Play Quantum Roulette LiveIn 2019, Playtech released Quantum Roulette Live, a live variation of online roulette that has a lucrative twist. When you place straight-up bets (single numbers), there is a chance that you could win multipliers of up to 500x your stake!

Of course, this was not the first game of its kind, as Evolution had already released Lightning Roulette the year before. Such was the popularity of that title that it is understandable that other live brands would come up with their own multiplier-powered roulette titles. Quantum Roulette is Playtech’s take on this type of live casino game while Pragmatic Play Live released Mega Roulette. Even some of the newer live casino brands have released similar games. Amusnet Gaming (formerly EGT Interactive) launched Dynamic Roulette 120x and CreedRoomz offers Richie Roulette.

Roulette was already an extremely popular casino game both in a land-based and online setting, but with the introduction of multipliers that could seriously increase how much players could win, titles such as Quantum Roulette brought added excitement.

Quantum Roulette is hosted in a futuristic-looking studio and operated by an eccentric live host rather than a live croupier. Like in the other variations mentioned above, the roulette wheel is automatic. This allows the live host to focus on creating an exciting atmosphere, commentating on the action, and letting players know about the bonus rounds, such as the random multipliers.

Our Quantum Roulette Live Guide: In this guide we will tell you how Quantum Roulette works, what the rules are, and then give you some tips and strategies based on our experience of playing this exciting live casino game.

Quantum Roulette Live – It’s All About the Multipliers Between 50x and 500x Your Stake!

Putting it bluntly, if you wanted to play a standard live roulette game, whether French, American, or European roulette, you will find hundreds of tables and titles that essentially offer the same thing. That is fine if you prefer the core game and are not fussed about the bells and whistles found on multiplier variations such as Quantum Roulette. However, if you want a better atmosphere and the potential to win multipliers up to 500x your stake (capped at €500,000), then Quantum Roulette is your game. Those random multipliers can really crank up the excitement if you’re the type that likes to bet on straight-up numbers.

As mentioned earlier, the multiplier concept is found in numerous titles from other brands, so obviously they have proved a hit with players. Combined with the state-of-the-art studio, high-quality production, and lively live hosts, those multipliers just give an all-around better gameplay experience.

How to Play Quantum Roulette Live

In terms of placing your bets on the screen and how the game plays out, Quantum Roulette is very similar to other live roulette titles. However, there are differences as you might expect due to the multipliers. As ever, you place your chosen inside or outside bets before the live host declares ‘No More Bets’. At that point, the random multipliers are revealed on the screen behind the live host. This could be one straight-up number receiving a multiplier of between 50x and 500x, or as many as five. It is an RNG that reveals these multipliers, but the actual result is determined by the laws of physics on the automatic roulette machine. Also, during this stage, a random bonus feature could kick into play to further enhance the multipliers given to those numbers. We will get into those more in the next sections.

With the numbers assigned with multipliers, the automatic roulette machine now kicks into action. When the ball comes to a rest in one of the segments, the winning number is revealed. If that number had a multiplier and you wagered on that number as a straight-up bet, you win that multiplier of your stake!

In short, this is how a round breaks down:

  1. You select your chip value in Euro, CAD, NZD, or any other fiat currency the online casino accepts. Some also allow you to place bets using Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.
  2. You place your inside or outside bets (remember that the multipliers only count when placing straight-up bets).
  3. With the betting phase finished, the random multipliers are revealed via an RNG.
  4. The automatic roulette wheel now determines the winning number.
  5.  If you wagered on that number using a straight-up bet, you win. If it has a multiplier attached, you win that multiplier instead of 29:1.

Quantum Roulette Information

Quantum Roulette
  • Quantum Roulette Live follows European Roulette rules (only the one green zero)
  • The roulette wheel has 37 segments (0-36)
  • Individual numbers can receive a random multiplier of between 50x and 500x
  • Between 1 and 5 numbers will receive a random multiplier on each round
  • Only straight-up bets (bets on single numbers) will qualify for the multipliers
  • Min-max bets of 0.20 and 500.00 EUR (or currency equivalent)
  • Max win capped at €500,000
  • Quantum Roulette carries a 97.30% RTP

Note: It is important to remember that no other bets will benefit from the multipliers. Only straight-up bets count. You can still place other types of bets, but they will have the standard payouts as per the rules of the game.

