Live Sic BoWhen you think about classic table games, the first to come to mind are likely to be Blackjack or Roulette. You might even think about Craps or Baccarat. However,  there is a great table game from Asia that is now proving popular in a Live Casino format. Called Sic Bo, this table game involves three dice and a plethora of different betting options. Played optimally, it has an RTP of 97.22% which allows it to compete with many other favourites. As for entertainment value, it could be argued that this offers the best of the lot.

Sic Bo is hugely popular in Asia and in particular China and Macau. Thanks to Live Casino providers such as Evolution, players in the west can now enjoy this Asian favourite in a live dealer/croupier format.

The Fun & Addictive Dice Game from Asia

If you thought Roulette and Craps tables looked complicated, you are in for a genuine surprise when you first see a Sic Bo table. This is just because there are so many betting options and outcomes. Once you understand the types of bets and their odds, however, this game becomes simple to play.

Essentially, you are betting on the outcome of three rolled dice. You can wager on a single number showing up, double numbers, odds and evens, a value range and so much more. This allows you to be creative with your betting strategy and come up with some impressive wins.

Live Sic Bo Rules

There are not too many rules to be aware of when playing Live Sic Bo. Aside from understanding the bet limits, how many bets you can place, and the different bets and their odds, all you need to do is play.

Three dice are automatically rolled and you place your bets on the outcome of that roll. You could choose to bet on the total value of the three dice, whether their combined value is even or odd, landing double or even triple numbers, and more. There are so many betting options, which is something we will get to shortly.

You have a small amount of time to choose your bet types and place your chips. How much you can bet will depend on the table limits and generally, you can place as many bets as you like (though some casinos allow a maximum of 20 per turn).

The Most Important Sic Bo Rules

  • There is just one variant of Live Sic Bo
  • The game involves three dice
  • You can place tons of different bets
  • Live croupier hosts the game
  • Bets have odds of 1-1 to 216-1

Make sure you study the paytable and understand what each bet requires for you to win. Learn the odds before making your own betting strategy.

How to Play Live Sic Bo

Once you have registered for and deposited at your preferred online casino, you just need to make your way to the live casino and choose your ideal Live Sic Bo game. Before each roll of the dice, you have about a minute to make your bet selections. You simply click the positions on the layout where you want to place your bets, choose your chip values and place the number of chips you want to bet.

When starting out, keep things simple in terms of the bets you want to place. Trying to place too many within 1 minute is not as easy as it sounds. As you get used to the betting options and where they are on the layout, this will become easier.

Once the time is up and all players have placed their bets, the live croupier will roll the dice. Once those three dice come to rest on the table, their values are automatically evaluated by the software. It then pays you out any wins you bet on or it takes away your bets if they lose.

Step-by-Step Guide for Live Sic Bo

  • Log in to your chosen live casino and go to the lobby
  • Choose your Live Sic Bo game
  • Select your preferred betting values
  • Place your bets
  • Wait for the result of the dice
  • Your wins are paid out instantly, as are your losses taken away
Live Sic Bo Odds, Table Limits, and Payout Percentages

The RTP of Sic Bo will depend greatly on the type of bets you are playing. If you play the optimal evens bets such as Small, Big, Single Number, or Odd/Even, the RTP will be 97.22%. Of course, if you were to only bet on a Specific Triple that RTP goes right down to 83.26%. The longer the odds of your bet coming in, the greater edge the house has.

Translated into odds, for evens bets on Live Sic Bo you stand a 48.61% chance of winning from each role of the device. This goes down to a chance as low as 0.46% if you were to bet on a Specific Triple. All remaining bets will have odds in between those values.

It is important to add that these odds and RTPs may change depending on the provider you are using. So make sure you look at their pay tables before playing. As for table betting limits, these will range between €0.10 and €5,000 per roll depending on the Live Sic Bo game and the online casino you are playing at.

Essential Sic Bo Facts

  • Depending on bets placed and the particular Live Sic Bo game, the RTP is between 83.26% and 97.22%
  • The payout percentage changes from bet type to bet type
  • The odds of winning even odds bets is 48.61%
  • The odds of winning the Specific Triple bet is 1 in 216
  • Betting limits are usually between €0.10 and €5,000

General Sic Bo Paytable

Betting Option Payout
Small 4-10 1:1
Big 11-17 1:1
Even / Odd 1:1
Single Number 1:1
Specific Double 8:1
Any Triple 30:1
Specific Triple 150:1
2 Dice Combination 5:1
3 Dice Total 6:1 – 50:1

Essentially, while Live Sic Bo gives you many betting options that could bring good rewards when they come in, your best chance of winning may be to play the lower odds bets.  Although slightly lower than 50/50, you will win more frequently when playing evens odds bets.

