The War of Bets Casino GameWhile there are some great card games you can play in a live casino format, none of them come close to giving you the easy and fast-paced action that War of Bets does. This is one of the best games to play if you want something simple, yet delivers an array of betting options, and a quick result.

Card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and the many live poker variations you can play at online casinos are incredibly popular in their own right, but many players may not know that there are some other exciting live dealer games that offer something a little different. War of Bets is one of those games that not many people may have heard of, but is steadily increasing its popularity as more and more give it a try.

War of Bets from BetGames (formerly, is essentially a live casino version of Casino War. However, while Casino War is an entertaining game in its own right, BetGames War of Bets takes that entertainment up a notch or two.

One reason the game will appeal is that it is easy to learn and understand. You will not need to learn optimal strategies, understand complex hand rankings, or go through multiple betting phases. A dealer deals two cards, one to himself/herself and another to the player. The highest value wins. There is a bit more to it in terms of betting options, but essentially, that is the game. How simple is that?

War of Bets was launched by BetGames back in 2016 and it quickly became one of the live supplier’s most popular games. In 2020, the live title was given a revamp to enhance player engagement and user experience. The new iteration offered the option to play in full screen and a new user-interface that offers more functionality.

The Basics of the War of Bets Casino Game

Most of you will remember playing a similar game to War of Bets/Casino War when growing up. Obviously, you were not playing for money (hopefully) like you would with the two titles mentioned previously, but this simple game is played around the world under different names. In the US it is called ‘War’, in the UK it is ‘Battle’, and it is known as Bataille in France. As it is so simple, it is not difficult to see why it has proved so popular with children around the world. Essentially, it is a battle between two players who each place a single card on the table. The player with the highest value card wins. The hand ranking starts with the Ace as the highest valUe card and ends with the 2 (deuce) as the lowest ranked card.

While those card games used a single deck of cards, War of Bets uses 6 in a dealing shoe. That shoe gets changed out when there are about 40 cards left. By the way, have you ever seen bigger playing cards than what the Betgames live dealers use for this game? It is easy to understand the logic behind using them, as it is easier for live casino players to see them, but it still makes me chuckle from time to time. Anyway, I digress.

A hand of War of Bets begins with a 15-second long betting round. This is where you can place your main bets on the Player or Dealer to win, or if you think the hand will end in a tie. You also have a number of side bets that you can place, but I will go into those a bit later. The BetGames live dealer the proceeds to deal one card face up to the player position. Another betting round begins, this time with odds and payouts that have altered depending on the card that was dealt. This time you get 18 seconds to place your chosen bets before the live dealer deals the second card, this time in the dealer position.The showdown now takes place, which is never complicated, as you may know. The highest card wins the duel. All winning bets get paid out before a new hand commences. All of this takes place in less than a minute.

Fast-paced: As you can see, with a hand of War of Bets taking no longer than a minute, and usually much less, that means you can enjoy up to 60 hands an hour. That is a dream for those of you that love fast action and uncomplicated gameplay!

War of Bets Information

War of Bets (BetGames)

  • War of Bets is based on a simple card game played around the world under different names
  • The game uses 6 decks of 52 cards
  • The shoe is replaced with a new full shoe when there are around 40 cards left
  • Players have 15 seconds to place their main bets and side bets for the first betting round
  • The dealer deals a card to the player
  • Players then get 18 seconds to place additional bets
  • The dealer deals the final card in the dealer position
  • The highest card wins
  • Hands are ranked from 2 (lowest value) to Ace (highest value)
  • The RTP of War of Bets is around 95%

The War of Bets Betting Options

Let’s face it, this simple game would not appeal to most adults unless you could make money playing it. Without some betting options, the game would get boring very quickly. Fortunately, BetGames has ensured this will not happen by giving us plenty of different betting options to consider. THe bets you can place are broken down into four categories:

  • The Main Bets – This is where you can bet on the dealer or banker to win, or on the hand ending in a tie (War).
  • The Colour Bets – Like roulette, your options here are black and red for either dealer’s card or the player’s card.
  • The Suit Bets – You can also bet on which suit you think either position’s next card will be.
  • The Value Bets – These bets are a bit more complicated but revolve around betting on the value of either card. You can bet on the cards being below or above 8 or whether they will be a face card or pip card.