Live Quantum Roulette Rules

Essentially, Playtech’s Quantum Roulette is the European rules of roulette but with the addition of random multipliers. European roulette uses a single ‘0’ section and not the additional ’00’ you will find on American rules roulette tables. This is good news as that additional section on American roulette tables doubles the house edge to 5.25% compared to the 2.6% on European tables. Aside from the random multipliers, Quantum Roulette is the same as any other European roulette game. You can place a variety of inside bets (split bets, straight-up bets, corner bets, etc), or outside bets (odd/even, black/red, dozen bets, etc) just like you would at any roulette table.

There is one subtle difference that you should note, however. Those multipliers have to be paid for in some way. To do this, Playtech has lowered the payouts for non-multiplied straight-up bets. Rather than the 35:1, you will receive when winning straight-up bets on other European roulette tables, you will receive just 29:1. That is quite a big difference, but as stated, this is to cover the multipliers that players will win. That is the only bet/payout that is altered, so all other bets will have the same odds that you will find elsewhere.

The Multipliers & Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap Bonus Features

The random multipliers are what differentiate Quantum Roulette from any other standard European roulette game. When you have placed your bets, between 1 and 5 numbers are randomly selected to receive a multiplier. The multiplier values that could apply to each number are 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 400x, or 500x. The screen behind the live host will display the current numbers and their new multiplier values. Those multipliers replace the 29:1 payouts originally given to straight-up bets for those numbers and do not stack on top of them.

Additionally, random special events can occur as well. One could increase some or all of the multipliers by 50x, while another can double or triple the multipliers assigned. It is these special events that differentiate Quantum Roulette from other multiplier live roulette titles, such as Evolution’s Lightning Roulette and Mega Roulette from Pragmatic Play Live. These do not trigger on every round and instead occur randomly. The Quantum Boost feature could multiply certain multipliers by a further 50x, while the Quantum Leap could double or triple one or some of the multipliers.

Note: There is a 500x cap for all multipliers, no matter what the Quantum Boost or Leap multiplier is. For example, if a number already has a 250x multiplier attached to it and the Quantum Leap triples it, the multiplier will increase to 500x and not 750x. Also note that Quantum Roulette has a capped payout of €500,000.

Quantum Roulette Multipliers

Playtech's Quantum Roulette
  • Multiplier section comes into play after the completion of the betting round
  • 1 to 5 numbers selected at random to receive a multiplier of 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 400x, or 500x
  • One of two random events can also occur
  • Quantum Boost can add an additional 50x multiplier to those one or some of those selected numbers
  • Quantum Leap can double or triple the multipliers already applied
  • All multipliers are capped at a maximum of 500x
Other Betting Options on Quantum Roulette

Take away the random multipliers on Quantum Roulette and you have a standard live European roulette title. In fact, while you should bet on straight-up numbers to take advantage of those multipliers, there is nothing stopping you from placing many of the other bets that other roulette tables allow. You can place other inside bets aside from straight-up bets. That includes corner bets, split bets, street bets and all the rest. You will receive the same payout and odds as you would on any other European rules roulette table. You just will not get the benefit of the multipliers for those bets.

There is also the option to play many of the outside bets, such as red or black, odd or even, or the dozen bets. These bets offer more chance of winning but lower payouts when you do. If you are unsure about each of the bets mentioned, or those listed in the tables below, check out our European Roulette guide on our live casino games page. That will explain how to place the bets on the virtual felt, the chances of them coming in, and more.

Inside Bets
Non-Multiplied Straight-Up Bets
Split Bets
Street Bets
Six Line Bets
Corner Bets
Trio Bets
Basket Bets
Outside Bets
Column Bets
Dozen Bets

Bet Creator: If you are one of those players that like to place a lot of bets each round, you will know that doing so is a pain in the behind when you have such little time before the next round. On Quantum Roulette, rather than franticly clicking on all the straight-up bets, split bets, and any outside bets after each round, you can simply open the Bet Creator. This allows you to prepare your bets for the next round in advance, save presets, and generally make life a lot easier.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Just like any live casino game, there is no solid strategy that will guarantee that you come out a winner in every session. If such games and strategies existed, we would not have live casinos at all. The games are designed to make the casinos profit over an extended period of time. The multipliers on Quantum Roulette sound very attractive too, and they are if you get lucky enough to hit the bigger ones. However, if you think you will hit 500x multipliers regularly, you won’t. Hitting just one involves a sequence of luck.

