Crazy Time Live Game ShowCrazy Time is rated the most expensive live casino game developed by Evolution, and it is easy to see why as it has a fun dedicated studio complete with bonus machines and a side studio for its main ‘Crazy Time’ bonus. Crazy Time’s wheel is essentially an upgrade to the already fantastic Monopoly Live title, but instead of just 1 bonus round and 1 feature, Crazy Time has 4 bonus games!

The Crazy Time live casino title first appeared in July 2020, and since then it is already responsible for a €10 million pay-out shared out to multiple players involved in that crazy win spin! There are also regular reports and live casino announcements of €10,000 up to and over €100,000 wins. Which is largely thanks to a ‘Top Slot’ feature beefing up multipliers up to a massive 50,000x the bet. Just to make a point here, that means you could turn a €0.10 bet into a mega €5,000 win or a €10 bet into €500,000 in a single spin!

All the action on this attractive Crazy Time title unfolds on a manually operated wheel of fortune with no RNG needed. The game host spins the wheel, adds commentary, takes you to the various ‘bonus areas’ and operates the manual portion of the bonus games. Plus, he or she will whisk you off to an amazing augmented reality ‘Crazy Time Bonus’ world that comes complete with spectacular 3D graphics and a super 64-segment bonus wheel!

In this Crazy Time game review, we will cover all the betting options offered, the 4 bonuses available and how they pay, how to win multipliers betting on numbers, RTPs and we break down the wheel segments to give you the odds of winning along with a few strategy tips!

Crazy Time Live Rules Explained

As with any wheel of fortune style casino game, Crazy Time is super easy to learn. All you need to do is bet on any of the 8 options within the bet time limit, which is 15 seconds. As soon as the bet time limit is over, the next spin will begin. All you need to do at this point is to watch the action unfold as the game host spins the 54-segment Crazy Time wheel of fortune. Spins can either be quick if you land a number multiplier or will last a couple of minutes if a bonus game hits.

For your information, the wheel is divided into 45 ‘Number’, 4 ‘Coin Flip Bonus’, 2 ‘Cash Hunt Bonus’, and 2 ‘Pachinko Bonus’ segments, while there is a single ‘Crazy Time Bonus’ segment.

Number Bet Options (4 Options): Place your bet on the 1, 2, 5, or 10 numbers. Each of these numbers pays 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x your bet respectively if the Crazy Time wheel stops on the number you bet. Therefore, if you bet €10 on ‘Number 10’ and the wheel lands on ‘10’, you win €10 x10 (€100). Likewise, if you bet €5 on ‘Number 2’ and win, then you win €5 x2 (€10). In both examples, your original bet is returned on top.

Betting on the 4 Bonuses (4 Options): Aside from the 4 number bets, you also have 4 bonus games to bet on. You will see Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. If the ‘flapper’ stops on any of these bonuses, you will take part and win multiplier prizes only if you placed a bet on the relevant bonus. If you didn’t bet on the triggered bonus, then you still get to watch the fun unravel for others!

Top Slot: You do not need to place a bet on the ‘Top Slot’. This is an added feature that is completely random and in the right circumstances, it will help you win additional bonus multipliers.

Manual Wheel Spins: Not that there is no ‘Random Number Generator’ used for wheel spins. The host’s job is to spin the wheel manually. You may also notice that the presenter spins the wheel left for 1 spin and then right for the next spin!

Crazy Time step-by-step instructions

  • Play Crazy Time at an Evolution Live Casino
  • Select the Crazy Time live game on your desktop or mobile & let the video feed load
  • Use the chip values to adjust bet sizes & place them on 1 up to 8 betting fields
  • There is a 15 second countdown before the presenter spins the wheel
  • No more bets are allowed once the wheel spins–just sit back & watch the action
  • The ‘Top Slot’ mini game above the wheel begins to spin when the main wheel spins
  • ‘Top Slot’ multipliers apply if the ‘wheel’ outcome matches the Top Slot’s left reel symbol
  • If the ‘wheel’ outcome is a bonus field, the corresponding bonus game starts
  • If the outcome is a number, the multiplier is paid instantly & a new countdown begins

Crazy Time Live Wheel

How Does the Mini Slot above the Wheel Help Me?

