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Live Casino RouletteRoulette tables are the centre of attention in almost every casino and well-known for creating a lively atmosphere!

In the past, if you had the urge to play the fantastic game of roulette, you would need to visit a land-based casino or play a virtual roulette table at an online casino; however, this is no longer the only way to play. Today, modern live casinos give you the chance to achieve an authentic land-based roulette experience by playing live roulette tables online via a webcam.

Thanks to the continuous evolution of the internet and technology you can place bets on live roulette tables that come complete with a real-life croupier hosting the game and a live roulette wheel all streamed to your mobile or desktop device via Ultra-HD webcam tech. Plus, with the introduction of dual play live roulette tables, you can even place bets on roulette tables situated inside land-based casinos in London, Malta, and other locations across Europe.

Playing these live roulette tables online also gives you the chance to pick and choose from multiple variants of the game! While playing roulette in land-based casinos is heaps of fun, due to the restriction of space, the casino will provide you with 1 or maybe 2 variants of roulette while live casinos online often have 5 and up to 10 variants with flexible min-max betting limits so you can choose tables with the choice of low, medium, or high stakes bets!

How to play live roulette online via webcam streams

Placing bets on a live roulette table streamed to your device via Ultra-HD webcam tech is simple. All you need is a registered account with a reputable live casino that supplies live roulette tables. You will then need to make a crypto or fiat currency deposit to start placing bets. All you need to do from here is head over to the casino’s live casino lobby via your web browser or casino app, filter the live roulette tables if this is an option, and then choose the table you want to play.

The live stream will load onto your screen, and you can start placing your virtual chips on the table’s inside and outside betting options. The croupier will announce when all bets are off and spin the roulette wheel with all the action unfolding right before your eyes.

Live Roulette Game Instructions:

  • Choose a reputable live casino to play at
  • Sign up and confirm your account
  • Make a deposit using your local currency or crypto
  • Open the live casino lobby via your browser or app
  • Select the roulette variant you want to play
  • Place your virtual chips on the live felts for the next coup
  • Wait for the ball to land on a number on the wheel
  • Receive your winnings immediately!

The process of each live roulette coup simplified!

To begin with, the table’s croupier will announce when betting starts and ends for the next coup–unless you are playing live auto roulette in which case a countdown will commence between coups. With the live dealer version of roulette, as with land-based roulette tables, the croupier announces new bets right after paying all winners from the previous coup.

Once all bets are off for the new coup, the croupier will launch the ball and get the wheel spinning. If you are playing live auto roulette tables, the wheel will auto start. Once the ball stops, the croupier will announce the winning number or winning numbers if you are playing the double ball roulette version. Most live roulette tables come with extra camera views so you can see the ball spinning on the wheel, you also have different betting options for some variants of live roulette and a history board!

You will also find that live casino roulette tables are slightly quicker to pay and begin a new coup compared to their land-based counterparts. The reason for this is because live online tables use virtual chips, with a software system in charge of paying out winning bets. Players instantaneously receive their winning chips with no delays while in a land-based casino there is a slight delay between coups because the croupier needs to physically pay real-life chips to the winners from the previous coup.

When you choose a live roulette table, there are usually 2 main boars. American Roulette tables have 2 Zeros denoted as ‘0’ and ‘00’ while European Roulette tables have a single zero denoted as ‘0’. Tables with a single zero offer a more favourable house as only 37 numbers are giving you a 37-1 chance of winning a straight bet while the additional ‘00’ means there are 38 numbers for the same 35-1 payout!

Explaining ‘La Partage’ & ‘En Prison’ even money ‘zero’ failsafe rules

Some roulette tables offer special rules that could save you from losing your ‘even money’ bets if the roulette ball lands on ‘0’ or ‘00’. These rules only apply if you bet on red-back, high-low, or odd-even.

  • La Partage: On European/French Roulette tables you may have the ‘La Partage’ rule active. If you stake an ‘even money’ outside bet and the zero lands, you get half your stake back.
  • Surrender: This is the same rule as ‘La Partage’ but used on some American Roulette tables with the term ‘surrender’.
  • En Prison: The En Prison bet is a little more interesting compared to ‘La Partage’. When the zero lands, the table rules freeze all ‘even money’ bets for the next coup giving you a second chance to win.

