Few industries move as fast-moving and innovative as the online casino scene, and one notable sector that is evolving non-stop is the live dealer casino gaming arena. Players get to connect to live blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other popular casino table games and game shows hosted by a real-life person a.k.a. a live dealer, live croupier, or live host!

Live dealer casino table games evolved from a few table games streamed via a webcam on a desktop PC to a full-blown luxury authentic online live casino table game experience with hundreds of tables, and all of this is now available via tablets and smartphones used to place real money or cryptocurrency bets.

The Relevance of Live Casino News

If you like to stay ahead of the game and be the first to know about new developments that could change the way you play live casino games, live casino news reports are relevant to you.

One of the key reasons live casino players keep their eye on live casino news is to be the first to know about new live dealer games. Our news team will keep you fully up to date with every live casino software provider and when they plan to release new games.

Another reason live casino news has relevance is licensing and law adjustments. New licensing authorities, new laws on payment methods, laws related to gambling using cryptocurrency, or changes to tax condition that surround online gambling could all change the way you play live casino table games online.

As a result, every piece of news we deliver onto the Livecasinocentral.com portal comes from good honest down to earth reporting without glossing over any of the information. For you, this means accurate news that is factually correct. With reliable news at your fingertips, you never know when you may spot a news story that helps give you an extra edge on the way you play blackjack, poker, roulette, or baccarat!

What’s more is that Livecasinocentral.com is an entirely independent gambling news journalism portal. Our editorial team attaches great importance to objectivity and provides you with the latest live casino news – without any connections to industry-related companies.

Our Live Casino News Covers All the Latest Stories!

Live Casino News

Our Livecasinocentral.com editorial team is always on the lookout for the latest market developments so we can bring all the news into one news portal under one roof so you can stay ahead of the live casino industry as new stories unfold.

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By following our news pages, we guarantee that you will never get left behind, never miss a trick, and you will know exactly when new brands and games are coming to you!

Our News Portal offers you a variety of Live Casino News Sections

You can find news related to a wide array of topics within the online casino industry. Our news predominantly covers live casino topics, but we also cover online casino topics that loosely relate to live casino iGaming such as financial news, iGaming company stocks and share price movements, and general legislation. While the majority of the live casino news is split into game related and software manufacturer topics.

You will find news from trusted sources covering live casinos, live poker, live roulette, live blackjack, and plenty of bonus news covering brand new bonuses so you know exactly when a new bonus deal hits the live casino scene. Our Live Casino News section is the best place to look out for these bonus deals and also new game releases from all the top live casino software providers.

If it is gossip that you are looking for, then rest assure we have you covered without miscellaneous section where we cover interesting views, comments, and stories where we catch wind of celebrities and well-known figures grinding at the casino tables.

Game-relevant News Presented in A Way You Can Understandable

All our news reports cut through the complex jargon some news portals use. This is because we aim to make live casino news easy to follow. Therefore, our reporters will spell out the topic in hand, and get to the point without beating around the bush. After reading just a few of our news reports, you will quickly realise that we have our style.

Every news report gives you a pleasant, flowing, factual, and educational read with structured information written in a way that delivers the relevant information at the right time so you understand exactly what is happening in each particular story, plus we also include brief background information, links to further information and resource just to make sure you understand the big picture.

We will let you know if certain live dealer platforms are running into issues, where to find brand new table games such as the latest live roulette releases, and we make sure you have a place that keeps you up to date with all the latest trends within the online live dealer casino industry.

New technology, new ways to bet, tables in land-based casinos that you can place bets on from your PC or mobile device, and innovations in live table gaming hitting the live dealer scene are also our speciality when it comes to delivering timely and relevant news on the Livecasinocentral.com news portal.

In short, we guarantee you that our news portal will keep you up-to-date, well informed, and educated via news stories written in a way that is understandable and easy to follow. These are the cornerstones of our ambitious team so we can present you live casino news that interests you and, above all, help you as an active player!

Background and Cooperation with Casino Game Manufacturers

The online gambling industry has many influences from a growing list of excellent software providers, casino operators, and highly responsible licensing authorities. Each entity has its purpose, goals, objects, and vision to bring the highest quality live casino table games technology will allow.

The regulatory bodies are there to protect your consumer rights and the game manufacturers, and software developers all want to deliver the best gaming experience possible so you choose a casino with their brand, while the online casinos themselves give you access to the technology, betting interfaces, and lucrative bonus deals.

Our news portal covers how the game manufacturers interact with licencing authorities. We also cover how they interact with online casino operators. For example, if a game manufacturer successfully lands a UKGC license, online casinos also with a UKGC license will now be able to offer its casino members in the UK games from the newly licensed manufacturer.

If a live dealer manufacturer starts setting new trends in the industry, you will find out about is here on our portal as soon as the news hits the live casino grapevine! For instance, Evolution is setting a new ‘in-play’ trend with its Baccarat and Roulette tables, while Ezugi is setting trends within Indian communities with its Teen Patti live tables.

Every piece of news coming out of the live casino manufacturer corner of the online casino market, we have it covered. New games, new ways to play, new betting software, and new live dealer brands hitting the live dealer industry, new licensing, new partnerships, and more!

News Covering the Latest Live Casino Game Releases

This is perhaps one of our most popular news categories because everyone wants to be the first to play new live casino games.

Brand new live casino tables and games are constantly in development and we bring you news of their planned releases as soon as the live casino game developers announce them. Some developers will tell us the game is in development and so we will take you through the motions from announcing the new game right up until it is available for real money and cryptocurrency bets.