The great thing about War of Bets is the flexibility. You are not obliged to bet on the first round, on the main bets, or to even bet at all. You could opt to wait for the second round of betting, simply place main bets, or place a combination across both betting rounds.

Odds: The odds that you receive for each bet dynamically changed depending on the cards already drawn from the six-deck shoe. The odds of hitting certain cards will change as the cards in the shoe reduce. The software knows which cards have gone and will adjust the odds/payouts as that happens.

War of Bets Betting Slip

The War of Bets Betting Slip

Strategies and Tips When Playing War of Bets

Playing War of Bets is easy, but regularly winning is a whole different matter. This is a game of chance, so there are no guaranteed strategies that you can rely upon to bring consistent wins. There are some tips that you could use to at least give yourself a chance, however.

Unless you are a mathematical genius, do not attempt counting cards. This game uses a 6-deck shoe, so you would have to be some kind of genius to even manage it. Even if you used software or pen and paper, it wouldn’t really matter much, anyway. Why? Because the software in the game dynamically changes the odds of each bet as cards are removed from the deck.

Your best chance of success is to play to the safer odds. Stick with Player or Dealer or Red or Black. These are essentially 50/50 bets, like you will find in roulette. Sure, you will not receive great payouts, but you will win more regularly. Stay away from the Tie (war) bet. Yes, you will win more when this bet comes in, but more often than not, it won’t. You will just burn through your bankroll by placing this bet on each hand.

Bankroll management: A final tip when playing War of Bets, or any live casino game for that matter, it is to practise sensible bankroll management. I suggest you bet no more than 5% of your bankroll per hand. This will give you at least 20 hands and a more enjoyable session. The only fun to be had by lumping your entire bankroll on one bet is if you win. If not, it is game over within a minute.

War of Bets Strategy

Conclusion – Our Thoughts

War of Bets will not be a game that appeals to everyone. That will be the same reason that it does appeal to others. It is a simple game that does not require a lot of thought. However, if you like fast action rather than waiting for results, or having to think about complex strategies, War of Bets is definitely a live casino game you should consider. Another appealing aspect is the production qualities, bright branding, and the personality of the live hosts/croupiers. BetGames has found a niche it excels at, and that is providing quick casino games that are easy to pick up and play. You do not have to be an experienced casino player, as is the case with games such as blackjack. Essentially, just give it a try to see if this is the type of game that you can get into.

War of Bets Casino Game Questions and Answers!

Where to play War of Bets?

You will find War of Bets at any live casino that offers titles from BetGames. Once you have created an account, open any BetGames title via the online casino lobby. That will take you to the BetGames lobby, where you can just pick and choose your games at the top of the screen. Select War of Games and you can start wagering on the one-on-one card action. If you need help finding a BetGames Casino, use our live casino reviews as a guide!

What are the best bets to place on War of Bets?

How you bet comes down to personal preference. You might like to play safe or you might be more of a gambler. That said, in my opinion, to get the best RTP and therefore a better chance of success over a long session, you should stick to 50/50 bets such as black/red and player/banker. You will not win much but you will also minimise your losses and stay in the game longer.

Is the War of Bets game legit?

The world’s strictest regulatory body licenses BetGames. If BetGames or any of the brand’s titles were rigged, the UK Gambling Commission would soon find out and remove said license. Besides, BetGames would not risk its reputation or its current standing as a leading live casino supplier just to scam players.

Who can play War of Bets?

If you are legally allowed to sign up and play at an online casino featuring BetGames titles, you can play. The firm not only holds a UKGC license, which allows UK players to play its games, but also a Curacao license that opens the doors to players from Canada, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

What other games does BetGames offer?

BetGames currently offers 11 casino games. There is a mix of lottery/bingo titles, card games, and dice games. Each is streamed from a bright and cheery studio and hosted by chatty and friendly live hosts/dealers. Wheel of Fortune is a good place to start if you want to play another BetGames title. Aside from that, why not check out the Lucky 5, 6, and 7 lottery games.

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