The Advantages of the ‘La Partage’ & ‘En Prison’ Rules

  • Both rules protect ‘even money’ bets from ‘zero’
  • La Partage & Surrender return 50% of your stake
  • En Prison could end up paying a winning bet
  • With both rules your chances of winning increase
  • House Edge drops to 1.35% using these rules

Roulette outside bets explained

Outside bets are all options available to stake situated on the outside of the roulette table. These are the red-black, odd-even, and high-low even odds bets that pay 1:1 as well as the column and dozen bets that pay 2:1. Altogether, there are 5 outside bets to choose. The large majority of roulette systems or strategies are based on using the ‘even odds’ outside bets such as the famous Martingale strategies which include the Reverse and Grand Martingale systems as well as the D’Alembert, and Fibonacci.

  • Column Bets: 3 rows are running vertically from right to left on the roulette table.
  • Dozen Bets: There are 3 boxes of 12 numbers each in a 4×3 grid.
Roulette odds

Roulette Inside bets Explained

Inside bets are perhaps the most popular amongst seasoned roulette players. Although the outside bets are often part of a roulette player’s overall betting strategy, it is the inside bets that they use to hit the big wins.

  • Straight Bet: Place your chip(s) straight down on a ‘single number’
  • Split Bet: Place your chip(s) on the line between ‘2 numbers’
  • Street Bet: Place your chip(s) on the line at the edge of the board to bet ‘3 numbers’
  • Corner Bet: Place your chip(s) on the + section of ‘4 numbers’
  • Topline or Basket (European): You can bet the ‘0’, 1, 2, 3 which is ‘4 numbers’
  • Basket Bet (American): You can bet the ‘0’, ‘00’, 1, 2, 3 which is ‘5 numbers’
  • Double Street: Place your chip(s) on the ┴ line at the edge of the betting felts to bet ‘6 numbers’
The odds of winning & payouts playing American Roulette Vs European/French Roulette

The table shows you the payouts of nearly all live roulette tables for each bet available plus the percentage chance of you winning the bet.

Roulette Bet US/American Roulette Odds European/French Roulette Odds Payout
Single Number 2.60% 2.70% 35 to 1
2 Number Combination 5.30% 5.40% 17 to 1
3 Number Combination 7.90% 8.10% 11 to 1
4 Number Combination 10.50% 10.80% 8 to 1
5 Number Combination 13.20% 13.50% 6 to 1
6 Number Combination 15.80% 16.20% 5 to 1
Column 31.60% 32.40% 2 to 1
Dozen 31.60% 32.40% 2 to 1
Even/Odd 47.40% 48.60% 1 to 1
Red/Black 47.40% 48.60% 1 to 1
Low/High 47.40% 48.60% 1 to 1
Section and neighbor bets (Roulette Racetrack)

When you play the European and French versions of roulette you will often see a ‘racetrack’. This track is on the outside of the betting board, but it is not an outside bet–quite the opposite. The racetrack displays sections of the roulette wheel where numbers are next to each other hence the name ‘section bets’ and ‘neighbor’ bets. Each bet type is a combination of straight, split, and corner bets.

On a French Roulette table, these bets are commonly displayed in their original French names, while on European Roulette tables each section of neighbouring numbers has an English translation. Even though the house edge is 2.7% for all neighbour bets, they all have a different chance of winning.

  • Tiers du Cylindre Third of the Wheel): This bet gives you a 45.9% chance to win. It requires 6 split bets with 1 chip on each all equal value. 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36. If you look at the roulette wheel, all these numbers are neighbours. This is a section of the wheel with 27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33 (12 numbers).
  • Orphelins (Orphans): This bet gives you a 24.3% chance to win. It requires 1 straight bet and 5 split bets with 1 chip on each all equal value. A straight bet on number 1, then split bets on 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34. This bet is made up of 2 different sets of neighbouring numbers on 2 sections of the wheel. These numbers are ‘Orphans’ because as they do not appear in and of the other section bets listed here. The numbers are 1-20-14-31-9 in one section and 17-34-6 in the other section (8 Numbers).
  • Voisins du Zero (neighbors of zero): This bet gives you a 32.4% chance to win. It requires 5 split bets and 2 corner bets. All chips should be equal value and you will need 2 chips on the 0, 2, 3, 2 chips on the 25 to 29 corner, and then 1 chip for the following split bets; 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22, and 32/35. The numbers in this section of the roulette wheel are 22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25 (17 numbers).
  • Jeu zéro (zero game): This bet is for a section of neighbouring numbers around the ‘0’. You will bet 1 chip on a straight-up bet which is 26, and 1 chip for 3 split bets which are 0-3, 12-15, and 32-35. All chips must be an equal value for this bet to balance out. On German versions of roulette, you may see ‘zero spiel naca’, which required another chip for a straight bet on number 19 making this a 5-chip bet.
Roulette betting limits explained

