Live Dealer Game Shows

Discover the best live casino game shows from award-winning software live dealer software providers Evolution, Playtech, Pragmatic Play Live, BetGames, TVBet & more!

Online live casino game shows are now one of the most popular forms of gambling today. To put it mildly, and I mean mildly, they have revolutionised the way we play casino games today.

Streamed via webcam using natural results (non-computer generated) complete with a fun game show host in a community gaming environment, game shows at live casinos appeal to a massive audience, and it is easy to see why.

They are extremely easy to play with simple betting interfaces. We can quickly stream the games to our mobile or desktop devices, and you can win thousands, or sometimes millions, in prize money often triggered via only a small bet!

Casino game shows originally found their way into some of the larger Las Vegas land-based casinos introduce as side entertainment to slots and table games. And guess what? They were an instant hit among guests. And when a casino game in a land-based establishment gains notoriety, it often finds its way into the realm of online gambling. The most famous of all is the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, while ‘Quiz Games’ and ‘Guessing’ games are also popular in both land-based and live casinos.

However, we can’t give all the credit to Las Vegas and other land-based casinos. The idea of game shows originally came from terrestrial TV (even before cable and satellite). Yet, it still makes perfect sense the TV versions would make their way into the world of casinos. When you think about it, since the beginning of TV, millions of people around the world have tuned into game shows. All that happened was at some point, someone, somewhere, a clever individual (or set group of people) thought, ‘hey, wouldn’t these games be popular in my casino?’ And so, developers got down to business and began to create live casino game shows online, and now here we are today!

What are live casino game shows?

Live casino game shows are a fun way to play what I would call ‘untraditional casino games’ (traditional games being slots and table games). They are in effect a TV-style wheel of fortune or quiz game with a theme. All you need to do is head to your casino’s live casino game lobby, click on the game show you want to play, and the webcam feed will load. The game will take a matter of seconds to load, and you are ready to begin placing bets.

Live casino game shows examples: Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal are two very popular game shows that are now available in live casinos online. Some good examples of wheel of fortune style live casino games with well-known themes include Monopoly Live and Adventures Beyond Wonderland, and each of these titles comes with bonus side games with potentially huge multipliers.

Each live game show will have a purpose-built dedicated studio/room with a physical person hosting the game, then around the studio, there are high-definition webcams to stream the action. The game show studio itself is inside a brick-and-mortar building known as a live casino studio. The software provider (game developer) rents the building, which will also have other rooms that host live dealer games like blackjack and roulette and live dealers as well as croupiers delivering the results in real-time.

Why are online live casino game shows the future?

This is the million-dollar question. There are several reasons live game shows are storming onto the iGaming scene. Each one comes down to personal preferences such as how straightforward the gameplay is, prize money up for grabs, the theme of the game, the min-max bet limits available, and more. Below are just a few reasons why live game shows are so popular.

  • Easy to play: Most live game shows offer a ‘bet-and-go’ style of gameplay much like video slots. In comparison, it is far easier than learning to play table games and the strategies that come with them. In the same way as slots, it takes little effort to play. All you need to do is place a bet on your number(s) and/or bonus, and then the rest is down to pure luck.
  • Natural Results: Live casino games are popular because there are no RNGs (Random Number Generators). On live game shows, the dealer, which is the host, manually operates the outcome. The host will physically spin a wheel of fortune, and if there is a bonus round, the results are manually operated too. Lotto and bingo games deliver the outcome via a physical lottery dispenser just like you would see on TV for your country’s lottery. And dice games use a dice machine to deliver natural results. This is ideal for those that do not trust RNGs on games like video slots and virtual table games.
  • Fun Bonus Levels: Many of the popular game show titles come with fun bonus rounds and levels. Boom City (Dice Game), Sweet Bonanza Candyland (Wheel of Fortune), Deal or No Deal (Cult TV Game), and Cash or Crash (Lotto) all have bonuses of levels that will keep you glued to the game thanks to the added entertainment.
  • Engaging Gameplay Environments: Probably one of the most entertaining aspects of live casino game shows is that the software providers design them with an upbeat atmosphere. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt takes you into Aztec dimension and there’s VR. Crazy Time, Monopoly Live and other games come with 3D animated characters and full 3D augmented bonus rounds. Meanwhile, the game host is commentating on the gameplay and there’s even a community chat. In the end, it’s far more exciting than spinning the reels on a slot on your own because you are joining in on the fun with other players, a host and the animated characters.

Table Games as Game Shows: Some software providers have taken the upbeat concept of the live casino game show presented by a host to the table games. PowerUp Roulette by Pragmatic Play and Live Mega Fire Blaze Roulette both come with regular roulette gameplay and then a game show-style bonus game triggered by random numbers.

Features of game shows

Live Casino Spielshows
  • TV game shows purpose built for online live casinos
  • ‘Bet-and-Go’ style gameplay (easy betting options)
  • Community chat/play at the same time as other players
  • Upbeat live game shows hosts commentating
  • Fun bonuses with big multiplier wins
  • Augmented reality bonus games
  • Animated characters
  • No computer-generated results
  • Games with various themes (Monopoly/Wonderland)
  • Wheel of Fortunes, Dice, Quiz games, Live slots
  • Unlimited players, no queuing & accessible 24/7

What is the difference between game shows and table games?

Table games often require an element of skill. Some also come with complex betting options. Roulette has inside and outside bets as well as a racetrack to contemplate. Blackjack requires basic strategy charts to ensure you play according to the house edge. Plus, the game comes with mathematical decisions in order to correctly ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ‘split’, ‘double’, ‘surrender’, or ‘take insurance’, while there are also various dealer rules to consider. Craps is also a complex game with ‘Pass Line Bets’, ‘Don’t Pass Line Bets’, ‘Come Bet’, ‘Field Bet’ and more.

Conversely, live game shows are more relaxing due to their seamless gameplay options. Moreover, they come in all shapes and sizes. The gameplay often offers more excitement as some have a variety of bonus rounds, and different ways to land big win multipliers without the need for complex betting options. In addition, they are more community orientated thanks to the community chat, and the hosts/dealer is almost always more upbeat compared to, let’s say, blackjack dealers who are usually more serious due to the style of the game. In fact, even compared to video slots, which are quite diverse by nature, there are no limits to the designs and the gameplay game developers can invent when creating a new online live game show.

