The TVBet Live Casino BonusWhen TVBET first decided to infiltrate the live casino market in 2016, the firm came up with a strategy to offer something different to what was already available to live casino players. The company wanted to create casino content that was not only engaging, entertaining, and unique but also delivered in a style that not many other providers use.

That style is based on not making live casino gaming so serious. We have all played at tables where the games themselves are great, and the dealers are very professional, but it can just feel a bit boring and flat. The same smartly dressed, highly dignified live dealers streamed via backdrop that depicts luxury, lavishness, and elegance.

Sometimes we just want to have fun. That is where TVBET offers something different. The dealers are dressed in a smart-casual manner, are happy to chat and laugh with players, and the colours of the sets and clothing are often bold, bright, and brash. As for the games, these too offer a fun element for the most part.

TVBET has taken a different direction by providing games that will appeal to the wider masses. Titles such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, for example, may put off newcomers to online casinos. These are games that experienced casino players enjoy having built up knowledge of strategies and how to maximise their value when playing. New players want something simple, fun, engaging, and lucrative. Something they can pick up and play without having to think too much about strategy and tactics.

The live casino brand does offer a few ‘standard’ casino games, including Blackjack, Andar Bahar, and Teen Patti, but for the most TVBET has developed gameshow style titles involving wheels, cards, and numbered balls. Innovative titles include Hypergammon, Spin2Wheels, Fruitrace, Wheel, and War of Elements, among others. In total, TVBET has a portfolio of 16 live casino titles, and in this review, you will find out more about each of them.

Free Live Demo: In a rare move among live casino providers, TVBET has made all of its live casino games available to play via a demo version. You can access the free to play demo version of its games lobby on the TVBET website or at any online casino that features the firm’s titles. Aside from Betgames, TVBET is the only live brand that offers a demo of its games.

In short, TVBET is a modern, trendy, and innovative live casino supplier that has made big moves in the iGaming industry since launching in 2016. In this review, we will tell you more about this live brand and its history, the live games available in its portfolio, the licensing TVBET holds, the jurisdictions it operates in, and more! Once you have finished reading this review, you will have a complete understanding of why this live brand is now attracting regular industry award nominations and is proving consistently popular at online casinos.

  • A mix of classic and unique live casino titles
  • Card games, lottery/bingo games, board games, and wheel games
  • Bright & vibrant themes, decor, and styling
  • Engaging titles & personable live hosts
  • Over a dozen industry award nominations
  • 5 2021 SBC Award nominations alone
  • Offers demo versions of all live casino titles
  • Cutting-edge webcam, streaming and audio technologies
  • Supports 30 interface languages
  • Operated via a studio in Warsaw, Poland
  • GLI certified
  • Mobile-friendly live casino games
  • Tables operated 24/7 and 365 days a year
A Record 5 SBC Awards Nominations for TVBET in 2021

Best TVBET Live Casino Bonus!

Once you have established where you can play at the TVBET live casino, you may find that you qualify for a welcome bonus, match deposit bonuses, or a VIP program that benefits you when playing the developer’s live table games. Below, we will guide you through the different bonuses and promotions that you might come across when playing at TVBET live casinos.

How to Claim Your TVBET Bonus?

TVBET streams its casino content to countries across Europe, CIS, Africa, LatAM, and Asia via over 400 online casinos. This will only increase in the coming years as the brand secures licenses such as those from the UKGC and MGA. Right now, you stand the best chance of playing TVBET content at Curacao-licensed online casinos. We have reviewed many online casinos that hold this licensing, so why not check out our casino reviews to see which of them has partnered with TVBET and thus can offer this brand’s eccentric range of live casino games?

While you’re reading those reviews, take a look at the bonus section to see if the welcome bonuses or any other bonus will apply to the live games offered by TVBET. If they do, you just have to create an account at that online casino and claim the bonus when making a deposit.

Bonuses that may apply to TVBET games include welcome bonuses or reload bonuses that give you a percentage of your deposit as additional bonus cash, cashback deals that give you a percentage of your winning back (which you can then use on live tables), or live casino-specific bonuses. You may even find that you can use bonus cash earned from free spins is permitted at your chosen online casino.

