an eye on how much you stake in each game of Deal or No Deal. As you wager during the qualification round and the top up phase, it is easy to stake more than you planned. Just be aware of how much you have staked overall so that you stick to your bankroll management strategy (if you have one, of course).

Top up the Deal or No Deal Cases

Step 3: The Main Round of Deal or No Deal – Can You Beat the Banker?

Now that you are qualified and have topped up the values of the suitcases, you are ready to take part in the main attraction of this superb live gameshow. The idea is to either win the value of the last suitcase standing or accept one of the banker’s offers as the game progresses. At a minimum, you will want to win more money than you staked getting into this round.

  • Offer 1: In the first part of the game, the presenter’s assistant opens three suitcases. Each will have one of the numbers of the suitcases on the prize board. Those values are removed before you receive your first offer from the banker. The live host picks up the phone and pretends to speak to the banker (no, we doubt there really is anyone at the end of the line). The offer will depend on the values left in the game. So, if the higher valued suitcases remain, you will receive an offer larger than you would if some of them were eliminated.
  • Offer 2: The same process happens again except this time the assistant opens four suitcases. You then receive a second offer from the banker that is determined by the values left in the game. If you still have suitcases with high valuations still left at this point, you will receive a good offer, considering there are just half the cases now remaining and a better chance that the highest valued cases will make it to the end.
  • Offer 3: The presenter now opens another four boxes leaving just five left in the game. This is where the banker’s offer can get really serious if there are still high values left.
  • The Final Offer: In the final round, the presenter will open three boxes leaving just two boxes left. One is the box left at the back and the other is your box next to the live host. The banker gives a final offer which you can accept, refuse, or switch your suitcase with the one at the back. The two latter options will reveal the values in each of the remaining suitcases.

The End: As soon as you accept a banker’s offer or you go right to the end of the game, you will receive your payout and a new qualifying round for the next game will start.

The Stages of Deal or No Deal In Full

  • Stage 1: The qualifying round
  • Stage 2: The top-up round
  • Stage 3: Three suitcases are removed and a dealer offer made
  • Stage 4: Four suitcases are removed and a dealer offer made
  • Stage 5: Four suitcases are removed and a dealer offer made
  • Stage 6: Three suitcases are removed and a final dealer offer made
  • Stage 7: Accept the offer, refuse the offer, or switch the suitcase

Deal or No Deal Strategies – Is There a Nailed-On Way to Beat the Banker?

As with all casino games, there is no strategy that can guarantee that you walk away a winner in every single game. In fact, your best chance of success is to play the game sensibly so that you can keep your bankroll ticking over. Avoid spending too much on your stakes and carefully consider each banker’s deal that you receive. Make your decision based on the value of the cases left, the amount you staked, and the size of the offer received.

Take a look at our main tips when playing Deal or No Deal Live:

  • Accept any offer that is at least double your stake: While it is tempting to go chasing the big bucks, in most cases, you will not land them. Sometimes it is best just to ensure you have doubled your stake and made some profit. The next round could ruin your chances of profit if the better-valued suitcases get removed. The only time you might consider carrying on with an offer double your stake is if there are still the three highest valued boxes left in the game.
  • Be aware of your stake: If you do not keep an eye on how much you are staking during the first two rounds of Deal or No Deal, this game can become a bit of a money pit. Always know how much you have staked.
  • Understand the Qualifying Stage: You can lose money in Deal or No Deal without even playing the main game. If you do not qualify for the main round, you lose all the money that you staked spinning to do so. We recommend using the ‘Very Easy’ mode as although it is 9x your stake, you can just lower your stake enough so that the 9x equates to the same you were going to stake in normal mode. For example, if your stake is $1, the ‘Very Easy’ mode will cost you $9 per spin. Instead, lower your stake to $0.10 so that your 9x stake in this mode is $0.90 per spin.
Questions and answers about the Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game

💡 Is the Deal or No Deal Stream Clear & High Quality?

Deal or No Deal is a title developed by Evolution, and as such, you can always expect a high-quality stream that is clear and stable. You can set the HD streaming quality between low, medium, and high, within the settings of the game. By default, Deal or No Deal will run in the setting it recommends due to your current internet speed and the specs of your device.

💡 What is the RTP for Deal or No Deal?

The optimal RTP of Deal or No Deal is 95.42%. That sounds high when compared to video slots, but for a live casino game, that is fairly low. In comparison, Live Roulette and Live Blackjack have RTPs of 97.30% and 99.5% respectively. If your sole reason for playing casino games is to win money, then there are better options out there. However, if you want to have an enjoyable experience, live gameshows such as Deal or No Deal will appeal.

💡 Where can I Play Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live will feature at online casinos that offer live casino games from Evolution. If you are unsure which online casinos these might be, you can use our in-depth live casino reviews to find out. You should not have any problem finding a casino as Evolution is the industry leader in the live casino sphere, so most top online casinos will feature this brand’s titles.

💡 What is the maximum win playing Deal or No Deal Live?

The maximum payout possible on Deal or No Deal Live is capped at 500x the stake. However, achieving this is not easy at all. A suitcase would have to have the 500x multiplier and you would have to make it all the way to the showdown with you winning that suitcase.

💡 Is there a Deal or No Deal Bonus?

This will depend on the online casino you have chosen to play at. Some will have welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses that you can wager when playing on live casino games. Make sure you read the T&Cs first, however, just to make sure you are allowed to use your bonus funds on titles such as Deal or No Deal. If not, you risk wasting your bonus cash at best, or at worst, forfeiting it all.

💡 Can I play Deal or No Deal for free and without registering?

No, and no. There are no free versions of any Evolution live casino games as of writing this Deal or No Deal guide. Plus, you cannot play any live casino game without first registering an account at an online casino. You can sit and watch the games when you have an account. You are not obliged to bet, and can just watch how the game plays out.

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