Looking for the best live dealer game shows & developers? Read on as we cover some of the most popular game shows online today from the best live dealer brand in the sections below. I will begin with Evolution followed by Playtech, and Pragmatic Play Live, and then round up with BetGames, TVBET, Ezugi, Stakelogic Live, and Authentic Gaming.

Evolution Live Casino Game Shows

One of the first live dealer brands to bring live dealer game shows online is Evolution. Back then, the company was known as Evolution Gaming. Today, the developer has more live dealer game shows online than any of its competitors. Its first was the Dreamcatcher wheel of fortune with multipliers, which is the game that began the trend. That was soon followed by Monopoly Live, and then Crazy Time wheel of fortune titles. These were the formidable three pioneering game titles in the niche, while Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Cash or Crash, Monopoly Big Baller, and Crazy Coin Flip have diversified the Evolution live game show series.

Top 10 Evolution Gameshows

Evolution Live Casino Game Shows
Description of Game
Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time: The Crazy Time wheel of fortune by Evolution is one of the most exciting live dealer casino games out there right now, and the highest paying with a max win of €500,000. In fact, the game has paid out over €21 million shared across 3,527 players in a single spin in the past. That was via a 5,600x multiplier on the 5600x Pachinko bonus game. There have also been €14 million, €13.6 million, €10.7 million, and two €8.1 million winning spins. The game comes with 4 thrilling bonus rounds all of them controlled by the game host, so there are no computer-generated results. The host even controls the wheel spins too. To play, you have 4 numbers (1, 2, 5 & 10) and 4 bonus betting options (Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time’). The Pachinko Bonus is a fun game in which a ball drops through pins in search of multipliers and double ups. The Cash Hunt Bonus is a player-interactive bonus that involves going to a shooting range where you shoot the board for prizes. Crazy Time is the highlight of the bonuses and is played in its own dedicated augmented studio on another wheel of fortune with up to 25,000x up for grabs. And there’s also the Crazy Coin Bonus, which is so popular, Evolution has created another separate game show based on this bonus.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette: Evolution’s most proclaimed live casino game is Lightning Roulette, which is Roulette with game show-style multipliers worth up to 500x your bet paid out on straight-up bets only. Once all bets are down, 1 to 5 numbers on the board will have multipliers of between 50x and 500x placed randomly. The dealer will then insert the ball and the roulette wheel will spin. If the ball stops on a lightning multiplier number, and you placed a bet on that position, you win the multiplier of your spin bet. This game is so impressive and so popular, that in the year of its release, this title has won three awards. (1) Global Gaming Awards G2E Las Vegas ‘Product Innovation of the Year’. (2) SBC Awards ‘Innovation in Live Casino’. (3) EGR Operators Awards ‘Game of the Year’. It is so successful, that Scientific Games has also presented the game in live casinos around the globe, and Evolution has created an upgraded version of the game called XXXtreme Lightning Roulette with multipliers worth up to 2,000x.

Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip: Now a hit online casino game show, this title evolved from the bonus game in Crazy Time. It is effectively a live dealer video slot with a 96.05% RTP to boot. Players can bet 0.10 to 2,000 per spin and win big! The slot uses 5×3 reels and comes with 10 pay lines. The beauty of this game is that it is a community slot so multiple players get to bet and celebrate wins together. The highest paying symbol combination is 5 Bells paying 50x your bet. Meanwhile, the prolific celebrations come from landing 3 ‘Crazy Coin Flip’ scatters anywhere on the reels to trigger the game’s bonus round. During the bonus, you spin a 3×3 ‘Top Up’ slot to collect multipliers of between 1x and 50x. Then on the final spin, there is coin flip giving you a final multiplier worth between 5x and 100x, which is applied to your current multipliers for one big all-encompassing payout.

Dream Catcher Live

Dream Catcher: Monopoly Live and Crazy Time are the results of the popular Evolution wheel of fortune live casino game show Dream Catcher. This was the first game show title the software provider released, and it is still going strong today. The gameplay does not come with bonus rounds. Instead, you simply bet on 6 numbers. If the wheel lands on your number, its value will multiply your spin bet. As with all other Evolution wheel of fortune titles, there is a game show host that manually operates the game. The wheel has 6 numbers to stake (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40), and if the wheel spin produces a number you wagered, your bet is multiplied accordingly. There is also a ’Respin Multiplier 2x’ and ’Respin Multiplier 7x’. If the ticker lands on either, the host will spin again and any wins will have the ‘Respin Multiplier’ applied on top of the ‘number multiplier’. It is worth noting that the ‘Respin Multiplier’ can hit multiple times before a spin hit a number. In that case, the multipliers continue to stack. As for the max win, Dream Catcher is set to €500,000.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live: A truly original casino game show that combines Monopoly, one of the most popular board games in the world, with Evolution’s first wheel of fortune game show release – Dream Catcher. The game is part of a deal in conjunction with Hasbro, owner of the Monopoly brand name. It’s a super easy game to play as all you need to do is bet on 1 up to 6 betting options. Numbers (1, 2, 5 or 10) or Bonuses (2 Rolls or 4 Rolls). If either of the ‘Rolls’ bets spins in, you enter an amazingly designed augmented reality 3D bonus game. The game represents the streets of London and uses the Monopoly board straight from the board. Dice roll via a physical dice machine and whatever the result, an animated Mr Monopoly will walk around the board hitting famous locations such as Whitechapel, Liverpool Street Station, Piccadilly, and Mayfair. There’s also ‘Chance’, ‘Community Chest’ and you could even ‘Go to Jail’. Each time Mr Monopoly lands on a new location, players that bet on the bonus win multipliers.

Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash: Another excellent game which will attract lotto players, slot players, and anyone that enjoys risk games. There is a dedicated studio with an exotic 3D augmented candy land city backdrop and a host that enhances the fun of the Cash or Crash action-packed take-all or lose-all gameplay. The game uses a physical ball dispenser, which is a blimp. The higher the blimp rises the larger your wins. Inside it there are three balls the machine selects at random. There are 19 Green balls that will increase your level, sending the blimp higher above the candy land city and on the pay table for bigger wins. 9 red balls are also in the dispenser. However, if one of these pulls through the dispenser, it will burst the bubble and send the blimp crashing back down. Meanwhile, gold balls protect you from red balls. Each time a green ball draws, you will see the pay table rise increasing your cash win. You can ‘Take All’ to collect your winnings, ‘take half’ and continue or ‘Continue’ but be careful because you might ‘crash’ on the next draw. If you are brave enough to stick around, you could win up to 50,000x your bet!

Mega Ball Live Casino Game

Live Megaball: This is a unique, fun, and fast-paced game show with up to two Mega Ball bonus multipliers giving you the chance to land big wins. There’s a game show host and a physical ball dispenser, and you can purchase up to 400 cards. The ball dispenser has 51 colourfully mixed, numbered balls, and each round produces 20. When each one draws out, if the number matches any of those on your cards, it will automatically cross it off. You get paid for each winning line, and the more lines you complete (up to 12), the higher your payout per card. Once the draw is complete, the dispenser delivers 2 Mega Balls. These are multipliers worth 5x to 100x. If these new multiplier numbers complete any of your lines, its multiplier applies to your overall win. Players have won over 250,000 euros in some cases, while the max win limit is half a million euros.

Live Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal: An extremely popular live game show taken from the global TV game show Deal or No Deal is one of Evolution’s most popular live casino titles. The game centres around suitcases with fixed cash values. Contestants choose suitcases and they reveal a value between 0.1x up to 500x your stake, but it will no longer be in the game, so you can’t win that multiplier anymore. As the game continues, the presenter will make an offer, and you choose whether to accept or continue. If suitcases removed from the game revealed high values, the presenter’s offer is low, and vice versa. That’s not all, this game comes with three rounds to get to the main game.

  • Round 1: ‘Qualify to Play Deal or No Deal’
  • Round 2: ‘Top up the Values of the Suitcases’
  • Round 3: ‘Deal or No Deal – Can You Beat the Banker?’

The name of the game is to get to ‘Round 3’ where you land your cash wins by selecting suitcases.


Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Ballers: Bingo players will love this game. It is the sequel to the Monopoly Live wheel of fortune game, and also has laments of Live Mega Ball. The theme will put you on a 1920s riverboat, and you’ll set sail in search of big wins. If your turn results in triggering the bonus, then you’ll have the opportunity to go ashore with Mr Monopoly, a 3D animated character on this game, and collect multiplier on the famous Monopoly board. The base gameplay is upbeat and comes with spirited and funny hosts and the charming and sophisticated animated Mr. Monopoly. You place your bets on the special bingo cards and the first round of live gaming begins. If you manage to complete the bonus bingo cards, you get either 3 or 5 rolls of the dice on the same 3D augmented game board you would play on in the Monopoly Live game show. You’ll lad on famous London areas to collect multipliers. Plus, some locations have houses and hotels giving you even bigger wins, and if you ‘PASS GO’ there are property upgrades for higher multipliers. The game comes with a max win of half a million euros.

Evolution Releases Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt: In this casino game show, Evolution has combined all the fun of Gonzo’s Quest slots from subsidiary NetEnt. You accompany the notorious adventurer on another journey, but this time with a real presenter and Gonzo as an avatar in the studio. Finding the lost city of El Dorado and recovering oodles of treasure has long seemed Gonzo’s ultimate goal. That’s what this live slots game is all about, with elements that only the best game show casinos have to offer. The Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live game boasts both the usual high-quality graphics and the gameplay typical of the Evolution and NetEnt brands and is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish. You get everything you would expect from a good live casino game show. Engaging graphics and animations, an entertaining game master and addictive game features. The upper limit for withdrawals is given as 1 million euros.

Wait there’s more: Look out for more Evolution live casino games with game show-style add-ons. Lightning Dice comes with multipliers, Super Sic Bo, and Gold Bar Roulette. Plus, card games such as Lightning Baccarat, Super Andar Bahar, Golden Wealth Baccarat, and Baccarat Red Envelope all come with the chance to win multipliers. In addition to all of this, some of these games are available as virtual RNG versions via Evolution’s 3D First Person collection. Check out the Evolution live casino page for yourself to discover more.

Best Game Shows at Playtech Casinos

Playtech has the second-largest collection of live dealer games out of all platforms in the niche. It is also a brand you will often find with live table games and game shows available across multiple live casinos. However, as of late, it is not quite as prolific as Pragmatic Play Live in terms of availability. It seems it is less common to find Playtech games these days Vs Pragmatic Play Live, while Evolution remains the market leader.

Either way, Playtech live is one of the big three in live casino gaming. It is also the producer of several live dealer game shows, and to date, beats Pragmatic Play in this department. And the future of its live game show collection is looking bright as the company has a deal with Sony Pictures Television (SPT) with a slew of new games planned for years to come. One of those is a collection of Who Want To Be Millionaire-themed titles lined up and another game themed on the popular Jumanji board game and blockbuster movie. Also, you’ll find Age of the Gods progressive jackpot game shows, plus Playtech has a Deal or No Deal title, which is slightly different to Evolution’s version.

Top 10 Playtech Gameshows

Playtech Live Casino Game Shows
Description of Game

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: Based on Lewis Carroll’s bestselling Alice in Wonderland, this live casino game show is one of Playtech’s most popular games. Its theme, backdrop, and characters are all in line with the fantasy storyline, plus the game comes with 3D cartoon characters straight from Alice’s Wonderland, each of them helping the presenter or enhancing a bonus round. This can be a rabbit, a caterpillar, the card soldiers, the mad hatter, or Alice herself. As for the hosts/presenters, they are born entertainers, adding fun to the gameplay. They commentate on the action, celebrating multipliers and bonus rounds with players, plus they egg on the highest possible wins to spin in. All you need to do is bet on numbers 1, 2, 5 and/or 10, while you can also bet on all or one of the bonus rounds—Magic Dice, 2 Wonderspins or 5 Wonderspins. Numbers pay a multiplier of your spin bet worth their value, while bonus rounds could land you up to 50,000x your bet up to a max of €500,000.