  • Find an online casino that offers TVBET live casino games
  • Check the bonuses to see if they apply to live games
  • Create a casino account & deposit (while claiming your bonus)
  • Take advantage of existing or future bonus deals

The Best TVBET Live Casino Bonus Deals

To ensure that you find the best bonus deals for TVBET live casino games, you have to check the terms and conditions to ensure that live titles such as those offered by TVBET are allowed as part of the promotion. Some platforms ban the use of live casino games for the purposes of wagering bonus cash. However, others do let you use them for wagering, but at a reduced percentage compared to video slots. Table games generally have a low house edge compared to other types of games, which is why some casinos prefer to restrict them for bonuses.

You will find that many online casinos do let you use bonuses when playing live games. They may contribute 5% – 20% towards the wagering requirement of the bonus. We will always tell you this in our casino reviews as we go deep into the terms and conditions of the bonuses offered at each online casino we review. It still pays to check the T&Cs for yourself, however, as these are subject to change at any time.

When wagering bonuses, you will generally find that there is a maximum bet allowed. This is generally around the £/$/€5 mark but can go up to £/$/€30 in some cases. This will differ depending on the online casino you choose, so just make sure you’re up to date with all bonus terms.

  • Always read the T&Cs, especially concerning the casino bonuses
  • Check the specific terms regarding live casino games
  • Ideally, you want a bonus that contributes 20%+ towards wagering
  • A low wagering requirement also improves your chances

Knowledge is Wealth: As you gain experience with casino bonuses and the terms and conditions usually attached to them, you will learn the tricks of the trade when identifying the best to claim. Having a good understanding of wagering requirements, max bets, max conversions, and whether you have to wager just the bonus or the bonus + deposit, will allow you to spot the best bonuses and avoid the worst.

History Overview

At the time of writing this TVBET live casino games review, the firm has 16 titles streamed via a state-of-art studio in Warsaw, Poland. The brand operates in numerous jurisdictions and has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality games in a unique and vibrant manner.

Originally, TVBET began life in 2006 as an operator within land-based outlets. The firm quickly moved to provide software for brick and mortar betting shops. However, 10 years later, the firm made a strategic decision to move into the live casino industry. Since that decision was made, TVBET has come a long way in a short space of time and is tipped by many industry insiders to become one of the iGaming industries leading live casino suppliers.

The first port of call for TVBET was to establish a studio capable of streaming top-quality live casino games, once built, the next step was to recruit the fully-trained live croupiers and dealers required to operate the games developed by the live supplier. With both ready, the brand began development on the core titles it would launch once going live. By the middle of 2018, everything came together and the live casino arm of this leading iGaming firm had gone live initially in South American regions, then across Asia, before later moving into CIS, Europe, and South Africa.

TVBET now has offices in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Russia, has over 200 employees and has partnerships with more than 170 iGaming platforms, and creates at least 2 or 3 new live titles each year. The future looks bright, and if the firm can just gain the licenses needed to infiltrate further markets, it could place itself right near the top of the live casino tree!

TVBET’s Rapid Rise To Fame

  • Streams 16 titles from its Warsaw studio
  • Began operating as TVBET in 2016 after starting life as a land-based betting entity
  • Initially started out in South American markets
  • As popularity increased, the brand moved into Asian and CIS markets
  • Moves across Europe and South Africa markets followed
  • Gained first GLI certifications in 2019 with more added as new games released and tested
  • Has been nominated for major industry awards since 2019
  • 2021 brought over a dozen award noominations

2021 Award Nominations: To highlight how the iGaming industry now views the products and services that TVBET offers, the firm was nominated for some illustrious awards in 2021. TVBET earned four nominations at the 2021 EGR B2B Awards, including ‘Live Casino Supplier’ and ‘Live Streaming Supplier’ of the year. At the 2021 SBC Awards, TVBET earned a further five nominations in categories such as the ‘Innovation in Mobile’ and ‘Live Casino Supplier’ of the year. Despite not winning any, this surely means the live brand is closing in on its first major awards.

The Best TVBET Live Dealer Games & Gameshows

When you load up the TVBET lobby at a partnering online casino, you will find 16 live titles just waiting for you to try them out. The vast majority are unique titles that showcase the brand’s focus on creating something different from what you will find anywhere else. This uniqueness is what allows TVBET to stand out from the crowd in a competitive live casino space. It is also one of the reasons online casinos and casino aggregation platforms like to offer TVBET titles to their customers, as the firm is a great compliment alongside other more established brands.