If you are new to roulette or live casino roulette, the best way to begin is by playing low stakes games. That means avoiding the VIP tables, which the casinos reserve for the whales and high rollers. You will easily find Live Roulette tables with minimum bets as low as €/$/£0.10 and some casinos also accept cryptos such as BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, XRP, and USDT with incredibly low stakes bets available.

You also need to be aware of the different table limits when playing roulette. There are min-max bets applied to the outside bets, and different min-max bets apply to the inside bets. On top of this, there is a min-max table limit which includes the total spread of all inside and outside bets. Low maximum bets applied to the outside bets area can also make playing strategies such as the martingale very tricky. Conversely, if you are happy with playing high stakes, then there are Live Roulette tables that accept bets of up to €/$/£500k but these usually need prearranging and are only available to VIPs.

Important Info for Table Selection

  • Every Live Roulette table has a min-max bet limit
  • You will find separate min-max bets apply to outside bets
  • There are also different min-max bets for inside bets
  • Make sure check the table’s min-max bet limit for all bets
  • You can find tables with min bets of €/$/£0.10
Play European Roulette Live

These tables have 37 sectors with numbers from 0 to 37 and a 2.70% house edge. There is not much of a difference from the French Roulette version except the table’s writing is in English instead of French language, and there are English-speaking croupiers and announcements. The print on the felts is High-Low, Odd-Even, and Red-Black while the racetrack should also display the neighbour bets in English but you will still quite often see European Roulette tables display these section bets in French.

Interesting European Roulette Facts

  • These tables have a theoretical RTP of 97.30%
  • There are 37 sectors on the wheel
  • European Roulette uses English language
  • There is only a single ‘0’ on European Roulette
  • All the betting fields use English terminology
Play French Roulette Live

These tables have 37 sectors with numbers from 0 to 37 and a 2.70% house edge. The language used by the croupier may be English but when announcing bets and wins, French terminology is used which is why many roulette players describe French Roulette as ‘traditional roulette’. You will also see French writing such as Passe-Manque for High-Low, Impair-Pair for Odd-Even, and Rouge-Noir for Red-Black bets. The dozen bets usually show as D12, M12, and P12.

Interesting French Roulette Facts

  • These tables have a theoretical RTP of 97.30%
  • There are 37 sectors on the wheel
  • French Roulette croupiers use French terminology
  • There is only a single ‘0’ on French Roulette
  • All the betting fields use French terminology
Play American Roulette Live

These tables have 38 sectors with numbers from 00, 0, and 1 to 37 and a 5.26% house edge. The addition of the ‘00’ on these tables makes this variant considerably less attractive than European and French roulette with the house gaining a huge additional 2.56% advantage as the chances of winning each bet are lower and payouts are the same as European/French roulette. Aside from these vital differences, the flow of the game is the same as any other roulette table and the table writing and croupiers use English language.

Interesting American Roulette Facts

  • These tables have a theoretical RTP of 94.74%
  • There are 38 sectors on the wheel
  • American Roulette croupiers use English terminology
  • There are ‘0’ and ‘00’ sectors on American Roulette
  • All the betting fields use English terminology
Live Roulette Variants and Software Providers

When you play Live Roulette online, you will find multiple software providers offering a huge array of roulette tables split between the American Roulette style and French or European styles. What this means is that there are different ways to play roulette.