  1. You need to pick a number that randomly gets assigned a multiplier
  2. That number has to get assigned a 500x random multiplier
  3. That number then has to land on the roulette wheel

The odds of landing a straight-up bet are long in any game of roulette, you have a 1 in 37 chance, so you need that to happen, plus get lucky enough to get the multiplier. That said, there are some strategies that you can use that can give you a better chance of landing a multiplier.

  • Bet on Every Number

If you bet on every number each round, you will definitely win a payout. How can you not? You have every straight-up bet covered. The problem is, that you need to regularly win with numbers that have a multiplier attached to make this work. You only receive 29:1 for non-multiplied straight-up wins. Considering you bet on 37 segments, you will lose money whenever the winning number does not have a multiplier. Still, if you manage to hit a big multiplier win, this can make a good impression on your balance. Manage this early in your session and you could walk away in profit. Manage it later and it could replenish your balance after losing money each round.

  • Bet on a Portion of the Numbers

Another option is to reduce the amount you bet on each round by selecting a portion of the numbers. This could be 12 or so straight-up bets rather than the full board. You lose less money each time but then also have a lower chance of winning. Obviously, the more numbers you cover, the more chance you will have of winning and the more chance of landing one of those multipliers.

Quantum Roulette Strategies
Quantum Roulette Strategy
  • No strategy guarantees success
  • Non-multiplied straight-up bets pay 29:1 and not 35:1 (standard European Roulette tables)
  • Chances of hitting multiplied numbers is low
  • Consider strategies such as betting on all numbers or a portion of numbers
  • Perhaps treat the straight-up bet as a side bet alongside how you normally play European Roulette

Play Your Normal Game but Use the Straight-up Bet as a Side Bet: Your final option is to use an optimal strategy to like you might if playing standard roulette. Then, on each turn, just choose one number and place a single straight-up bet. You could treat it as a side bet if you like. Your main strategy should keep your balance ticking over, but should you get lucky with your straight-up bet and a multiplier, life suddenly looks good!

Questions and answers about Quantum Roulette Live!

What is Quantum Roulette Live?

Quantum Roulette is a live variation of roulette from the leading live casino supplier, Playtech. it is another title alongside the likes of Lightning Roulette (Evolution) and Mega Roulette (Pragmatic Play Live), that can randomly apply multipliers to straight-up bets. Up to 5 numbers on each coup could receive a multiplier of between 50x and 500x. An RNG determines those multipliers and the Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap bonus features. Quantum Roulette is delivered in a live format via cutting-edge webcam, streaming, and audio technology.

Are there special Quantum Roulette rules?

Generally no. Quantum Roulette follows European Roulette with just one notable difference between the two (aside from the multipliers). To pay for those multipliers, non-multiplied straight-up wins receive a lower payout compared to standard European Roulette games. That payout is 29:1 compared to 35:1. This is understandable as the multipliers give players a chance of winning huge sums of money up to 500x their stake. All other bets have the same payouts as European Roulette.

What is a Quantum Boost?

The Quantum Boost is another random aspect of Quantum Roulette that is determined by an RNG. Once the random multipliers have been revealed, the Quantum Boost can trigger and add an additional 50x multiplier to a number. There is a capped max multiplier of 500x, so no number will receive higher than that.

What is a Quantum Leap?

This is the other random bonus feature that can trigger once the multiplier numbers and values have been determined. This time, the Quantum Leap can double or triple some of the multipliers already handed out. Once again, this is determined by an RNG.

Is There a Good Live Quantum Roulette Strategy?

We have touched upon a few strategies in the guide above, but none will guarantee success. Obviously, the aim with Quantum Roulette has to be to win the multipliers as often as possible. To increase your chances of this, you can place more straight-up bets each turn. You could even place straight-up bets on all numbers. However, even though you will win more often, you also have to hope that the winning number has a multiplier attached.

Is Quantum Roulette fair?

Absolutely. For one, Playtech has a flawless reputation and is one of the biggest and most reputable iGaming developers around. It is highly doubtful the company would risk its reputation and standing in the industry by rigging its games. Plus, even if it did, strict regulatory bodies license this developer, such as the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) and the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).

Can you play with Live Quantum Roulette Casino Bonus?

This depends on the online casinos you choose to play at. Playtech does not offer its own live casino bonus. Some online casinos may let you wager bonus funds using live casino games, while others may not. Check the terms and conditions of the bonuses at your favourite online casinos to see if you can enjoy Quantum Roulette using bonus funds. If they do not, check out our casino reviews to find some that do.

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