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Live Casino Software

Live casino software platforms are at the heart of live casino gaming. The software is a middleman responsible for connecting live dealer studios and live games to the online live casinos we log onto. In turn, it is the live casinos that you join that provide access to the live dealer studios that host that all-encompassing and exciting land-based casino experience brought to our mobile and desktop devices via the internet.

Today live dealer gaming is popular because you watch the results manually unravelled in real time by real life dealers, croupiers and game show hosts. This is as opposed to the outcome of a casino game coming via a computer generated RNG (Random Number Generator). As such, live dealer tables produce completely natural outcomes whether it is a card game, dice game, wheel of fortune game show, lottery machine, or roulette wheel.

In this overview, we explain what makes these casino software provider’s stand out. We reveal the differences and similarities between the various brands, their live games, software, dealers, and croupiers while also covering important extras such as payment methods, table limits, VIP rewards, bonuses, and mobile capabilities.

All this will help you decide which live casino software platform is the best for your live dealer gameplay!

The Role of Live Casino Software Manufacturers in iGaming

Evolution, Pragmatic Play Live, Playtech Live, BetConstruct, and Ezugi are just a few exciting live casino manufacturers that own as well as manage physical live casino studios that are located around the world. Each of them has unique software utilising a variety of technology and people to connect their global live studio locations.

It is important to note that none of these brands’ software platforms accept player sign ups. Instead, they form a business-to-business (B2B) agreement to deliver games via proprietary software to the live casinos where we sign up and play. As such, the definition of a live casino manufacturer is simply a supplier of live casino games to online casino businesses that host and manage online casino players like you!

  • Role of the live casino software manufacturer: To bring together HD webcams, audio equipment, casino tables, wheel of fortune games, invent new games, and of course hire and train the game hosts, dealers, and croupiers who are the people on the front line delivering the entire live casino experience.
  • Role of the live casino operator: Live casino operators are the websites we sign up and become members. They use an independent casino platform to connect to software platforms in order to provide us with video slot sections, bonuses, payment areas, and they connect to live dealer platforms so we have a live dealer lobby where we can browse and choose live table games to stream to our mobile or desktop devices.

Access to multiple brands at your live casino: One of the key advantages to live dealer software brands independently delivering live games to online casino operators is the diversity that comes with it. A single online casino can connect to multiple live casino software platforms, giving players access to table games and game shows from multiple brands!

Top Live Casino Software in Januar 2022!

Live Casino Provider Live Casino Games Languages Licenses Apps Reviews
Ezugi Live CasinoEzugi
Live Dice Games Live Roulette Live Card Games
German Spanish
English French
Malta Gaming Authority Curacao eGaming
mobile casino Ezugi Live Casino Test
Live Dice Games Live Roulette Live Card Games
Germany Spanish
United Kingdom French
Malta Gaming Authority UK Gambling Commission Swedish Gaming Authority Danish Gambling Authority
mobile casino Microgaming Live Casino Test
Live Dice Games Live Roulette Live Card Games Game Shows
German Spanish
English French
Alderney Gambling Control Commission UK Gambling Commission Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
mobile casino Playtech Live Casino Test
Pragmatic Play Live CasinoPragmatic
Live Dice Games Live Roulette Live Card Games Game Shows
German Spanish
English French
Malta Gaming Authority UK Gambling Commission Romanian-Regulator-_ONJN Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
mobile casino Pragmatic Live Casino Test
Live Dice Games Live Roulette Live Card Games
German Turkey Flag
English Russian
Malta Gaming Authority UK Gambling Commission Alderney Gambling Control Commission Swedish Gaming Authority
mobile casino BetConstruct Live Casino Test
Live Dice Games Live Roulette Live Card Games Live Casino Gameshows
German Spanish
English French
Malta Gaming Authority Gambling Commission Alderney Gambling Control Commission
mobile casino Evolution Live Casino Test

The Importance of Choosing the Right Provider – Live Dealer Casino Games

There are many factors to consider when choosing a live casino. For instance, bonus offers, game variety, camera views, ease of betting, table limits, and even how well the dealers/croupiers conduct themselves.

