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TVBET, a leading B2B live casino games provider, has announced an upgrade in the performance of WheelBet, one of their most popular games. In order to improve user experience and increase the frequency of game rounds, the developer increased the speed of each WheelBet round.

The upgrade comprised removing technical breaks between games and shortening the time for players to place their bets, which has led to rounds being 33.33%  shorter than before. Already launched, this upgrade has led to a significant increase in the number of games, players, and bets placed. For partners of TVBET, this upgrade also comes with the addition of a new format. 

More About WheelBet, a Headlining Game for TVBET

WheelBet is among the most popular games on the TVBET platform and one that offers fast-paced action and the potential for lucrative wins. Containing a similar concept to Wheel of Fortune, WheelBet differs thanks to roulette-style elements that offer a unique twist for players to enjoy. 

A typical round involves punters placing bets on which particular sector the wheel finishes on. The wheel looks like a roulette wheel while the betting options are similar too. Players can wager on individual numbers or go for betting options such as colours, columns, or odd/even. 

In the old configuration, a round on WheelBet would take approximately 3 minutes. This included the starting announcement by the live croupier, the time permitted for placing bets; the time taken for the wheel to spin, and the technical break between games. By removing that technical break and shortening the betting period to 75 seconds, each round should no longer last over 2 minutes. 

Player Experience Improved As TVBET Increases WheelBet Game Speed

Designed to improve the playing experience for players, this development is already proving popular. No waiting times between games allow players to jump straight into betting on the next round. In fact, players can pre-place bets on the next round while the current round is still taking place. The end result is a reduction in boredom and faster action while players also increase potential profitability. Additionally, players can also bet simultaneously on other games provided by the TVBET platform. 

TVBET hosts their TV casino games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Quickly establishing themselves as an iGaming industry leader, the company has already attracted 170 partners from within the web, mobile and retail sectors. It will be interesting to follow TVBET as they continue to develop, strengthen, and innovate over the coming years. 

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