In the section below, we cover some of the best live titles that you will find in TVBET’s portfolio. We give you a brief explanation of each game so that you know what to expect when you load them up for yourself. Each game is streamed using the latest technologies while the betting overlays are easy to use and the live hosts add an entertaining element to all of the games from this provider. If you are not sure how to play each of the games, there is a quick video to the right of those that we have introduced. plus, you will find these videos and other instructions once you load up the TVBET lobby at your preferred online casinos.

TVBET Live Game Features

  • Dedicated game studio
  • TVBET offers a demo version of its live casino games
  • You can play, bet, and enjoy without wagering real money
  • Learn the rules or just play for fun
  • Easy to use betting overlays
  • Multiple betting option tabs
  • Play on mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet
  • Statistics and histories available
  • Unlimited players on all games

Keep up to date: Whenever a new live casino title hits the online casinos, we first report about it via our casino news page. Whether it is a new title from TVBET or any other live dealer provider, we will let you know as soon as we do!


We will kick off our look at TVBET’s portfolio of live casino games by starting with WheelBet, one of the brand’s flagship titles. As evidence that this firm likes to do things differently, this is essentially Roulette but with a vertical wheel and some additional betting options. As you will notice, the live presenters wear bright yellow to match TVBET’s branding, and the firm has put a lot of work into the studio’s theme/decor. The title is set in a bank vault with wads of cash lying around and an open safe.

As for the game itself, the wheel had 38-segments while you have 15 betting options, such as straight-up bets, corner bets, odd/even, colours, and many more of the same bets you will find when playing roulette. What I like about the interface WheelBet and other TVBET games is that it tells you what you stand to win when placing your bets. Mathematics has never been a strong point, so I find this very handy!

Recent Speed Changes: When this title originally launched, it had a turn time of around 3 minutes. For modern day online casino players, this is too long. TVBET acknowledged this and made some changes to the game in order to speed it up. The firm reduced turn time by 33.33% by shortening the betting time limit, and how much the host talks before spinning the reel.

  • Wheel of Fortune game with Roulette elements
  • 38 Wheel segments
  • 15 betting options
  • Dedicated studio themed to look like a bank vault

War of Elements

War of Elements is a card-based live casino game that is similar to live Baccarat or Casino War. basically, there are two cards dealt, one to Player and one to Banker. Aside from betting on either side to win or the result ending in a tie, you also have other betting options to consider. This includes betting on the suit, colour, or the sum of either side. This game will appeal to those looking for good odds as it carries a house edge of between 0.1% and 0.5% depending on the bets you place.

As ever, this TVBET title is hosted by a professionally trained live host and is streamed from the firm’s Warsaw studio. The dealer wears the bright yellow associated with TVBET’s branding and will talk you through each hand as they are played.

No Queue Time: The great thing about this title, and most titles from TVBET, is that there is no queuing. You can sit and play at all tables without having to worry about finding a seat.

  • Similar game to baccarat
  • Bet on the banker, player, or a tie
  • Other betting options include the colour, suit, and sum of the cards drawn
  • Unlimited seat technology


Ever played live backgammon before? Didn’t think so! Hypergammon is further evidence that TVBET likes to innovate and offer unique titles. Backgammon is a game that involves two players competing to move their chips around the board and into their homes. The first player that gets all chips home is the winner. Along the way, players can land on opposing chips and send them back to the start.

How does this work in a live setting I hear you ask? Well, the game plays out as normal with the dealer making the optimal move for both the (imaginary) players. A game can take a long time to complete, and therefore it might confuse some why it is a live casino game. Well, you have many betting options you can enjoy during each game. You can bet on the outright winner if you have the time to wait, but you also have in-play betting options such as the dice roll odd/even, doubles, the total sum of the two dice, or even a specific number.

Each game can take time, but that is why there are in-play betting options alongside the ability to bet on the overall winner. You can place an overall bet and then take your chances on some of the in-play bets as the game plays out.

  • A unique live game that involves betting on backgammon
  • Lots of betting options, including guessing the outright winner
  • In-play betting options involving the rolling of the dice
  • A full game of backgammon takes place


PokerBet is one of TVBET’s most successful live titles and is based on the popular Texas Hold’em Poker variant of live table games. It is also one of the latest games developed by the firm to earn GLI certification, a story we reported on in 2021. The dealer deals hands to five imaginary players and you can bet on the hand that you think will win the hand. Along the way, you also have additional betting options, including the winning hand rank, whether it will be a full house, three of a card, high card, or any other. The odds change during every stage of the hand, so betting on the river will give lower odds than placing your bet earlier in the hand.

