Monopoly LiveEvolution’s multi-award-winning Monopoly Live game title takes you into the world of Mr Monopoly and his world-famous HASBRO board game theme! All the action unfolds inside a Monopoly branded dedicated studio that houses a large 54-segment wheel of fortune which is manually operated by a lively game host guaranteeing 100% natural results, and what is more is this title is available on both desktop and mobile devices!

On the main game, there is always a chance of converting a small stake bet into a mega multiplier win via random prizes, numbers that multiply your bet or when the super engaging board game bonus round triggers which is Monopoly Live’s standout feature.

Plus, along the way, you will get to meet Mr Monopoly himself, who is a brilliantly executed animated character. If you are looking for a fun live casino game, this is it. Monopoly Live is easy-to-learn, wheel spins and dice roll results are natural (no RNG), there is always a chance to win big, and there is a decent theoretical RTP ranging between 91.3% and 96.23%. It is also a social game as there is a live chat which shows all player comments which can especially get busy when the bonus game is action.

In this Monopoly Live guide, we will review the entire game, look at how to play, break down the wheel, reveal the stakes vs potential winnings, and take a deep look into the game’s features and bonuses, all of which helped this game earn the 2020 Gaming Intelligence ‘Game of the Year’ award!

Monopoly Live Rules Explained

Learning to play Monopoly Live is simple even if you have no experience playing wheel of fortune style live casino games. There are 54-segments on the wheel and these segments are divided amongst ‘Number’ segments (x48), ‘Chance’ segments (x2), ‘2 Rolls’ segments (x3), and a ‘4 Rolls’ segment (x1).

Here are the segments of the wheel explained:

  • Betting on numbers: You can bet on multipliers on the wheel, which are numbers listed as 1, 2, 5, and 10. If the wheel spins in the number you wagered, you win a multiplier of that amount i.e., 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x respectively. For example, if you bet on €10 on number 5 and the outcome of the wheel spin is 5, you win your €10 bet in return plus €50.00 as a x5 multiplier of your bet, or if you bet €10 on number 2 and win, you win €20. Pretty straight forward so far!
  • 2 Rolls & 4 Rolls Bonus Bets: Aside from the number bets for multipliers, there are also 2 bonus bets that will get you into the Monopoly Live multiplier board. If you bet on ‘2 Rolls’ and the wheel lands on this number, you will have 2 rolls in the bonus game on the Monopoly board, and if you bet on ‘4 Rolls’ and the wheel stops on this segment, then you have 4 rolls on the bonus game. Note that the game uses a real dice machine so there is also no RNG here either!
  • Chance: When players land on the ‘Chance’, all players involved receive a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. Players do not need to bet on the ‘Chance’ to receive this prize!

100% Natural Spin Results: The game host manually spins the Monopoly Live wheel of fortune so there are no computer-generated results. The only time an RNG comes into play is when the wheel lands on ‘Chance’ which awards a random multiplier or cash prize!

10 Facts About the Monopoly Live Wheel

  • The wheel of fortune has 54 segments
  • 48 ‘Number’ segments with multipliers
  • (Grey) ‘Number 1’ – 23 segments & pays 1-1 (1x)
  • (Green) ‘Number 2’ – 15 segments & pays 2-1 (2x)
  • (Pink) Number 5’ – 7 segments & pays 5-1 (5x)
  • (Blue) Number 10’ – 4 segments & pays 10-1 (10x)
  • ‘2 Rolls’ uses 3 segments & triggers the bonus
  • ‘4 Rolls’ uses 1 segment & triggers the bonus
  • ‘Chance’ uses 2 segments & pays cash/multipliers
  • You can bet on all ‘Numbers’ & ‘Rolls’ each round

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Live Wheel of Fortune Game instructions

There are 6 betting areas made available on your betting panel. These areas represent the segments of the Monopoly Live wheel and are broken down into 4 number and 2 bonus game options.

You can bet on all 6 areas if so wish, bet on only 1 number, or bet on only the ‘Rolls’ bonus options. It is entirely up to you. For most live casinos, you will find that the betting limits are €0.10-€5,000 for each option. Therefore, this is quite a flexible game as there are no restrictions on the betting options.

It doesn’t get an easier than this when it comes to betting:

  • You can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10
  • You can bet on ‘2 Rolls’ and/or ‘4 Rolls’
  • You can bet on all 6 options simultaneously
  • After your bet, simply watch the action unfold!

Step-by-step Instructions on How to Play

  1. You need a live casino with Evolution Gaming for the Monopoly Live Stream
  2. Open the live game with an active account & real money balance
  3. Place your stake in any of the 6 betting options (x4 Numbers or x2 ‘Rolls’)
  4. The live dealer controls the wheel while you enjoy the show
  5. Payout calculations are instant, so you get paid as soon as you win
Hitting ‘Chance’ on the Live Wheel

This is the only area of the Monopoly Live wheel you do not need to bet on. There are 2 ‘Chance’ segments, and if the wheel results in a ‘chance’ then you win a multiplier or instant cash prize. The Monopoly Live RNG decided the reward. If you land a cash prize, it is an instant win, but if you land a multiplier, it does not guarantee a win!