Quantum Roulette

Quantum Roulette: Play roulette with a shot at winning between 50x to 500x your spin bet as a free-to-play side game. In fact, you don’t need to do anything except play your usual game of roulette. During each coup, right after all bets are down, between 1 and 5 numbers will have a random multiplier assigned. If there is a Quantum Boost afterwards, the original multipliers can increase by up to 50. In addition, there a Quantum Leap could also occur doubling or tripling all multipliers up to a maximum of 500x. To win, you need three strokes of luck. You will need to have placed straight-up bets on numbers 0 to 36. Then, one of the random multipliers will need to select your number(s). Then the ball will need to land on your number. If this happens, you win your ‘spin bet’ x ‘the multiplier’. That’s all there is to it. You can win on multiple numbers with the max win allowed being €500,000. As for the gameplay, it uses a European Roulette wheel (single-0), and you can bet as low as €0.10 per spin. All bets pay as normal, except for the straight-up bets, which pay 29:1 instead of 35:1 – this is to make up for the multipliers.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette: If you like the idea of multipliers when playing Roulette, but you feel the bar is set too high on Quantum Roulette, then maybe Mega Fire Blaze Roulette is for you. On this version of the game, you can win multipliers from straight bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets and all other inside bets will see you qualify for the bonus game. And whereas most other live game show roulette titles offer 500x multipliers, this game gives you up to 10,000x multipliers if you get lucky. Therefore, compared to other roulette titles with multipliers, Mega Fire Blaze Roulette makes it easier for you to hit the randomly chosen number and you can win higher multipliers! After your bets are down, an RNG will select 5 numbers at random to add ‘fire blazes’. If a ‘Fire Blast’ kicks in, then 10 numbers receive the ‘fire blaze’ orbs. When the roulette wheel produces a number with a fire blaze, this will trigger a bonus game. During the bonus game, there are dropping multipliers with four jackpots also available to win, giving you a shot at 10,000x your bet up to a max of and a maximum of €500,000 or currency equivalent.

The Money Drop

Money Drop Live: The Playtech Money Drop Live is inspired by the UK TV show ‘The 100k Drop’, and you can actually win a cash prize on every round if you play the game correctly, yet that does not mean your win is always higher than you bet. This is why the game is so exciting. So how do you play Money Drop Live? On the wheel, there are 51 multipliers and 3 card selection segments. You place your bets on 1 up to 8 options, which are as follows: 15x, 30x, 8x, 100x, 250x, 1,000x, 2,500x and Card Clash). If you win, the game multiplies your bet accordingly or triggers the Card Clash bonus. Now, this is where the fun begins because you don’t get to keep your win just yet. Essentially, the game represents your winnings as a stack of virtual cash. To keep it, you need to play the side game, which consists of 4 ‘Money Drop’ zones. You can choose to spread your money on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 zones. To spread your risk, it is advisable to spread your win across all zones and here is why. Once you choose your zones, 3 of them will randomly drop, and that money is now gone. If a zone you placed your virtual money on remains, you either win that amount or carry it over to the next drop and repeat the process. The number of drops depends on the multiplier. For instance, a multiplier with ‘1 drop’ means you get to keep your winnings immediately after the first drop. A ‘2-drop’ game will take you through 2 rounds of spreading your money across zones and 2 drops and so on. There are also all kinds of extras such as boosts, plus there is the ‘Card Clash’ bonus, which does not take you through cash drop, but instead, you play a custom card game to win up to 5x up to 1,000x your bet. You can win a max multiplier of 5,000x your bet on this game, and the max cash win is 500,000 Euros or the currency equivalent.

Age of the Gods Spin a Win

Spin a Win: Spin A Win is Playtech’s first live casino game show to go up against Evolution’s initial wheel for fortune title—Dream Catcher. However, Playtech made a few adjustments to make its version more attractive. These extras are basically additional side bets explained at the end of this game description. As for the Spin A Win’s main bets, you can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and/or 40. If the number that you bet hits, your spin bet is multiplied by its value. There are also 2x and 7x multiplier segments. If the wheel hits either of these, all bets remain in play and the dealer will spin the wheel again. If your number hits on the second spin, you win the multiplier according to its value, and then the x2 or x7 multiplier applies to your total win. It is also worth noting that the 2x and 7x segments can land on multiple spins, and when they do, the multipliers stack. What about the Spin A Win Side bets? You have 3 options. (1) Bet on the multiplier numbers and if on the next spin one comes in, then you win 25x. (2) Bet on the next spin producing an odd number. (3) Bet on the next spin result being an even number. Just note that if the 2x and 7x segments hit, these multipliers do not apply to your side bets. The maximum cash win you can get from Spin A Win is 500,000 euros currency equivalent.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live Trivia: It is here and available as a live casino game show on demand. The popular Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Well, not quite on-demand, as it is only available via Playtech promos until the software provider decides to make it a permanent game. Therefore, if you want to play the next launch of this game, keep your eyes peeled on our bonus and iGaming newsfeed for the next promo launch. So, how to play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live Trivia? You play the game in the same way as you see on the TV show. A lively host sits down, and the game selects categories such as sport, history, general knowledge, and so on. All you need to do to progress is answer the question correctly within a 15-second time frame. (How quick are your Google search skills?). Answer correctly, and you progress to the next level. You also get lifelines, which are ’50/50′ and ‘Ask the Audience’. Overall, you will need to get through 15 questions to win Golden Coins for a cash prize. Moreover, there is a community chat, but it is probably best to ignore this, as those that think they know the answers are wrong. Now here’s the golden question. How much are the bets on this game? Well, so far it has been free to play, and the prize pool from the last free-play promo was worth 100,000 Euros or the currency equivalent.

Who wants to be a Millionaire live roulette

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live roulette: The Playtech deal with Sony Pictures Television (SPT) has the world-famous Who Wants To Be A Millionaire side game and multipliers into a dedicated live roulette studio. Of course, there is a cheery game show presenter that operates a European roulette wheel manually, comments on the community chat, and commentates on the action, so there’s plenty of fun. There is a racetrack, a single-zero roulette wheel, and the game produces 100% natural results with no RNGs involved. Also, all the usual roulette inside and outside bets are available. The key differences that set the game aside from traditional roulette are the addition of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game round and multipliers. Plus, the payouts for inside bets are slightly less than traditional roulette. For example, a straight-up bet pays 29:1 rather than 35:1, split bets 14: 1 instead of 17:1, etc… This is to make up for the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire side games. What else? Well, you can net yourself a staggering 2,000x multiplier if you hit the top wins. After you place your bets, the game selects random numbers on the roulette board for multipliers and the bonus game. If the wheel hits any of these, you win!

Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette

Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette: One of the largest progressive jackpot networks in iGaming today is Playtech Age of the Gods. As the name implies, it comes with a fun Greek and Nordic god-like themes across around 25 video slots, a virtual Age of the Gods Spin A Win, and then for live casino players, there’s the Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette table. There is a game show host and an American-style roulette wheel of sorts. Rather than the ‘00’ pocket, there is a ‘Bonus’ pocket, and this is where you can land yourself multipliers worth up to 300x your spin bet. On top of all this, just for betting on this game, you could land yourself a 5-figure Power jackpot win or one of the other three smaller jackpot wins. On average, the Age of the Gods Ultimate jackpot pays 550,000 Euros, while it has paid a high of 984,763 Euros (or currency equivalent) in the past. Just to be clear, the jackpot can drop in at any time uniquely into your account, triggering a bonus game to decide whether you win the Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power jackpot. You will see below that there is also a Live Age of the Gods: God of Storms video slot connected to the same jackpots. As for the Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette, if the roulette ball lands in the bonus spot, and you bet the bonus on the board, the Age of the Gods Bonus slot game will begin which gives you 3 spins to churn out multipliers worth up to 300x.

Buffalo Blitz Live Rewards Player €21 906!

Live Casino Video Slots: Playtech was brave enough to release live video slots inside dedicated studios. Each slot comes with a presenter commentating on the spins, while there is also a community chat. Rather than playing slots alone, you tune into a community of players that all win together and lose together. The excitement in the chat area really hots up on these games when one of the bonus rounds trigger. Right now, Playtech has three live video slots:

(1) Live Buffalo Blitz Slot: 6×4 Reels, 4096 Ways to Win, 96% RTP, Free Spins, Multipliers & Stacked Wilds

(2) Live Age of the Gods Slot: God of Storms: 5×3 Reels. 25 Pay Lines, 96.14% RTP, Expanding Wilds, Respins, and Age of the Gods Jackpots

(3) Live Safari Riches Slot: 5×4 Reels, 40 Pay Lines, Free Spins, Colossal Symbols, Stacked Wilds, and a Daily Progressive Jackpot (only available at 888 Live Casino).

Live Deal or No Deal

Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw: In this live dealer game show, Playtech mixes in the fun TV show Deal or No Deal with bingo. In fact, there are two games in one. First, you can play bingo by simply purchasing cards, and if you create winnings lines, you win. Then there’s the Deal or No Deal suitcase challenge. It entirely centres itself around guesswork using a fun risk factor that makes you the ultimate decision-maker. To begin with, the presenter gives you a briefcase, while there are 15 other suitcases under the game’s control. A live dispenser will shoot out numbered balls (the bingo game plays alongside this). Each suitcase with a corresponding number to the balls drawn will have its value revealed and the game subsequently removes the case. However, your participation in the Deal or No Deal challenge only begins if the balls from the bingo draw result in 7 suitcases being removed. There is an option to purchase more balls to help you get to that magic number 7. When the action is in motion, at some point, the presenter will make an offer for your suitcase. You can (A) take this or her offer (B) open the suitcase you have or (C) continue. The name of the game is to get find that max 25x multiplier!

Evolution may have got a head start setting the trend for live dealer game shows, but Playtech has kept up with the pace. Mega Fire Blaze Roulette is one of the most impressive roulette titles with multipliers, while Adventures Beyond Wonderland has kept Playtech in the wheel of fortune game show race too. On top of this, Playtech was the first to introduce live video slots and showed community slot gaming is popular.

Casino Game Shows by Pragmatic Play Live

Pragmatic Play Live is an impressive all-around iGaming software provider. It only began its live casino endeavours in 2018, but is already one of the top three live casino game developers out there. In fact, it is popular that it is Playtech Live and Evolution’s main competitor within the live casino space. And although Pragmatic Play Live did fall behind slightly on the live dealer game show front, the brand is quickly catching up. On top of this, it is a multi-award winning company taking down the Live Casino of the Year at the IGA Awards, Casino Software Supplier of the year at the EGR B2B Awards and many more.

Above all, Pragmatic Play Live is a courageous company not afraid to try new things. The provider doesn’t shy away from updates either, in order to make its games more competitive. With one of the largest studios for live casino streaming from Romania, and a studio in Bulgaria, the range of games the brand offers is huge. You’ll find its games in Europe and widespread in other continents such as Latin America. With state-of-the-art 4k video technology and audio systems that ensure high-quality streaming via mobile or desktop and crystal-clear dealer as well as game sounds, live casino players flock to Pragmatic Play Live games. Let’s look at the best Pragmatic Play live casino game shows.

Let’s take a look at some of its top live casino game shows out there right now.

Top 5 Pragmatic Play Gameshows

Pragmatic Play Live Game
Game Description
Live Boom City Casino

Boom City Live: For us, this game show is the front-runner at Pragmatic Play live casinos. What’s more, it is quite unique with a brand-new game format that uses Dice. With that, the game’s multipliers and bonus rounds have helped it become a hit live dealer title. The board is set using a 6×6 grid with 36 spots, and two dice to deliver the outcome of each round. You have 6 betting options, which are Bronze (1x), Silver (2x), and Gold (5x), which deliver multipliers of your spin bet. Then there are Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom or Bust, which are bonus games. You can stake one or all these options. Once your bets are down, the dice rolls and you either win by hitting one of your multiplier/bonus bets or lose by hitting a cross. There are also ‘Power Ups’ that add multipliers to lines on the board and then apply them to your winnings at the end of the round. If you hit a bonus game, you could win up to 20,000x your bet up to a maximum of 500,000 Euros or currency equivalent.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land: This live casino game show takes the inspiration theme from Pragmatic Play’s popular Sweet Bonanza slot machine. It is a wheel of fortune title that is similar to Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland. It is just as much fun and comes with bonus rounds, features, 3D animations and an augmented reality world. There are 54 segments on the wheel, and you have 6 betting options. These are numbers 1, 2 and 5, plus the bonus games, Bubble Surprise, Candy Drop and Sweet Spins. There is also an additional segment you cannot wager, which is a free-to-play bonus for all players that placed a bet. It is called Sugar Bombs. You can bet on 1 to 6 options available, and you could win up to 20,000x your bet with the max cash win set at 500,000 euros or currency equivalent.

