ACMA Bans Unlawful Gambling Affiliate Platforms

ACMA Bans Unlawful Gambling Affiliate Platforms as part of its Regulatory Objectives for 2021-2022. 297 platforms banned so far!(Image by Issy Bailey on Unsplash)

The ACMA or the Australian Communications and Media Authority recently made an announcement that it has taken an extra step in its attempts to handle unlawful online gambling operations. It aimed to do this by blocking those platforms that help in promoting and pushing traffic towards those online casino services that are not supported in the country.

The ACMA revealed that it had requested local internet service providers to block those affiliate sites that act as media hubs by reviewing gambling services only to promote the services of some gambling operators. The media and communications regulator stated that one of its core objectives is to block such platforms. It has resorted to taking this drastic measure because these platforms offer their customers links to directly access illegal gambling services. Most times, they do this for commissions they get from the gambling operators by offering them web traffic.

The ACMA stated that it requested the local internet providers to prohibit seven platforms. These include Aussie Casino Hex, Aussie Online Pokies, Australia Ok Casinos, Australian Gambling, True Blue Casinos, Australian Casino Club, and Pokies.

Fiona Cameron, an ACMA member, stated that:

The ban on these types of affiliate gambling platforms is the next step in ensuring the major unlawful gambling organizations do not get to local customers. She elaborated that it was part of the effort of the authority to reduce the likely negative effects of gambling.

She concluded that these unlawful gambling platforms don’t come with the needed security that is typically offered by licensed and regulated services.

297 Unlawful Gambling Platforms in Australia have Been Blocked So Far Based on the Request of ACMA

Ms. Cameron stated that:

Many customers usually complained to the ACMA with claims that they were not paid their winnings. They also stated that people who have problem gambling traits and could not keep their gambling in check were often preyed on by these platforms.

Online gambling platforms that carry out operations unlawfully in the country’s territory range from web-based casinos that offer customers the opportunity to play numerous casino games like poker, slots, and roulette for real cash. The AMCA’s recent action has come as part of its tactic that had been put in place ever since its responsibilities were boarded as per the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 provisions four years back.

Due to the regulatory measures the Australian Communications and Media Authority took of recent, 279 illegal gambling platforms have been restricted from running their operations in the country’s territory. What’s more, about 144 services have decided to leave the country due to the regulatory body’s strict actions.

As stated by figures offered by the ACMA, its drastic measures against unlawful affiliate gambling platforms led to a 95% traffic reduction to the leading 10 gambling websites that were placed on suspension in June 2021. The Australian Communications and Media Authority website offers access to the list of unlawful gambling platforms that have been suspended, with the regulatory body placing gambling affiliate websites as one of its core compliance targets for the period of 2021-2022. During the 2020-2021 period, it was majorly focused on Australian live online casinos that targeted local customers.




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