The Mini Slot is a 2-reel bonus slot with 1 line, and it activates after you bet and just after the presenter gets the wheel spin underway. When symbols on both reels line up, then the Mini Slot bonus is in play.

  • Left Reel: The slot consists of all 8 game symbols (betting options) on the left reel. These are the 4 ‘Bonus’ bets and the 4 ‘Number’ bets
  • Right Reel: This reel has a set of multipliers up to 50x

If the Mini Slot’s left reel shows 10 and the right reel x50, and the wheel spin stops on ‘Number 10’, anyone that bet on ‘10’ will receive a 50x bonus on top. Therefore, if you bet €5 in this scenario, you win €5 x10 from the base game multiplier (€50), and x50 from the ‘Top Slot’ multiplier (€2,500). If the ‘Top Slot’ lands on a bonus, and you bet the bonus, then your bonus win is multiplied by the ‘Top Slot’ multiplier.

Important Facts: The ‘Top Slot’ multiplier is only activated if the Crazy Time wheel lands on the symbol displayed on the left reel. When this happens, the multiplier on the right wheel is applied to all wins. Also, the ‘Top Slot’ is only valid if there are 2 symbols on the middle win line!

10 Facts About the Crazy Time Wheel

  • €0.10 – €2,500 bet limits per round (depending on the live casino)
  • The wheel of fortune has 54 segments
  • There are 45 ‘Number’ segments
  • There are 9 ‘Bonus’ segments on the wheel
  • There 8 options to place your bets
  • You can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10
  • Number bets pay a multiplier of their value
  • 4 Bonus Bets are Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko & Crazy Time
  • You can bet on any of the 4 bonuses or 4 numbers
  • Bonuses pay up to 50,000x & the win limit is €500,000
Crazy Time Top Slot

All 4 Crazy Time Live Bonus Rounds Explained

If you are looking for some crazy wheel of fortune action, then Crazy Time is jam-packed with entertainment thanks to its 4 bonus games. Evolution designated a total of 9 segments on the 54-segment wheel, which means there is a 16.67% chance of landing a bonus or 1 in 6 probability of a bonus spin. If you are a fan of Monopoly live, you are probably already aware that there are 6 bonus/chance feature segments on that wheel, therefore Crazy Time increases your chances of landing bonus features.

Adding to this, if you happen to land a ‘Bonus’ that matches the symbol on the ‘Top Slot’ left reel, the bonus rounds can get ‘Crazy’ with huge win multipliers. People have won €5,000 pay-outs for a mere €0.10 bet when hitting a bonus with the 50x ‘Top Slot’ multiplier active!

Number of Segments Per Betting Options & Pay-Out Odds

Bet Type Segments Pay-Out
1 20 1:1
2 14 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
Coin Flip 4 Extra Multiplier
Pachinko 2 Extra Multiplier
Cash Hunt 2 Extra Multiplier
Crazy Time 1 Extra Multiplier

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Coin Flip Bonus Game

You can bet on the ‘Coin Flip Bonus’ which has 3 segments which is the most frequent bonus with a 5.56% chance of landing. As the bonus triggers, the presenter will walk over to the ‘Flip-O-Matic’ game machine where all the action unfolds. Using an RNG, the ‘Flip-O-Matic’ will deliver 2 random multiplier values. 1 value appears in a ‘Red’ area and the other in a ‘Blue’ area, and 1 of the values is usually considerably higher than the other just to add to the excitement!

Next, the presenter will manually flip a coin into the ‘Flip-O-Matic’ machine. Simply, if the flip lands on red, then your bet is multiplied by the red multiplier value while blue pays the value of the blue multiplier. For example, if you bet €10 and land a 150x multiplier, you win €10 x150 (€1,500).

Up to 5,000x Multipliers: As a side note, you could win a multiplier of 50,000x in this bonus if the ‘Top Slot’ shows ‘Coin Flip’ on the left reel and ‘50x’ on the right reel while both lined up on the centre win line, and the coin flip shows a 1,000x multiplier!