Mega Wheel: The very first Pragmatic Play live wheel of fortune entertainment game show title was Mega Wheel. At the time, its main competitors were Spin A Win and Dreamcatcher. The gameplay takes you into a dedicated studio and wheel with 9 numbers you can place bets on. These are 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40. If the wheel hits one of these numbers, you get paid a multiplier of your spin bet according to the number value. The game also has modifiers. A number on the wheel will randomly have a 50x to 500x multiplier added to all its segments.

Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette: This is a European Roulette table game (single zero) with between 1 and 5 multipliers worth anything between 50x and 500x randomly assigned to numbers on the board. Assignment occurs only after there are no more bets allowed. To win one of these multipliers, you need to have placed a straight-up bet on a number or numbers with multipliers. Next, the roulette wheel’s outcome will need to land on that/those number(s). Multipliers do not apply to any other bets except the straight bet. All inside and outside bets pay the same rate as any other roulette title. However, the straight-up bets pay 29:1 to offset the multiplier action. The maximum cash amount you can win is fixed at 500,000 euros or currency equivalent.


Mega Sic Bo:Another popular live dealer game title is Sic Bo, and Pragmatic Play Live goes one better by making this version ‘Live Mega Sic Bo’. The game uses three dice to decide the outcome, and you have 52 betting options, which effectively come with three levels of difficulty. This is because you can bet on the results and combinations of one, two, or all three dice. To spice the game up, after your bets are down, random multipliers spread across various betting positions. If you happened to place a bet on one of these positions and win, you win the multiplier accordingly. As a side note, you will also find Evolution’s Super Sic Bo and Playtech’s live Sic Bo Deluxe. However, the payouts and multipliers across these games differ.

You will find Pragmatic Play live casino game titles available across multiple countries thanks to its widespread licensing. Plus, if you are in search of bonus wins, then look out for the Pragmatic Play Live Drops & Wins Live Dealer Game promotion. It gives away over 1 million euros per month in prize money for playing live casino table games with the Drops & Wins logo.

BetGames, TVBET, Stakelogic, Ezugi, Amusnet (EGT Interactive), Skywind Group, OnAir Entertainment & Skywind Group

As the live dealer niche continues to grow, which began primarily with traditional table games, so has the number of software providers opening live casino studios. There are now 35+ brands and counting. Many of these are coming with unique and innovative live game shows without copying the big three mentioned above. Two of the most well-known are TVBet and BetGames, both of which are industry award-winning brands offering players unique live casino gaming experiences via lotto and wheel of fortune style games. Then there’s Ezugi, which operates under the helm of Evolution.

Other brands on the fringes just breaking onto the iGaming scene, such as Stakelogic, Ezugi, Amusnet (EGT Interactive), Skywind Group, OnAir Entertainment, and Skywind Group. One of the ways these platforms will look to succeed in the live casino games niche is to release game show-style gameplay. This is on top of their initial releases of games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, poker and other popular game titles. Let’s take a look at what some of these brands have to offer.

Live Game
9 Pots of Gold Live Slot

9 Pots of Gold™ StreamIcon™ Edition (Live Video Slot): OnAir Entertainment officially began in 2020, but only broke out onto the live casino scene this year via the UK. Within its live dealer game portfolio is a live video slot game show – 9 Pots of Gold™ StreamIcon™ Edition. The slot is essentially the live casino version of Gameburger Studios’ popular release. And as OnAir Entertainment links up with Games Global (Microgaming), the two brands joined forces. The game plays out inside a dedicated studio with a live presenter and a community chat so players can cheer on the reels.

  • 5×3 reels with 20 pay lines
  • Leprechaun & Irish Gold Theme
  • 24% theoretical RTP
  • Scatter Multiplier up to 2,000x spin bet payout
  • Free Spins Wheel with Multipliers
  • Wild Symbol, which is also the highest combination symbol

Super Stake Roulette

Super Stakes Roulette Live (Stakelogic): This is one of the highest-paying live Roulette casino game show titles online. It takes the popular idea of Quantum Roulette, Lightning Roulette and Mega Roulette and beefs up the max multiplies as well as adds a side bet wheel of fortune bonus. There is a game show host commenting on the action and a single-zero European variant auto roulette wheel. First, you place your bets before an RNG selects up to 5 numbers at random adding 100x to 1,000x multipliers winnable only if you stake straight-up bets. Plus, you can bet an additional 50% of your bet to have a shot at a ‘Money Wheel’ bonus where there are 50x to 5,000x multipliers. In the main game, if the ball stops on a number with a multiplier, and you have a straight-up bet on that position, you win up to an incredible 1,000x the bet. Note that if you win a straight-up bet without a multiplier, the payout is 29:1 (a tax for the additional multiplier), while all other bets pay as normal. If the ball lands on a number with the Money Wheel symbol, the presenter will walk into the dedicated wheel of fortune studio. The wheel has 50x, 100x, 135x, 150x, 175x, 200x, 500x and 5,000x multipliers. The game host will spin it once, and you will win the resulting multiplier.

XL Roulette

XL Roulette (Authentic Gaming): Now owned by Scientific Gaming (SG), Authentic Gaming will probably release more live dealer games in the future. For now, its main game show style titles are roulette focused. XL Roulette is a European Roulette table with multipliers. However, it offers a slightly different way to play compared to Quantum Roulette, Lightning Roulette and Mega Roulette by using a Lucky Number bonus system. You choose from several variants (from S to XXXL) to determine the winning levels yourself. Choose XL Roulette mode and play with up to 5 lucky numbers, XXL mode with up to 8 lucky numbers, and XXXL mode with up to 11 lucky numbers. Multiplier payouts apply to straight-up bets only and are worth between 50x and 500x the bet.