  • Live Game Features: A player’s decision can come down to something as small as the number of camera angles available. If a roulette table from one software provider has multiple camera views and a player compares this versus another brand with 1 or 2 camera view options, this can be enough to sway the player to choose the table with more options. Other factors that can influence a player’s decision could be that a roulette table has a racetrack, a longer coup history, higher min-max bets, or the croupiers from one manufacturer are simply more fun/appealing.
  • Live Casino Game Variety: Of course, the main decision usually comes down to the variety of games available. For instance, if you like wheel of fortune game show games, you may decide to play at a casino with Evolution games where you can play Monopoly Live, Dreamcatcher, or Crazy Time. Blackjack players tend to choose manufacturers with tables that have the most liberal rules and lowest house edge, while all-round players will want a diverse selection of poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps, game shows, and roulette.

You will also find live dealer brands that venture outside of the traditional live casino games market. Take for example BetGamesTV and its Rock Paper Scissors, War on Bets, Dice Duel, and 6+ Poker live game titles. Or Quik Gaming that introduces Lotto Roulette which uses a lotto machine instead of a roulette wheel to dish out the numbers!

Queuing Times: Another decision swaying factor is table waiting/queuing. The top live casino software manufacturers have built in software to reduce or eliminate queue times. Game shows, baccarat and roulette tables can host ‘unlimited’ players, while an increasing number of poker and blackjack tables are beginning to include the ‘unlimited’ software feature.

Meanwhile, there are traditional ways to eliminate queues by hosting 7-seat tables and having plenty of dealers on standby to open new tables when things start to get busy. However, this method requires large studios to host all the extra tables.

Read our software provider reviews to find out exactly what each one has to offer in terms of games, technology, and how to claim bonuses. You also find information about which software providers are available at each live casino in our casino tests area!

Live Casino Software

Important Points

  • Players may choose the brand with the best camera views
  • Game variety & table limits are also important
  • The best live casinos eliminate queuing times
  • Roulette, baccarat, & game shows host unlimited players
  • Some poker & blackjack tables have unlimited versions
  • The best live studios have dealers ready to open new tables in peak hours
Quality Live Streaming Technology

The life and soul of live dealer gaming hinges on the streaming technology bringing the entire visual experience to your mobile or desktop device.

  • Importance of Quality Streams: Without a quality live stream, a live dealer platform would quickly gain a bad reputation. Therefore, all the top software developers spare no expense on their HD-webcam rigs and on the software that controls the quality of the stream. Plus, to continuously maintain this high-quality authentic experience, live dealer studios regularly update their software platform and equipment.
  • Choosing Reputable Brands: For high-quality live casino gaming, look for live casinos hosting well-known live casino manufacturer brand names such as the ones we recommend and review on Issues with smaller, lesser-known software providers arise because they often cut costs by not using high-quality webcams. Also, when the software becomes overloaded in peak hours, it can slow down the entire system which affects everyone’s video streams.

With the more reputable live casino brands, these issues rarely, if ever, arise. The software has overload protection and backup servers so it can handle large player loads. Also, the software auto detects the speed of your connection, your device’s hardware, and screen size to deliver the best quality stream possible. Additionally, you will also have control over the video stream quality, camera views, and other visual settings.

Live Casino Software
  • High tech HD webcams stream live dealer tables
  • Software comes with auto-detect functions
  • There are setting to adjust video stream quality
  • Options available to switch camera views
  • 4G is recommended for mobile connections

Enhance your live dealer gaming: As long as you are playing live games from a reputable brand, issues such as lag or poor are rarely caused by the software. For the best and problem free streaming, you will need a semi-decent internet connection. Having a high spec device also helps!

Live Casino Studios & Land-Based Table Game Streams

Live casino games are the real deal, and as such they need a physical location for the tables, dealers, and croupiers. The most common way to bring live dealer games to your live casino is via a live casino studio, although some brands such as Evolution, Ezugi, and Authentic Gaming also stream casino table games live from inside a land-based casino.

Thanks to high-speed internet, excellent webcam technology, and state-of-the-art audio equipment, you can log on to your live casino and play casino games at a table located inside a land-based casino or live dealer studio hosted by real-life dealers or croupiers at any time of the day or any day of the year as live dealer studios and land-based casino tables are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.