  • Dual Play Roulette: BetConstruct and Evolution are both currently operating live roulette tables that are inside land-based casinos. If you live casino offers this style of roulette, you can place bets on the roulette table at the same time and the same table as the people physically sat inside the casino. This style of live roulette quite literally brings the casino to your screens!
  • Lightning Roulette by Evolution: This is a regular variant of European Roulette with a racetrack. It is played almost like a game show with a large board displaying the numbers and a betting area. The twist to this version of roulette is that there are lucky numbers randomly selected by lightning and these numbers can pay between 50x and 500x multipliers on winning straight bets.
  • Jackpot Roulette by Ezugi: This is a progressive jackpot roulette game using European Roulette and it also has a racetrack. Just by playing you stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot which could land in your lap at random any time.
  • Roulette Azure by Pragmatic Play: This is a French Roulette table and gives you the racetrack as well as additional bets such as ‘Final en Plain’, ‘Finales a Cheval’, and ‘Full Complete’. For example, the ‘Final en Plain’ bet means you bet all numbers ending with the same number, for instance, 2-12-22-32 or 4-14-24-34. This style of French Roulette adds a little spice to your roulette play!
  • Instant Roulette by Evolution: This is a 12-wheel European auto-roulette live game. You play at your own pace, and as soon as you press ‘Play Now’ the next wheel out the 12 to stop will produce the outcome. This style of roulette allows players to play roulette and super-fast speeds.
  • Double Ball Roulette by Evolution: This is a European Roulette table with 2 balls on the roulette wheel. Now even though the payouts are cut in half because of the 2nd ball, if you manage to land both balls on a number you wagered, you win 1,300 to 1.
Summarising Live Roulette Online

The emergence of live roulette tables online is nothing short of breath-taking. Those that do not have time to physically go to a land-based casino can bring live authentic action to their mobile or desktop devices at home or while on the move via razor-sharp HD webcams via their web browser or a casino app. Getting started is as simple as logging on, opening a Live Roulette table and placing your virtual chips on the felts. There are multiple camera views, professional live croupiers that you can interact with via a live chat, and multiple variants to choose from!

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Roulette

💡 What are the main variants of roulette?

For all roulette tables, casinos will use American Roulette a.k.a. US Roulette, European Roulette, or French Roulette. There are subtle differences between each of these tables. US Roulette uses an extra number which is the ‘00’ while both French and European Roulette versions have 37 numbers with just a single ‘0’. The key difference between these 2 variants is that French Roulette uses French language and European Roulette uses English language.

💡 How many different table variants of live roulette are there?

You will find that the main table variants are European, French, and US roulette. However, extending from these styles of the game there are several more variants. You will find lightning roulette tables with huge bonus multipliers, auto-roulette tables with an automatic wheel with no croupier, double ball roulette tables with 2 balls spinning on the wheel, and other variants that use multiple roulette wheels.

💡 Can I play live roulette on my mobile and desktop?

You can play Live Roulette using your mobile or desktop web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even Safari. Some live casinos also offer an app download. Another point worth noting is that you only need 1 live casino account for both mobile and desktop play. Therefore, you will use the same account credentials to log on to any of your devices.

💡 Are there low and high stakes live roulette tables?

Yes. You will find that there are live roulette tables with inside and outside min-max bet rules. Table limits vary depending on the live casino brand you join and you can expect min-max bets of between €/$/£0.10 to €/$/£10,000 as the norm while some accept max bets of €/$/£50,000+ at some of the big brand live casino establishments.

💡 Which live roulette tables offer the best RTP?

Roulette is consistent across casinos globally when it comes to theoretical RTP-something that cannot be said for games like blackjack where there are so many intricate rules that change the house edge. If you are looking to play on a roulette table with the best RTP, then European/French roulette tables are a good place to start because these tables only use 37 numbers/sectors and have a 2.70% house edge (97.3% RTP) Vs American Roulette that has a house edge of 5.26% (94.74% RTP) and 38 sectors.

💡 Which bets offer the best RTP?

The best odds of winning are via the outside bets. These are the odd-even, high-low, and red-black bets that pay 1:1 and you have a 48.60% chance of winning on a European/French Roulette table while only a 47.4% on American Roulette variants. Dozen bets and column bets come next and pay 2:1 as you have a 32.40% chance of winning on a European/French Roulette table while only a 31.6% on American Roulette variants. As you move to inside bets, your odds of winning decrease.

💡 What is the La Partage or Surrender Rule?

On European/French roulette tables the La Partage gives players what is in effect insurance on their ‘even odds’ bets. Therefore, if the ball lands on zero, half the player’s bet is returned. On American Roulette tables this rule is generally known as ‘surrender’.

💡 What is the En Prison Rule?

This rule is another zero failsafe for ‘even money’ bets. En Prison means to imprison in French language and it basically means that when the zero lands, your bet is kept on the table for the next coup. Your bet is returned only if it wins on the next coup. Note that the En Prison rule is only found on French Roulette tables.

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