Live Sic Bo Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

There is no such thing as a Sic Bo strategy that can guarantee success. It is an odds-driven game and therefore, your best chance is to stick to betting on the evens bets such as Small Bet, Big Bet, and Odd/Even. You are still at a disadvantage even then, as you have a 48.61% chance of winning. So in the long term, you will lose more than you win.

That said, people win at Sic Bo by using different betting strategies. Generally, they will make a bet on slightly longer odds bets and offset those with evens bets. It still comes down to luck but they can achieve some big wins this way. It is important you do not overcomplicate things with too many bets though.

While you can place between 16 to 20 bets (depending on the online casino) per roll of the dice, placing too many can confuse. Sure, you will win some but you will lose many others too. Sometimes it is best to just keep the game simple with a few bets per turn.

Many players also believe in looking at previous results and making their bets depending on those previous permutations. An example would be to go for a specific double that has not landed in 100 rolls of the dice, or ‘odd’, as the last 10 times the dice values have been ‘even’.

There is nothing wrong with this but it is important to understand that the results on the dice are completely random. They are not dependent on what happened before. There is just as much chance that the same ‘odd’ will come out than the first ‘even’ in 10 rolls.

One of the biggest tips is to practise good bankroll management. It is not a good idea to bet your entire bankroll in one go. You may be gone from the game within one turn. Generally, you want to aim for wagering a total of 5% or less of your bankroll per turn. This way, you get 20 turns or more at a minimum. You have the opportunity to win back losses sensibly.

The Best 5 Sic Bo Tips

  • Always use the big or small bets as these have the lowest house edge
  • Offset longer shot bets with the evens bets
  • Only place a small selection of bets at maximum
  • Practise bankroll management
  • Do not think too much about previous dice results

The Live Sic Bo Betting Options

Because there are 216 different permutations from the roll of 3 dice in Live Sic Bo, it is important that you understand the betting layout.

Live Sic Bo Wettlayout

The Bet Type Information
Small & Big Bet  These are the two most popular bets on Live Sic Bo. This is because they offer odds of 48.61%. The small bet requires you to land a combined dice value of between 4 and 10. The Big bet instead, requires between 11 and 17. You may notice that 3 and 18 are missing and that is because 111 and 666 are automatically losses. Therefore the odds are not totally 50/50 for the player as the house has to have a slight advantage.
Even and Odd Bets Same odds as above and this requires you to bet on whether the combined value of the three dice is even or odd. Again, this is close to 50% but the 111 and 666 rule once again applies.
Single Number Bet This is a bet on a particular number rather than the combined number of the three dice. If you gamble on 2 and it lands on one die, you win 1 to 1. If the 2 lands on two dice, you get 2 to 1, and three gives you 3 to 1. Those are the same payouts for any number you choose between 1 and 6.
Total Bet This is where you bet on the total value of all three dice. You can pick a value between 4 and 17. Certain values offer different odds so you could win anything from 6-1 to 60-1 for your selection.
Triple Bets These are the bets that high rollers love because of the potential for big payouts. You can either bet on ‘Any Triple’ (all three dice have the same number on each) or a ‘Specific Triple’ (you bet on a particular number to appear on all three dice).
Duo Bet This bet allows you to choose a particular dice combination from two of the three dice rolled. You could bet on 1-3 and if those two values are found among the three dice rolled, you win. There are many combinations you can choose from here.
Questions and Answer about Sic Bo

💡 Which software providers offer Live Sic Bo?

There are numerous providers that offer Live Dealer Sic Bo games. It is important that you understand that the odds and payouts may differ from game to game and that there may be unique special features on each game. The most popular is Super Sic Bo by Evolution but you will also find Turquoise Sic Bo from Playtech and Mega Sic Bo by Pragmatic Play, among others.

💡 What kind of game is Sic Bo?

Essentially, Sic Bo is a game that involves three dice. You bet on the outcome of a single roll of those three dice. This game originates in China but is also played in other countries under varying names such as Dai Siu, Tai-Sai, Hi-Lo, and the Small and Big Game.

💡 Is there a Sic Bo Live Casino Bonus?

You will not find any specific Sic Bo bonuses but you may find online casino bonuses and promotions that you can use when playing Sic Bo Live. This could be in the form of match deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses when you make a deposit at an online casino.

💡 Can you play for free on Live Sic Bo?

Unfortunately not, unlike virtual games that are software-based, there are a lot of overheads for hosting live casino games. Paying the fully trained croupier for their time is an example of this. To get a feel for live Sic Bo, you can always play a virtual version of the popular dice game for free at many online casinos.

💡 Is Live Sic Bo available to play on mobile devices?

Absolutely! Most, if not all software providers have made their Live Sic Bo games mobile-friendly. Whether through a casino app or via HTML5 technology on their website, you will be able to enjoy Live Sic Bo when using your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.