  • Live Casino Studios: Each studio is packed out with blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and live game show studios. The only people that visit these live casino studios are the dealers, croupiers, and game show hosts. The only other visitors are the virtual casino players zooming into the webcam streams online to connect to the studio’s live games and dealers.

Some larger live casino manufacturer brands have multiple live casino studios across the globe. For example, Evolution has studios in Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, USA – New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At an Evolution live casino, you may connect to a baccarat table in Malta, and then switch to play blackjack, and suddenly you are playing a table in Romania.

  • Land-Based Casino Tables Online: There are live tables inside a land-based casino with a webcam rig attached. For instance, if your live casino has live games from Ezugi, you could connect to a roulette table in a land-based casino in Malta and place bets alongside people physically playing at the same table you are placing online bets. Evolution also has the same setup for Roulette and Baccarat where you can visit the Hippodrome in London’s West End or the Shangri La Casino in Tbilisi Georgia!
Live Casino Software
  • Most games are inside a purpose-built live dealer studio
  • Live dealer studios are open 365 days a year 24/7
  • The only people in these studios are dealers & croupiers
  • Different brands locate their studios in different countries
  • You can also play casino games at land-based casinos via webcam

Take a trip around the world without leaving! If your live casino hosts multiple live dealer brands in any one day you could play in Malta, London, Canada, the Philippines, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, and more! For land-based tables in London casinos or Malta look out for Evolution Dual Play and Ezugi 360 tables.

Live Studio Casino Equipment & Betting Software

If you are ever lucky enough to set foot inside a live dealer studio, you’ll be amazed at the high-tech equipment delivering the action to online live casinos.

  • Visual/Audio Equipment: High-tech webcam rigs on live tables that often have multiple webcams so you can select different camera views. Moreover, each table has multiple microphones so you can hear the cards flip out of the shoes, dice rolling, balls clicking on the roulette wheel, and the dealer/croupier announcements. Each of the microphones has a link to your software setting panel so you can control the different sounds and set the ambiance you prefer.
  • Casino Game Equipment: There are the physical tables and felts, cards, shoes, shuffle machines, roulette wheels, and dedicated studios for the wheel of fortune and lotto games such as Mega Wheel, Super Sic Bo, Lighting Roulette, and Mega Ball games. These dedicated game show rooms often have huge cinema screens for cinematic theme visuals. There are also projectors for animations, which is something we have seen on Playtech Live’s immensely popular Adventures Beyond Wonderland.
  • Software GUI: Accompanying all these games is the software GUI used to place bets directly on felts. Powerful servers and HTML5 code add an invisible layer of software over the top of some table games so you can place your chips directly in the same betting areas as you would on a live table. It is the perfect solution to creating a real-life casino experience. Place your chips inside side bet circles, directly in the ‘Banker’, ‘Player’, or ‘Tie’ boxes on baccarat, and in the ‘Ante’ and ‘Raise’ boxes on poker!
Live Casino Software
  • Tables with multiple HD webcam rigs for multi-view gameplay
  • Manage multiple audio options for each game sound
  • Live gaming equipment, tables, cards, dice wheels
  • Dedicate studios for live dealer games with audio visual equipment
  • Innovative GUI to controls bets, cameras, & sound

Social Live Gaming: The GUI also has a live chat feature that allows you to interact with the dealers and croupiers. You can ask questions and the dealer/croupier will see this on his/her monitor and reply via audio!

The Importance of the Live Dealer & Croupier Roles

Just like any other service or form of entertainment, it is the personalities, professionalism, and presentation of those that represent the live dealer brands that can make or break a live casino.

In just the same way you would expect any reputable land-based casino’s workforce to behave, the dealers and croupiers at online live casinos are equally well-trained, polite, and professional. And depending on the brand and even the casino table you play, you will meet a variety of personalities hosting the games.