For instance, if you bet €10 on ‘Number 5’ and the wheel lands on ‘Chance’, it may produce a card that says ‘10x Multiplier and Spin Again’. The host will spin again, and if the new spin lands on the ‘Number 5’ segment you staked, then you win 5x your €10 bet, plus the 10x ‘Chance’ multiplier. This means you win €50 x 10 = €500! The extra spin may also result in triggering the bonus game, which with the 10x multiplier results in massive prize pay-outs. Conversely, the ‘Cash Prize’ requires no extra activity as it will simply pay instantly guaranteeing you walk away with money in your pocket.

How Does the Bonus Round Work?

The game picks up on the main Monopoly board game theme when the wheel hits the Bonus ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’ segments on the wheel of fortune. As long as you have bet on either of these options, then you stand a chance of winning a huge multiplier.

To begin the bonus game, an animated Mr. Monopoly will come onto the game show’s main floor and take you into his augmented reality London city Monopoly bonus board game. There are 2 dice using a dice machine, and Mr. Monopoly will navigate the board. The further you get round, the higher the value of each property, making the entire experience the same as the Monopoly board game we all know and love!

  • No bets on the bonus Roll segments: You still get to watch the bonus game play out for others, but you are not included!
  • If you bet on the ‘2 Roll’ segment: You will be part of the bonus game, and there are 2 dice rolled 2 times, so on average, you will pick up 2 multiplier wins!
  • If you bet on the ‘4 Roll’ segment: You will be part of the bonus game, and there are 4 dice rolled 4 times, so on average, you will pick up 4 multiplier wins!
  • Free Rolls (Doubles): If the roll produces a double you get a free roll which is why we say 2 or 4 times ‘on average’!
  • Winning Multipliers: Every time you land on a London property, you win a multiplier applied to the amount you bet on the ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’ options. Therefore, a €10 bet with a x100 multiplier gives you a €1,000 win and Mr Monopoly will roll again! Multipliers are worth anything between 1x and can go up to 500x, and sometimes more!

100% Natural Dice Rolls: The dice rolls in the Monopoly Live bonus are completely random by using a dice machine. Therefore, just like the wheel spins, dice rolls are manual and free from RNGs!

Monopoly Live Bonus Board

10 Bonus Round Features

  • Watch the bonus if you did not bet on it
  • If you bet ‘2 Rolls’ the dice will roll 2 times
  • If you bet ‘4 Rolls’ the dice will roll 4 times
  • Collect multipliers when landing on property
  • ‘Houses’ & ‘Hotels’ increase multipliers
  • Rolling doubles results in an extra roll
  • Pass Go to double all multipliers
  • Roll a double to get out of jail
  • Income/Super Tax reduces wins 10/20%
  • Land on ‘Chance’ for cash/multipliers
Bonus Round Monopoly Board Extras Explained

During the bonus round, you will see the traditional ‘Hotels’, ‘Houses’, ‘Free Parking’, ‘Go to Jail’, ‘Utilities’, ‘Community Chest’, ‘Income Tax’ and Monopoly’s trademark ‘Chance’ which reveals random prizes to maximise the entertainment. The more houses or hotels, the higher the multiplier on each spot. As the dice roll Mr Monopoly will walk around the Monopoly board landing on famous London locations and picking up 1x to 1,000x multipliers!

  • Chance: If you land on ‘Chance’ or Community Chest’, then you either win a cash prize or another multiplier applied to your original bet! However, you could also get sent to jail or land yourself with an income tax bill!
  • Go to Jail: Landing on this spot lands Mr Monopoly in jail. To get out, the dice machine needs to produce a double. Each unsuccessful roll uses ‘1’ bonus roll. The good news is that any multipliers won before going to jail will remain intact!
  • Passing Go: If you pass go, then all multipliers around the Monopoly board double by building more houses or hotels. The hotels will have the biggest multipliers as will high-value areas such as Leicester Square, Park Lane, and Mayfair–just like the board game!
  • Income Tax/Super Tax: Landing on ‘Income Tax’ reduces winning by 10% and ‘Super Tax’ by 20%. A ‘Chance’ card could also land you with either of these tax deductions.

Expected Winnings & Wheel Sections

Bet Type Segments Pay-Out
1 22 1:1
2 15 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
Chance 2 Extra Win
2 Rolls 3 Bonus
4 Rolls 1 Bonus
The Pay-out Ratio

The RTP value is of course dependent on your stakes. This is a highly volatile game, which means you win less often, but there are potentially big pay-outs when do land a win! The average pay-out ratio on the overall Monopoly Live game is 91.30% and 96.23% depending on your bet.