There are now over 20 live casino manufacturers and all of them are continuously looking to add new ways to play roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat giving you even more variants of each game to try out. On top of this, there are always new live game show style games that use wheels of fortunes or brand-new card or dice games released to give you a more diverse live casino gaming experience.

We also test every new game as soon as it hits the online live casino market. That means you get an immediate overview of the game. Our news team will cover where you can play it if any bonus deals come with the new game, which currencies you can bet in, languages available, and how smooth the table’s betting platform is. Furthermore, we cover all the gameplay rules!

Controversial Live Casino News Covering Gambling Legislation

We cover new laws, frameworks, changes to the law, and new licensing authorities in news reports that cover the global market. Most of our news will focus on English speaking nations such as the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa while you will also come across news reports that focus on new licensing laws and frameworks introduced to other countries.

The many changes to online gambling legislation is one of the most controversial news topics increasingly making headlines within the live casino industry. In the past, most online casinos could use the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to operate legally within multiple jurisdictions because this is an EU based licensing authority that protects consumer and privacy rights of casino players.

Today, an increasing number of countries are addressing the online casino gambling topic head-on by introducing a domestically controlled government licensing authority. The UKGC in the UK, SGA in Sweden, new laws in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, and numerous other countries are all recent authorities no more than a decade in operation.

It is safe to say that online gambling laws and legislation is an everchanging add-on of online live casino gaming experience and so we make sure you stay on track when it comes to law changes that may affect the way play live dealer games.


Live Casino Business and Financial News Reporting

For those that are not only interested in betting on live casino games, but also like to keep an eye on the business and financial side of live casino gaming, this news section is perfect for you. Most players enjoy seeing positive financial news covering their preferred live casino game brand as it is always nice to know that you are playing games released by a firm that has financially sound backing.

Conversely, it is also good to be aware of any online casino operator or live casino brand that is running into financial difficultly.

As for making money outside of gambling, there are tons of live dealer brands floated on stock exchanges. Playtech is on the London Stock Exchange, Evolution is on the NASDAQ Stockholm, and we will also cover the occasional land-based and online casino performance such as MGM Resorts International (MGM), William Hill, Stars Group, and other gambling companies around the world.

Finally, any news related to mergers such as Evolution and NetEnt or takeovers such as Evolution taking over Ezugi also come under business-related news keeping you well-grounded in the financial and business standing of the live casino industry as a whole.


Latest Live Roulette News

Live roulette is one of the most popular live casino table games out there. The hustle and bustle that surrounds live roulette tables make this game one of the most fascinating. Even in land-based casino the cheers and groans that come from the roulette table create a mesmeric atmosphere, and that is exactly why roulette is a casino tradition that dates back 100s of years.

What’s more, is that live roulette news creates a consistent stream of stories for our livecasinocentral.com reporters to follow.  Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be another new and innovative way to change the way you can play roulette one of the live dealer software manufacturers release a new way to play.

Our live casino news covers the technical side to live roulette, new tables, new variants, and new ways to bet. You can play auto roulette, multiple wheels, roulette with two balls on the wheel, progressive jackpot roulette, and bet on roulette tables in land-based casino via your online casino account.

We will make sure you are kept fully up to date with any new live roulette tables, new ways to play, and also cover roulette technology news so you know exactly how the live roulette vertical of the live casino industry operates and a new concept hits your casino.


Latest Live Poker News

Live poker is an emerging table game in the live casino industry and it is starting to create quite a buzz as we see new variants released by multiple live casino game manufacturers. 3 Card Poker or 3 Card Brag, Two Hand Texas Hold’em, Bonus Texas Hold’em, Casino Poker, Caribbean Stud or Stud Poker, and many other variants are all rising into popularity on the live dealer scene.

Just as news of the WSOP, ESP, and WSP events as well new covering the many poker personalities that play at these events continuously hit the world gambling news grapevine, the live casino poker scene is making its mark too. NetEnt, Microgaming, Medialive, Fresh Deck Studios, Evolution, Ezugi, Playtech, Vivo Gaming, and many more live dealer brands are all hot on the subject of this popular card game.

To stay up to date with the latest live casino poker releases from any one of these live casino gaming giants and updates to games, betting software, mobile availability, and more – keep your eyes peeled for livecasinocentral.com poker news!


Miscellaneous – the Rumour Mill Section Of Live Casino News

Almost everyone likes to stay up to date with the latest gossip on the grapevine, and our news team loves writing about it. In the gambling industry, there is non-stop flurry of press releases with many of them offering Boulevard Magazine potential stories!

This section covers speculation, rumours, hearsay, scams, and positive contributions to society made by large online casino firms. Topics similar to the Black Friday crackdown in the USA or how Microgaming’s PlayItForward raises thousands of Euros for charities are all part of our miscellaneous news area.

Adding to this, you will see news reports that follow celebrity connections with the live casino industry. Stories such as the infamous Phil Ivey Vs Crockfords casino Punto Banco dispute or Tiger Woods and Ben Affleck grinding the blackjack tables can come out on our news portal at any time.

Similarly, we also look at new movies or series where casino games appear or are the topic of the film like the famous 21 blackjacks card counting film or Casino when ‘The Mob’ ran Nevada’s Sin City!

There is no end to the gossip, celebrity news, charity events, entertainment, and other fun miscellaneous news stories circulating on the casino rumour mill, and our team will be right there to pick it up and deliver right here on the livecasinocentral.com new portal!