  • Fun or Serous Gameplay: You will find games like Blackjack Party with lively and upbeat dealers bringing to the table a fun vibe. Meanwhile VIP casino tables, where big money bets are at stake, will generally have serious dealers and croupiers that get straight down to business. That said, VIPs can also choose to have a friendly chat with the dealers depending on the atmosphere the high roller player prefers.
  • Native Language Games: Adding to this, you will find some tables with dealers or croupiers who are native speakers for target languages such as Greek, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, and more, while English-speaking game hosts are most common.
  • Live Chat Software: Regardless of the language spoken at the table, all the top live casino software manufacturers have a built-in live chat, adding a personal touch to live dealer gaming that enables you to be social by conversing with the dealers and croupiers!
Live Casino Software
  • Well-trained, polite, & professional dealers/croupiers
  • Meet a variety of personalities hosting the games
  • Find fun table or tables with serious gameplay
  • Find tables with dealers that speak your native language
  • Converse with dealers & croupiers via live chat software
Mobile Live Dealer Casino Gaming

Since the very first live dealer studios launched via Microgaming and Playtech Live, internet technology has evolved from home dial-up/broadband routers to super-fast fibre connections, high speed Wi-Fi routers, and 3G-4G-5G public internet data connections.

  • Mobile/Tablet Live Casino Experience: Live dealer software providers also adapted to this evolving technology and brought live dealer gameplay onto smartphones and tablets. Tablets offer a desktop-style mobile experience due to their larger screens while the techies at the live casino manufacturer brands found solutions that enabled them to adapt their software to deliver immersive camera views, quality audio, and betting software to smartphones despite the smaller screen size.
  • HTML5 Mobile Tech: Largely thanks to HTML5 technology mobile live casino gaming is possible. As a player, you can access live casino games via your mobile web browser app to instantly zoom into a live table’s webcam and betting software at the click of a button. The software will auto-detect your device type, model and screen size in order to deliver exactly the right version of the live game software and settings, so you receive the perfect gaming environment according to your device.
  • Multi-Platform Mobile Gameplay: With HTML5 technology, if your device has an internet web browser, you can play live table games. Consequently, there are no operating system or device restrictions. You can use a Nintendo Switch OS web browser, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, or any other device with an operating system that has an HTML5 browser installed. You can also play via a native app such as iOS or Android which can offer a more stable gaming experience.
  • User Settings for Mobile Players: Using mobile live casino software, you change camera views, use portrait or landscape, switch between betting views, and adjust the video quality according to your connection speed, while there is also an auto-detect option that adjusts the settings as you play on the move. Plus, all this is available via live casinos that provide highly secure and encrypted connections, HTML5 responsive casino account management, and disconnect protection!
Live Casino Software
  • Play HTML5 live casino games on any mobile device or operating system
  • Play live fames via your mobile device web browser app or iOS/Android apps
  • Live casino software auto-detects device to deliver specific live game settings
  • Mobile camera views, portrait/landscape views, & video quality controls
  • Live casinos provide encrypted connections, seamless, mobile casino account management, & disconnect protection

Mobile Live Casino Experience: Even though you can log on to your live casino via both your mobile and desktop via the same account, you may find that when logging on via your mobile some live dealer games are not available some software providers do not optimise every game for mobile compatibility.

Flexible Solutions to Target Multiple Markets

Most countries are made up of multiple cultures while it also makes sense for the live dealer studios to specifically target certain countries with native speaking croupiers and dealers. You will find that your live casino will mostly have English-speaking table and game show hosts. However, it will also offer some table games for other cultures.

  • Multi-Language Table Games: Casino table games in Hindi, Greek, Chinese, and Turkish are becoming more popular in countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. Hindi is especially popular in India of course where table games from 7Mojo, Ezugi and Super Spade Games include Andar Bahar and Teen Patti, which are incredibly popular in India culture.

In Canada, tables with French and Italian speaking live dealers and croupiers are popular while Arabic is another up-and-coming language across most of the countries mentioned here. Plus, there are German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and many more native live dealer options available. Even if a live casino game does not provide native dealers or croupiers that speak your main language, the live casino platforms, and live casinos themselves also offer multi language settings on the software itself.