Monopoly Live Flapper

The Odds of Winning on Monopoly Live

Betting Option Theoretical RTP
1 40.74%
2 27.78%
5 12.96%
10 7.41%
2 Rolls 5.56%
4 Rolls 1.85%
Tips, Tricks & Strategy For Live Wheel of Fortune Games!

As with all live casino games, you will need money management and bet sizing strategies for Monopoly Live as the game is based on pure luck. However, there are some indicators you can use to your advantage to increase your chances of winning with the key objective of winning big on Monopoly Live being to land the ‘Rolls’ bonus!

  • Bankroll Management: The old saying ‘you need to be in it to win it’ goes a long way on Monopoly Live. Betting big and burning through your casino balance means less time playing, and less chance of gaining an ROI. Therefore, we would suggest only betting 5% of your bankroll per round.
  • Bonus Hunting: One point you may notice is that there is roughly a 1 in 9 spin chance of landing either ‘Chance’ or the ‘Bonus’. This is because we know there are 6 features segments on the 54-segment wheel. Simply, 6 goes into 54 exactly 9 times. If you are specifically on the hunt for the bonus, then there are 4 bonus ‘Roll’ segments which when you do the maths, this is a 1 in 13.5 chance of a bonus ‘Roll’ segment landing. Meanwhile, you have a 1 in 54 chance of landing the ‘4 Rolls’ bonus.
  • Probability Vs Variation: Of course, the concept of probability is not an exact science because variation plays its part. Like flipping a coin, ‘Tails’ may land 2 times out of 10 although probability suggests ‘Tails’ should appear 5 out of 10 flips. However, at this point, it is a great time to bet on ‘Heads’. The same principles should apply to the way you bet on the ‘Bonus’. If there is no bonus for 8 or 9 spins, then you can reasonably assume that the bonus is close to turning up!
  • Game History Indicator: Use the Monopoly Live history to determine past results and try to make predictions based on trends. Although every spin is an independent event, trends according to the above ‘probability Vs variation’ section are often helpful.
  • Segments & Bet Sizing Strategy: You can also try to employ a ‘Roulette’ style strategy like neighbours’ bets that cover segments of the wheel. Although it is impossible to cover an exact quarter of the Monopoly Live wheel, with the correct bet sizing, you can offset ‘Rolls’ bets with ‘Number’ bets. For example, numbers 1 and 5 cover 30 segments (56%) of the wheel, then add ‘Rolls’ as a smaller side bet to cover another 4 spots and you have 63% of the wheel covered!

As long as you use a sensible bankroll strategy, and employ probability Vs variation betting techniques, then Monopoly Live could result in a big pay day!

The most important facts for your betting strategy

  • There is a 9 in 54 (17%) chance of landing a bonus feature, and you can use these stats to determine how often you bet on the ‘Rolls’ bonus
  • Consider the ‘Rolls’ bet as a side bet by placing small amounts while balancing your ‘number’ bets to cover more of the Monopoly Wheel
  • Use the statistics in the live stream to identify trends so you can predict which segments are due a win. This is incredibly helpful!
  • Use the live chat to help you identify possible trends and stats provided by other players in the game. Some interesting stats you may not think of can appear here!

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Questions and Answers about the Monopoly Live Casino Game

💡 What Does Monopoly Live Have in Common with the Board Game?

Aside from the Monopoly branding, the only feature on the wheel of fortune with something in common with the board game is the ‘Chance’ feature. However, the bonus round triggered by the ‘Rolls’ bet launches an amazing HASBRO Monopoly board layout identical to the original game. You will see red hotels, green houses, free parking, go to jail, utilities, community chest, income tax, chance, and all the familiar London properties you will find on the original London Monopoly board.

💡 Is it possible to play Monopoly Live for free?

There is no free play version of Monopoly Live. If you want to play, you need to place a bet which starts at a minimum of €0.10. If you are a member of a casino that hosts this title, you can also open the game and watch it without betting. Aside from this, if you check out our ‘casino tests’, you can find live casinos with bonus offers that will allow you to use your bonus chips on Monopoly Live.

💡 Which is better Live Dream Catcher or Monopoly Live?

It depends on the style of game you prefer. Dreamcatcher is similar but there is no bonus game, but to make up for this you can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 on a wheel that also has 54 segments taken up by 52 ‘Numbers’ and ‘2 Multiplier’ feature segments. For big wins, Monopoly Live is the game of choice. As for the RTP, they are both remarkably similar.

💡 Which Monopoly Live strategy do you recommend?

As Monopoly Live is purely luck of the draw, the best strategy you can use is bankroll management using just 5% of your casino balance for bets. Then use your bet size to devise a strategy that allows you to hedge your number bets against your ‘Rolls’ bonus bets.

💡 Is there a Monopoly Live app?

Monopoly Live works perfectly on smartphones and desktops. It is a great mobile game to play because you can spin while on the move without too much concentration required. You can either connect via Android or iOS apps if a live casino offers these apps, or you can play via your mobile device’s web browser using the HTML5 instant play function offered by all modern live casinos.

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