Live PrimeTime Roulette

Live PrimeTime Roulette (Authentic Gaming): This is a special edition from Authentic Gaming that runs exclusively in selected live casinos. To put it simply, you play a normal game of roulette on a single-zero European-style wheel. However, there is a side game presented by the croupier. It is simple. All you need to do is answer questions such as, ‘Will the next coup result in an odd or even number? Or ‘Will the next number be a high or low number?’. If you go on a roll answering consecutive questions correctly, you could win up to 1,200x your bet.

Bet on Numbers

Bet on Numbers (Ezugi): Lotto is probably the most popular form of gambling and the most widespread across the globe. Almost every country has its own national lottery and, in some cases, multiple lotteries. As the weekly draw(s) approach, the size of the lottery gets even more exciting. Imagine being able to play Live Lotto online every minute 24/7. After all, lotteries aren’t just about winning, they’re also about the excitement that comes with the promise of an incredible win. Live Bet on Numbers Ezugi offers you a lotto-style game with even more betting options. You can stake a specific number, pairs of numbers, or groups of numbers. For example, you can bet that the first ball out of the drum will be white or that the first three balls will be the same colour, while also betting on multiple numbers.


Spin2Wheels (TVBET): With this casino game show, TVBET shows that even simple concepts with a little innovation can be great fun. Based on the wheel of fortune model, Live Spin2Wheels does exactly what the title implies – offers two wheels with betting options. You can place bets on both Wheels of Fortune, one with 36 numbers and the other with 18 numbers. You also play an accumulator bet, which is popular in sports betting. This means that the game adds the odds from both together and when combinations on both wheels spin in, you win significantly higher payouts. Additionally, a rarely seen feature on this game type, there are in-play bets you can place while the wheels are spinning. Since both stop at different times, you can even readjust your bets. As if all this wasn’t enough fun, there are also 3 jackpots that will randomly drop into lucky players’ laps at any time.

FruitRace Live Spiel

Fruit Race (TVBET): The main feature of FruitRace is its simplicity. With a unique game design, it combines concepts of racing and lottery. There is only one betting option in this game – betting on the number of matching ball colours and fruits that stack up on the finish line. Balls then race around the FruitRace track, changing order until on the final lap they stack up in a tube. You win if 4 matching-coloured balls you staked are stacked up in a row. It is as simple as that. A fast-paced game with 10 fruit-themed balls on a mission to beat one another to the podium and give you the win.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune (BetGames): This is a wheel of fortune game that offers far more betting options compared to game shows such as Crazy Time, Spin A Win and Monopoly Live. Its wheel has 19 segments, with numbers 1 to 18, and a bonus segment. The diverse array of bets includes staking the colour that will come in next, whether the next number is high-low, odd-even, bet a number within a range, or bet on a single number. You can also stake which colour segment the wheel will land on. As with games like roulette and Sic Bo, the higher the risk you take with your bets, the more rewarding the payout. Moreover, this game is popular because BetGames makes the betting options super easy to browse, and you can place multiple bets across the options available using straightforward betting cards. It is certainly worth a try if you enjoy wheel of fortune live game titles and/or you are looking for a more diverse range of bets available compared to those offered by Playtech, Evolution, and Pragmatic Play Live wheel of fortune game shows.

120x Dynamic Roulette

Dynamic Roulette 120x (EGT Interactive/Amusnet): There are quite a few roulette options from Amusnet, and Dynamic Roulette 120x stands out the most thanks to its multipliers available for all bet types. As with all live casino game show roulette titles covered here, there is a live host/croupier, and non-computer-generated results (100% natural wheel outcomes). The game plays out on a European roulette wheel and comes with up to 10 multipliers worth 30x, 60x, 90x, or 120x, which apply to all bet types. To add to the fun and make this title unique from other similar roulette titles with multipliers is a Jackpot Card Bonus game.

The live casino game show niche is still relatively new. Dream Catcher was one of the first to hit live dealer gaming in 2018. Since then, new game shows online have been released in quick succession. We are seeing an increase in live lotto and bingo titles, live slots, and new dice games like Side Bet City as well as adventure games such as Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Over the next decade, you can expect many more interesting forms of table games and casino game shows to hit your live casino lobby.

Pros and cons of live game shows Vs regular online casino games

Live dealer game shows have positively changed and enhanced the online gambling industry. One of the obvious benefits is that you can now play popular TV game shows on demand in real-time 24/7. And many of these games do not use RNGs (random number generators) so the results are natural.

There are trendy titles that mimic games directly from popular TV shows such as Deal or No Deal and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. In addition, there are live Bingo and Lottery titles which are some of the world’s most popular forms of gambling now available on-demand. Plus, you can play wheel of fortune style games which are always a popular choice for TV game shows companies. Let’s not forget, there are also themes such as Monopoly from the popular Hasbro board game, Adventure Beyond Wonderland from the famous fairy tale, and those created from slot releases like Sweet Bonanza CandyLand.

Many of the live game shows currently available are video slot-esq too. Slots offer a ‘bet-and-go’ style of play, as do many game shows, and you can land large wins with a small bet. Similarly, most live dealer game shows come with easy-to-use betting systems and the chance to win large multipliers in return for a small bet. Alternatively, if simple ‘bet-and-go’ is not your style, then there are also games that require a little more user interaction. These usually appeal to an audience of players that enjoy testing various strategies and/or betting patterns. For example, a wheel of fortune game like Money Drop. Or Deal or No Deal and Cash or Crash where players make decisions that decide their own fate.

The only group of players that may shy away from games shows is blackjack players. They usually prefer the mathematical challenge involved with decision-making, such as hit, stand, split, double down or surrender. They also do not mind Blackjack’s limited scope of payouts with 3:2 the highest win. That is unless there are side bets, but these come with a high house edge commonly around 5%. Conversely, the large majority of roulette players enjoy game shows because the RTPs across different bets change from low to high volatility (low to high risk), which is the same concept used with inside versus outside bets on live roulette games.