24.7 Action: Like many other TVBET titles, PokerBet operates around the clock on a 24/7 basis. Live dealers take turns to put in a shift and will all have the professional training required to operate the game.

  • Similar to Texas Hold’em Poker
  • A full hand of poker is played
  • You can bet on the player who wins, the hand value that wins, and more
  • Operates 24/7


If you prefer lottery-style live casino games, TVBET also has you covered. Keno is one such title and this fast-paced game gives you a plethora of betting options you can use as 20 numbered balls are drawn from a total of 80. You can bet on the total sum of the numbers drawn, particular numbers that will not get drawn, whether the total sum will be more or less than a certain amount, and even if the numbers drawn are even or odd.

Quote: Each game will last 3 minutes on average and there is a short break between each. A new draw starts every 6 minutes on average, which means you’re never too far from a fresh chance to hit your lucky numbers!

  • A lottery-style game that draws every 6 minutes on a 24/7 basis
  • 20 numbers are drawn from 80
  • Bet on the numbers you think will draw
  • Other betting options include the colour and sum of the balls drawn


Among the simplest of games offered by TVBET is 1Bet, a lottery-style game that sees just a single numbered ball drawn from a pool of 37. This title offers a new draw every single minute of every day with players having 45 seconds to place their bets before the draw is made. Aside from betting on the exact number drawn, you can choose from betting options including the colour of the ball, whether it is an odd or even number, or pick a selection of numbers that you think will draw over different games in a set period of time.

Quote: TVBET also offers 5Bet and 7Bet, similar titles that draw 5 balls and 7 balls respectively. Fruitrace is another entertaining lottery game that the developer streams live from its studio in Warsaw.

  • A simple game that takes 1 minute
  • 1 ball drawn from 37
  • Bet on the number, colour, and more
  • Operates 24/7
The Full Collection of Games in TVBET’s Portfolio

While we have given you brief descriptions of some of TVBET’s most popular live casino games, there’s a bunch more you will want to try out. In the following boxes, we have listed each title that TVBET currently offers players at partnering online casinos. We have broken them down into categories so that it is easier for you to find the types of games you enjoy most.

Live Card Games

  • PokerBet
  • War of Elements
  • Blackjack
  • Andar Bahar
  • JokerBet
  • Teen Patti

Live Bingo/Lottery Games

  • Mega6
  • Fruitrace
  • 1Bet
  • Lucky6
  • 5Bet
  • 7Bet
  • Keno

Other TVBET Live Casino games

  • Spin2Wheels
  • Hypergammon
  • WheelBet
Cutting-Edge Webcam, Audio & Streaming Technology

When you connect to any of TVBET’s live casino games streamed from its studio in Warsaw, Poland, you will receive a high-quality stream that allows you to choose a resolution up to High Definition standards. Ultra-fast and smooth, you can view the tables, live dealers, wheels, and studio via a crystal clear display that looks great on any screen, whether a large monitor/TV or small-screened mobile device.

The great thing about TVBET’s products is that you can customise how you want to view the games. This allows you to find the best mix of performance, stability, and entertainment depending on the device you are using. The software automatically detects whether you are connecting from a big-screen PC or small screen mobile device and adjust the display accordingly. It will also display the games in a resolution that best suits your current internet speed/bandwidth. However, you can manually change any of the settings to suit your preferences.

For instance, you can click between ‘Desktop’, ‘Tablet’, and ‘Smartphone’ at the top of the screen. When you click into options, you can also choose your resolution, whether that is 270p, 460p, or 720p, or let the software decide the optimal resolution via ‘Auto’. If your device is struggling with poor bandwidth or system resources, you even have the option to turn off the camera altogether. You can still play as the game is now represented in a graphical format (this is not an RNG version of the game, the graphics represent the live game currently in action). Other menu options include putting the display into full screen, turning the sound on or off, and removing or adding certain on-screen information, such as payouts or betting odds. There is no option to change the camera angle on most titles, which is not overly important. As long as you can see and play the game, that is all you really need.