  • Multiple Currency Options: The top software providers also accept multiple major currencies such as GB£, EU€, CA$, NZ$, AU$, ZAR, and INR. While Evolution, Ezugi, and Pragmatic Play Live have their software platforms cryptocurrency ready accepting BTC, BCH, LTC, Tether, ETH, USDT, DOGE, XRP, DASH, and more!
Live Casino Software
  • Native speaking dealers & croupiers cater for multiple cultures/languages
  • Hindi, Greek, Turkish, German, Italian, Spanish, & Russian live dealer games
  • Multi language settings on the live casino and game software interfaces
  • Multiple major currencies such as GB£, EU€, CA$, NZ$, AU$, ZAR, and INR
  • Cryptocurrency ready for BTC, BCH, LTC, Tether, ETH, USDT, DOGE, XRP, DASH
Payment Security when making Deposits & Withdrawals

Although the live dealer casino games are set up to accept bets in multiple currencies, your live casino handles the secure payment/withdrawal systems and not the live casino manufacturers. The live casino games register bets while its software communicates with the live casino the amounts bet, lost, and won. Accordingly, the balance you hold with your live casino receives an update from the live casino software to determine your new balance.

  • Payment/Withdrawal Options: Your live casino should offer you a variety of ways to deposit and cash out according to your country. Most countries accept VISA/Mastercard payments, while EcoPayz, Trustly, Neteller and Skrill eWallets are also multi-country payment solutions. NeoSurf, QiwiPay, and Interac are examples of country specific financial tools while local bank transfers can be an option too. Furthermore, there are a growing number of live casinos now accepting cryptocurrency!
  • Safe/Secure Transactions: All transactions should be safely and securely processed by using your payment solution’s secure website. When you visit your cashier to carry out a transaction, a new securely encrypted pop-up screen should appear to carry out and confirm the transaction. As an added precaution, always make sure your online casino uses HTTPS in front of the URL, as this means all connections are encrypted using SSL certificates.

When you review a live casino, make sure you check the minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal amounts for the casino as a while and for the payment methods you use in your preferred currency. Most deposits are instant, while withdrawals to debit/credit cards can take 2-3 business days and bank transfers up to 7 business days.

Live Casino Software
  • Your live casino handles your casino balance, not the live casino manufacturers
  • All payments & withdrawal processes are via your live casino account
  • Ewallets, Bank Transfers, & country specific financials tools should be available
  • Pay attention to the SSL encryption in the URL line of your browser
  • Check the live casino’s deposit/withdrawal min-max limits & pay-out timeframes

Know the rules: Each country has different rules in the way you can deposit and withdraw, such as in the UK and Ireland, you cannot use a credit card while some countries will not let you withdraw using Mastercard. To be completely clear about restrictions, check with the live casino’s FAQ or via its live chat.

Table Limits for Low Ball Players & High Rollers

Modern live casino software should be able to serve players with all size budgets. That means setting up live tables that accept low, low-medium, medium, medium-high, high, and super high stakes bets. Every live dealer manufacturer dedicates a set number of tables for the different budget levels and set their minimum bets according to their own policies.

Whether you prefer low stakes for fun, you have obscene amounts of cash and want to blow off some steam, or if you are a serious player looking for big wins, live casino software platforms all try to include table limits that will suit your budget and playing mood. It is also worth noting that table limits available are according to regulatory laws in certain jurisdictions.

  • Low Stakes: The majority of live table games offer low to medium stakes options. Depending on the game, the stakes can start as low as $/€/£0.10, 2 ZAR, or 10 INR. These are usually Roulette, Sic-Bo, and game show titles. Low stakes Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat tend to come with higher minimum bets of around $/€/£1.00, 20 ZAR, or 100 INR and are capped at $/€/£100, 1,500 ZAR, or 7,500 INR.
  • Medium Stakes: Medium stakes tables are also quite common. You will find the range of bets is usually between $/€/£100, 1,500 ZAR, or 7,500 INR up to $/€/£500, 7,500 ZAR, or 40,000 INR. Some VIP tables will have these stakes available, but you do not necessarily need to choose a VIP table as most regular tables will also accommodate these bet ranges.
  • High-Rollers VIP Tables: Not all high roller tables are immediately obvious. That said, the VIP tables do stand out. Yet, if you are a VIP, you can request that the casino opens almost any table with the exception of just a few games such as game shows. As for the limits, on paper the casinos show max bets of between $/€/£15,000, 200,000 ZAR, 1,000,000 INR and another at $/€/£25,000, 400,000 ZAR, or 1,000,000 INR.

Although a live casino may advertise max bets in pubic, as a VIP, you will have a personal casino manager that will negotiate high stakes at your request as long as local laws do not prevent you from betting higher stakes.