Crazy TIme Live Flip O Matic
Pachinko Bonus Game

Placing a bet on this ‘Pachinko Bonus’ gives you a 3.7% chance of winning, as there are 2 segments on the wheel. If the flapper lands on ‘Pachinko’ the presenter will walk over to the Crazy Time Pachinko wall, which has hundreds of pins from top to bottom and left to right. At the bottom, there are 15 varying multiplier values and a double zone making 16 spots in total.

For this bonus to play out, the presenter manually drops the glowing puck into the Pachinko wall. As the glowing puck makes its way down, it will hit the pins changing direction, making this a fun game to watch! Eventually, the puck will settle in either a multiplier or double slot. If the puck hits a double, then all multipliers at the bottom ‘double in value’ and the presenter drops the puck again until it lands in a multiplier!

Crazy Multipliers: The max multiplier for a single position at the bottom is 10,000x, and if the puck lands in ‘double’ on consecutive drops, this can create multiple 10,000x positions while the minimum multiplier win also gets higher guaranteeing you get bigger wins! And if you happen to get the 10x to 50x multiplier on top of this, you will win the max 50,000x multiplier which has happened before!

Pachinko Bonus Game
Cash Hunt Bonus Game

When you bet on the Cash Hunt options, there are 2 segments and a 3.7% chance it will trigger. If the flapper lands on this bonus, the presenter introduces you to a shooting gallery. This is a huge 9×12 grid with 108 symbols that turn into multipliers. Now, this is an interactive game, so the ‘Cash Hunt’ game you see is individual for you, while other players will also have their individual screen.

At the beginning of the game, you will see all the multiplier values, and the presenter will spot the highest one. The higher the multiplier values are few, while lower-paying multipliers take up most of the board, so to hit the higher numbers, you need luck on your side. Next, multipliers are covered by the bonus game’s fun symbols and then shuffled. Now your job is to use your touch screen or mouse to shoot the symbols and reveal your personal combination of multipliers!

Dream scenario: If the ‘Top Slot’ reveals ‘Cash Hunt’ + ‘50x’, you could win up to 25,000x your bet. You would need to hit 500x worth of multipliers, which is ‘50’ x ‘500’ = 25,000x your stake!

Cash Hunt Bonus
Crazy Time Bonus Game

This is the most difficult bonus to land because there is only 1 segment giving you a 1.85% or 1 in 54 chance of hitting this lucrative bonus. If you catch this bonus, you enter a brand-new studio in a Crazy Time theme park/candy world where the centre of attention is a 64-segment wheel jam-packed with multipliers. At the top of the wheel are green, blue, and yellow flappers, and you need to choose one.

Next, the presenter will manually spin the wheel and your multiplier prize is the amount shown according to the flapper you choose. Should your flapper produce a ‘double’ or ‘triple’, every multiplier on the wheel is ‘doubled’ or ‘tripled’ accordingly up to a max of 20,000x. The Crazy Time presenter will spin the wheel again. This time the spin only applies to you and other players that bet on your colour flapper.

Winning Big with Top Slot: The Crazy Time bonus is yet another route to the massive 50,000x max multiplier! When the ‘Top Slot’ spins in the ‘Crazy Time’ + ‘50x’ multiplier, and the bonus wheel hits 5,000x or more, you are in for a win of at least €5,000 if you bet the minimum €0.10 and the €500,000 max win if you bet €10 or more on the Crazy Time bonus!

Crazy Time Bonus Game
Crazy Time RTP (Return to Player)

Crazy Time has a total theoretical RTP of between 94.33% and 96.08%. Each segment has a different RTP, which is why there is a slight disparity here. Segments 1 and 2 lands the most frequently simply because when combined, these numbers take up 34 positions, making up for well over half the wheel segments. Meanwhile, numbers 5 and 10 take up 11 segments with the remaining 9 segments used by the bonus triggers.

If you bet on all bonus segments, then you are covering 9 positions on the wheel and giving yourself a 16.67% chance of bonus action. One thing to be aware of is Crazy Time is a highly volatile game. Therefore, you will find yourself with a flurry of small wins and then suddenly hit a big win! Much Roulette, Sic Bo, and some video slots, you can win regularly, but those wins will simply keep your bankroll afloat until you hit one of the higher paying lower probability bets landing that can turn a slow or negative session into a profitable one!