As for audio quality, this is of a high standard. The games are streamed live from a dedicated studio, so you’re not subjected to any annoying background sound. When the dealer speaks, you can hear them crisply, while you also hear the shuffling of the cards and all other operations, depending on the particular title you are playing.

Live Stream & Audio Features

  • High-speed HD quality camera views
  • The software automatically adjusts display depending on your device and internet speed
  • Click between ‘Desktop’, ‘Tablet’, and ‘Smartphone’ displays
  • You can view tables at 240p, 460p, or 720p
  • Option to turn off the display and view a graphical representation of the action
  • Can click to play the TVBET titles in full-screen mode
  • Clear audio of dedicated studio sounds
  • Option to mute sounds if required
  • Can adjust the volume via the in-game menu
  • Can turn on/off specific camera overlay information
  • Only one camera angle on most titles

Auto-Detection: As mentioned, the TVBET software does a good job of detecting your device and internet speed and will automatically configure the games to operate and display in the most optimal way possible. This will be a combination of how the table is displayed on your screen and the resolution it uses to display the game. You can override all of this, but remember that the software finds the best settings to provide optimal performance. The last thing you want to do is lag out at the most important times!

The Language Options Offered by TVBET

One thing that really stands out about the games that TVBET offers is the live dealers/croupiers/presenters and how the firm likes their games to look. The firm has gone with a trendy smart/casual dress code for its dealers, which is a pleasant change from many other brands that go ultra-professional and smart. Yellow is the primary colour here, as it represents TVBET’s branding. As for the dealers themselves, they are always smiling, chatty and doing their best to ensure that players have a good time. Bright is the keyword here, bright smiles, personality and colours!

As for the language options you have, the live dealers, croupiers, and hosts all speak English, even though for many, it is clearly their second language. This is fine, as most people understand English at a basic level. Even for those that don’t, understanding the dealers is not important as long as you know how to play the games. Every game has a ‘How to Play’ button which, when clicked, gives you all the information and instructions you need. The good thing about putting the instructions as part of the lobby’s interface means you can change the language it is displayed in. You can choose from 30 interface languages, including English, French, Hindi, Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian. When you change the language, it changes all the text displayed in the lobby and the betting overlays on each game.

An entertaining balance: TVBET strikes a fine balance between seriousness and entertainment. This is clear when you witness the live hosts at work and the themes and decor used in the studios. Playing live games should provide entertainment first and foremost, so it is refreshing to see that TVBET has obviously trained its dealers and croupiers to add some personality to the tables.

TVBET’s Licenses and Certifications

As a young company only established in 2016, it is understandable that TVBET is yet to obtain some of the iGaming’s most recognisable licenses. Currently, the company does not hold MGA or UKGC licensing although this is something we expect the brand to pick up as it continues to grow and expand within the next few years. TVBET is able to operate in many jurisdictions thanks to its products earning GLI certification. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is one of the most respected third-party testing companies that test casino games to ensure the fairness and randomness of games and RNG software. Holding such certification is enough for many regulatory bodies and countries to allow TVBET to operate in their jurisdictions. For example, TVBET games can feature at Curacao licensed online casinos thanks to this certification.

Jurisdictions TVBET Operates in:

  • Europe
  • CIS
  • Asia
  • Latam
  • Africa

Why Fairness/Randomness Testing is Important: Would you play a live casino game if you were not sure it delivers fair results? You should’nt, as how can you stand a chance if the game is not delivering fair results. The online casinos already have a house edge due to the way the games are designed – without this edge, casinos and casino games would not exist at all. The casino has to make money in the longterm afterall. However, the games should be fair, random and transparent, and this is what testing companies like GLI test for.

Payment Methods & Currencies

As TVBET operates in a wide variety of regions, any operator or aggregator that wishes to offer TVBET’s games can choose from many currencies to display. The developer’s live titles work with multiple currencies, including EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, INR, and ZAR, alongside over two dozen others. Configuring their games to work with different currencies is not too difficult for live casino providers, as it just means tweaking the software to handle the currencies. They never actually receive or handle any money, as this is all down to the online casino platforms. They just need to make sure that their betting overlay and in-game software displays the games in the chosen currency. The rest is up to the casino.

The same goes for payment methods. TVBET has no say in how you can deposit or withdraw money on your chosen platform. You transact with the online casino and then play the games offered by TVBET. To establish what payment methods and currencies you can use at an online casino, check the payments page, FAQs, or read the online casino’s terms and conditions.