Features of Traditional Casino Games Vs Game Shows
Game Shows Vs Traditional Casino Games
Traditional Casino Games

Live Entertainment Game Shows

• Fixed betting options & payouts (except roulette or Sic Bo)
• Dealers & croupiers are often serious (not as upbeat)
• Side bets instead of bonuses & multipliers
• High winnings only possible with side bets
• Large returns on table games are rare (except slots)

  • Popular themes & a presenter enhance entertainment
  • Almost all games operate manually (rarely use RNGs)
  • TV games, bingo, lotto, board games & wheels of fortune on-demand
  • High returns for low bets are possible
  • Unique & Diverse gameplay mechanics

Socialising on online gambling: Last but not least, and a special point to make, the upbeat social aspect of live dealer gaming is one of the most alluring factors. Live presenters commentate and enhance the gameplay experience, while group chats give casino players the chance to interact as well as celebrate wins and commiserate dud bonus rounds as a community.

The payout percentages at a glance

Depending on the game show, the payout odds that apply vary according to the different betting options. In addition, there are often multiple game phases, a variety of ways to trigger bonus games and/or different levels to generate multipliers. Ultimately, the RTP (return to player) or house edge on each is different, while there is no way to predict your winnings about your winning as the results produced are random. This is the case for most online casino games.

That said, the lion’s share of live casino games come with a decent RTP. Cash or Crash, for example, offers an RTP of 99.59%, which is at the same level as most blackjack games. However, not all games are as straightforward, and rather they resemble games like roulette, on which there are multiplier RTPs. Roulette has inside and outside bets with payouts worth 1:1 up to 35:1, spanning over 12 different betting options. Each bet comes with low, medium, or high risk, which is much like the wheel of fortune gameplay style. Naturally, on a wheel of fortune, a betting option with many segments is a lower risk bet with a higher RTP versus a betting option with just 1, 2 or 3 segments comes with a lower RTP.

How you bet, depends on your playing style and the RTPs available on the live casino game show you choose. If you are looking for quick returns, low-risk bets are perfect but will not pay back high multipliers. On the contrary, high-risk bets will pay back higher multipliers. It is down to how much control you want over your bankroll by using the correct bankroll management and bet sizing.

Games like Boom City, Cash or Crash and Money Drop Live allow for even more control and interaction. They offer different levels on which you can win-or-lose everything, depending on how much risk you choose to take. These are the more complex games, so it is more difficult to orientate yourself with a specific RTP. In many respects, they resemble multi-player poker in which bluffing, aggressive play, and other elements often make RTP and playing mathematically obsolete.

TOP 10 Live Game Show RTPs

Cash or Crash
Super Stake Roulette
Spin A Win
Dream Catcher
Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt
Mega Wheel
Money Drop Live
94.01% to 96.48%
Sweet Bonanza Candyland
91.59% to 96.83%
Boom City
96.21% to 96.49%

Each player can ultimately go their own way and choose the most appealing casino game shows based on their personal preferences and bets available. In the end, chance always reigns, regardless of the RTP rate. And for some, the most obvious game shows to play are those with the highest RTP, while other prefer those with more interaction on which the style of gameplay is the overriding factor.

Live Casino Game Shows Questions and Answers!

What is a live casino game show?

Usually, it is an adapted TV show or a table game with bonus rounds and/or multipliers. They are streamed via webcam and accessible via mobile and desktop devices. On top of this, there is a host/presenter that manages the game action and commentates. Wheel of fortune games and roulette with bonus games are the most widely available. There are also quizzes and guessing games, plus you could also count live lotto and bingo titles with extra multipliers and bonuses.

What was the first casino game show release?

The first game shows were adapted from TV shows into land-based casinos as additional and/or alternative entertainment. In the iGaming industry, the first live casino game show that came online was a Wheel of Fortune in 2014. It is a BetGames (then BetGames.TV) title and was also available on TV cable channels. After this, in 2017 Evolution released Dream Catcher. This specialised niche within live casino then blew wide open.

Which live casinos host the best game shows?

It depends on the game shows you like to play. If you would like a diverse selection of wheel of fortune, roulette with multipliers and lotto/bingo titles, casinos that host multiple live dealer software providers are the best. A combination of Playtech, Evolution, Pragmatic Play and BetGames is ideal. For more information, you can find a list of the various live casino software brands here.

What is the best live game show?

It is entirely down to your personal preference. If you are looking for easy-to-play games, then wheel of fortune titles like Monopoly Live, Crazy Time, Adventures Beyond Wonderland and Sweet Bonanza Candyland offer high entertainment, the chance to win big wins for small bets and straightforward betting systems with little user interaction. If you prefer more interaction, Deal or No Deal, Cash or Crash, Money Drop Live and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt are popular.

Can I play live casino game shows for free?

Generally, no. However, TVBET and BetGames have the option to test the games out using a demo mode and play money. You can learn more about BetGames here. As for other software providers, you can sign up for a live casino and open the various live game show titles and watch people play without betting.

What RTPs do live casino game shows offer?

Every game varies. The highest RTP is Live Cash or Crash by Evolution at 99.59%. However, other games with multiple betting options offer an RTP according to the risk. High-risk bets offer lower RTPs but bigger returns and vice versa for low-risk bets.

Are there live casino game show strategies?

Yes. Although strategies do not offer a full-proof way of making a profit, you can formulate a strategy or find systems people use to play live dealer game shows. It all depends on the game you play, your experience of the game and the gameplay itself. Also, you should always use bankroll management and bet sizing strategy, no matter which casino game you play.

What is the best Playtech live casino game show?

Playtech offers a wide range of live game show options. If you like to play Roulette, you can play with the chance of additional multipliers. For those of you that want more straightforward gameplay, I would say Adventures Beyond Wonderland is the best Playtech live dealer game show right now. Plus, if you enjoy slots, you have the choice of live dealer video slot titles.

What is the best Evolution live game show?

Evolution has a slightly wider selection of game shows compared to Playtech. Again, the best one is down to the type of games you enjoy playing. There are wheel of fortune game shows – Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live and Crazy Time. Interactive games such as Deal or No Deal and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, a live video slot, and plenty of table games with multipliers to choose from.

What is the best Pragmatic Play live game show?

Pragmatic Play Live is still catching up with Playtech and Evolution. Nonetheless, you have the chance to test out its portfolio to find out which game show you enjoy the most. Mega Wheel and Sweet Bonanza CandyLand are popular. Boom City is unique, plus there are also roulette and Sic Bo live casino game show titles with multipliers.

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