Crazy Time Pay-out Percentages & Winning Probabilities

Bet Option RTP Winning Probability
1 96.08% 37%
2 95.95% 25.93%
5 95.78% 12.96%
10 95.73% 7.40%
Coin Flip 95.70% 5.56%
Pachinko 94.33% 3.70%
Cash Hunt 95.72% 3.70%
Crazy Time 94.41% 1.85%
Crazy Time Tips, Tricks & Strategy

Evolution’s Crazy Time live casino title is a non-skill game. You will wholly rely on luck and good fortune to win big, but that does not mean using strategy is a futile exercise. As with all games of chance, you can still use certain techniques to reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning.

  • Bankroll Management: Crazy Time is a high variance game, so betting high and having a cold streak will see you burn through your bankroll quickly. Try to bet around 5% of your bankroll or less per round. Even 5% will give you 20 bets, so bets smaller than this are also OK. The minimum bet is €0.10 so there is plenty of flexibility!
  • Vying for Bonus Wins: If we use probability, 54 segments divided by 9 bonus segments equals 6. Theoretically, this means the wheel will land on a bonus every 6 spins. You can use probability along with the ‘history’ indicator. For example, if you see the wheel has not hit ‘10’ and ‘Crazy Time’ for quite some time, then it makes sense to place bets, or slightly increase the bet amount, on both these options. With a 1 in 6 chance of hitting the bonus, this is a good number. This is not a sure-fire way to win, but it does harness the law of averages, which can’t be a bad thing!
  • Hedging Your Bets: When you hedge your bets the best way to do this is to bet small on the bonuses and cover those bets with a number bet. For example, €1 on the 4 bonus bets and €4 on ‘Number 1’ will help you cover 29 out of 54 spots, giving you a 53.7% chance of winning. If the outcome is ‘Number 1’ you cover your bonus bets. However, you will lose €5 the other 46.3% of the time. Eventually hitting a bonus will make up for any losses, which is exactly why Crazy Time is a high volatile game!
Questions and answers about the Crazy Time Live game

💡 Is the Crazy Time Stream Clear & High Quality?

Whether you play on your mobile device or desktop, the stream is always high quality. As long as you have a decent internet connection and an HD enabled device, you will experience the full HD quality of wheel, studio, bonus games, and the Crazy Time Bonus studio!

💡 What is the RTP for Crazy Time?

The average RTP is 96.08%. However, the RTP really depends on each option you wager. For example, betting on 1 gives you an RTP of 96.08% and is a low variance bet. On the other end of the scale, the Crazy Time bonus has an RTP of 94.41%, but it is highly volatile because it rarely comes in, but when it does, it tends to pay out large multipliers!

💡 What are the Crazy Time Bonus Rounds?

There are 4 bonus games taking up 9 segments of a 54-segment wheel. That’s a 1 in 6 (16.67%) chance of hitting the bonuses, which are ‘Pachinko’, ‘Cash Hunt’, ‘Coin Flip’ and ‘Crazy Time’ multiplier games.

💡 What is the maximum win playing Crazy Time Live?

There is a max multiplier cap of 50,000x for a single bet, while Evolution capped the max cash amount a player can earn from a single spin to €500,000. The max win for the €0.10 minimum bet is €5,000 while all you need is a €10 bet + 50,000x multiplier to land the max €500,000 pay-out. Outside of the bonus games, the max win using the max bet of €2,500 is also €500,000 if you bet on ‘10’, the ‘Top Slot’ produces a ’10’ + ‘20x’. Otherwise, with no ‘Top Slot’ extras, the max multiplier outside of the bonus is 10x!

💡 Is there a Live Casino Crazy Time Bonus?

There are some live casinos that will allow you to use bonus bets from welcome bonuses, slot bonus winnings, reload bonuses, and cashback bonus balances for bets on Crazy Time. You will need to read the ‘bonus terms’ to make sure bonus bets are valid for Crazy Time as well as for the wagering requirements. Furthermore, bonus bets usually have a max-bet cap of €5 per round. For more information, take a look at our casino tests.

💡 Can I play Crazy Time for free and without registering?

You can only play Crazy Time with real money because there is no free play version. However, if you are a member of a live casino with Evolution games, you load Crazy Time and watch the action without betting to see how the game plays and what kind of pay-outs it delivers.

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