Payment Options for TVBET Live Casino Games

Master Card PayPal
Visa Card Skrill
Neteller Trustly
MuchBetter Paysafecard

Our reviews live casino reviews cover payment methods: Another great way to determine the payment methods and currencies accepted by online casinos is to take the time to read through our casino reviews. We break down the options you have on a country-by-country process so that you can have a quick glance to see if the casino will suit you. Plus, the reviews also delve into all other important aspects including the licensing a casino has, the bonuses and promotions offered (and there T&Cs), the live games featured, and a whole lot more!

Why TVBET is so Popular and Has Been Nominated for so Many Industry Awards

If you want to play live variations of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and other classic casino games, you have a ton of options. However, TVBET offers a unique take on each of its titles, and the fact that you can play something different to the norm is a big reason for the brand’s popularity. Throw in the firm’s dedication to creating engaging and entertaining titles that feature live hosts with personality and it is clear that TVBET is on to a winning formula.

We also like the fact that you can access each of the games easily via its functional and convenient lobby. Each title is just one click away at the top of the screen. Lose a bet playing Hypergammon and you can click into War of Elements instantly. The customisation options for the games are also a big advantage. While the software automatically detects your device and internet speed to display your games in the most optimal manner, you have the ability to override these default settings.

if you think about it, it is the uniqueness that TVBET offers that allows the brand to be an attractive proposition for online casinos and aggregation platforms. They can have their pick of standard table games from more established providers. However, to give their players more choice and the option of playing innovative, vibrant and simple live gameshows, TVBET will always make a fantastic addition.

Frequently Asked Questions About TVBET Live Casino Platform

💡 Which live casino games TVBET offer?

Currently, TVBET has 16 live titles in its portfolio of live casino games. We do expect that to grow, however, especially as the firm tends to release two or three new titles each year. We will update this page whenever we learn of the addition of new casino games. The majority of the games here are unique titles that use a big wheel, cards, or balls to determine the results. There’s even a backgammon title that you can wager on!

💡 Can I try the live games for free or in demo mode?

Yes, and this is one aspect of TVBET where it differentiates from 95% of all other live casino game providers. Most major brands do not offer a demo version of their games. TVBET does, and we think this is a big selling point. Players that are new to these games may want to learn the rules and how to play effectively without risking real cash. We think it is fantastic that TVBET allows you to do so via free to play demos of each title it offers.

💡 How do I sign up for a TVBET casino?

It is important to note that you cannot sign up directly with TVBET. Instead, you need to find an online casino that gives you access to this live casino providers’ titles. Once you establish an online casino that has TVBET games, you just sign up and click on the game you wish to play. Remember, you do not even have to make a deposit, as TVBET offers a demo version for each of its games.

💡 How do I claim bonuses to play live TVBET casino games?

If you want to play TVBET games using a live casino bonus, you first have to check the terms and conditions for the bonus at the online casino you are playing at. You want to check the section where it states what games you can use when wagering the casino bonus. Generally, most bonuses allow video slots to contribute 100% towards wagering, while other games, such as live casino games, will contribute a lower percentage. Some online casinos will even forbid you from using bonus funds when wagering casino bonuses. However, the best online casinos will state that live dealer tables and gameshows will contribute between 5% and 20% towards the wagering requirements.

💡 Which currencies are available?

The best live casinos will accept a wide range of currencies to cater to the players that wish to play the games offered. Usually, this will include currencies, such as EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, NZD, INR, AUD, and ZAR. Even if an online casino does not accept your local currency, you can still deposit and play TVBET games as you can deposit using your currency, but it is converted for a small conversion fee to an accepted currency. For instance, you might find that players in South Africa cannot use ZAR when playing, which in this instance you might consider playing with EUR or USD instead.

💡 How do I know TVBET is trustworthy?

While TVBET does not have licenses from major regulatory bodies such as the UKGC or MGA, this is a trustworthy brand. All games have been certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a leading third-party testing company that tests and certifies games from most major live providers. Plus, none of the firm’s games rely on RNG software and instead use the laws of physics to determine the results. You see the results for yourself in real-time. Also, the online casinos that offer TVBET’s titles will have their own licensing, which means in most cases, you’re in safe hands.

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