Live Casino Software
  • High stakes games & low to medium affordable table limits for hobby players
  • Beginners can play live casino games live for super low stakes
  • Different casino games have different minimum bet sizes
  • Table limits are according to local regulatory laws
  • High rollers can request a private table or negotiate max bet limits

Live casino Vs live casino manufacturer table limits: A live casino manufacturer may advertise $/€/£0.10, 2 ZAR, or 10 INR as the minimum bet for its roulette tables. However, that does not always mean the live casinos will offer the same minimum bet. Some live casinos will set the minimum bet to $/€/£0.50, 10 ZAR, or 50 INR for the same game. The same applies to high roller limits whereby one casino may cap bets at $/€/£15,000 and another at $/€/£25,000!

The Best Live Casino Manufacturer

Choosing the best live casino manufacturer always comes down to your personal preferences. Only you know what will make your live casino experience an enjoyable one. That said, there are some standout live casino platforms that are difficult to ignore.

For example, Evolution is one of the best all-rounders out there. Its platform and games tick all the boxes for the sections covered above. The brand offers low, medium, and high stakes tables, a huge variety of table games and different variations of each, and it has a reliable software platform that will never let you down. Free Bets Blackjack, Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Live Craps are all popular and unique live casino titles!

Alternatively, maybe Ezugi is the live casino brand for you because it has Andar Bahar and Tenn Patti games. This live casino game developer also has an excellent and reliable platform. Or maybe you would enjoy playing Age of the Gods progressive jackpot roulette at Playtech Live which also has live dealer slot machines, unlimited blackjack, and the exceedingly popular Adventures Beyond Wonderland game show.

In the end, the live dealer gaming circuit is a buyer’s market. You have tons of live casino manufacturers to choose from, hundreds of live dealer games, you can play in your domestic currency, and there are varying table limits. Plus, if you feel overwhelmed because you like the look of multiple live casino software brands, don’t worry because today live casinos usually offer games from multiple brands!

Need help? We recommend using our software provider reviews. You will find bonus comparisons, software and payment methods by provider, and game variety. As for finding a live casino to sign up and play, check out our live casino tests which will tell you exactly which live casino manufacturers the hosts, live casino bonuses, live games, licensing, financials, and more!

Questions and answers about live casino software

💡 Which live casino software providers has the best software?

Evolution is currently the best casino software provider simply because its platform has the largest selection of live dealer games. Rarely will you find a live casino that does not have Evolution live game titles. If you also like the look of another casino software platform, such as Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, or Playtech Live, there is a high chance you will find that live casinos hosting games from these providers also host Evolution games alongside them!

💡 What makes a good live casino platform?

There are multiple answers to this question. Game selection is important, and this does not always mean the platform with the most games. You may prefer a certain type of game. As such, the live casino platform’s software is also important. Is the betting software user friendly? Does it have a system to avoid queuing? Is the connection consistent? Do the table limits that suit my budget? If you want to play via mobile, then how many mobile game options are there? These are the fundamental qualities a live casino platform needs to pass to deserve your patronage!

💡 What are the table limits?

Almost all live dealer platforms offer a wide range of low to high stakes tables. That said, each one is different so far as where its minimum bets begin, while maximum bets are flexible depending on your jurisdiction. The live dealer platforms tend to offer a flexible range of stake options, while the live casino hosting the games decides on the table limits.

💡 Is it worth playing live casino games on my mobile device?

Live dealer game developers use HTML5 tech and code that adapts the live game software and webcams to your device. However, there are a couple of limitations. Smartphones have small screens, but if you are happy with playing on a small screen, the software has all the software tools already built in to maximise your gaming experience. Tablets have larger screens and offer mobile gameplay similar to desktops. You will also need to note that some live games available on desktop may not be available on your mobile device.

💡 How does the software affect the live dealers?

Live dealers, croupiers, and game show hosts are the ones that bring the live casino gaming experience to life. They are the life and blood of the atmosphere when you play. However, the way they present themselves comes down to the software providers, the style of game, and sometimes the bet amounts at stake. As for the software itself, you will have a live chat to speak, and the quality of the audio and webcam stream should enhance your interaction with the dealer and your overall live gaming experience.

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