Gambling Commission Choose Andrew Rhodes As Its Interim Chief Executive

Gambling Commission Choose Andrew Rhodes As Its Interim Chief Executive. Rhodes is expected to resume duties later this month. (Image by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash)

The British Gambling Commission has announced that Andrew Rhodes has now been appointed as its interim Chief Executive. The announcement comes after a highly competitive recruitment process and a thorough search for the best person for the role. Rhodes is expected to resume duties later this month to begin an 18-month term. He has more than 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors.

Rhodes previously served in various capacities before his recent appointment, with the notable ones being the Chief Operating Officer and registrar for Swansea University which is recent. He has also taken senior roles at several organizations in the past including the DVLA, Food Standards Agency, and the Department of Work and Pensions.

Statement from Andrew Rhodes

Speaking on his most recent appointment, Rhodes expressed delight to join the Gambling Commission team in a high capacity at an important time. He lauded that commission as one of the most respected regulators in the world, adding that they also have one the highest profiles globally.

Rhodes further stated that:

During his tenure, the commission will continue to protect players and the public from gambling harm, and that they will keep this at the core of their operations.

The new interim Chief Executive mentioned that he is eager to meet people from all over the industry especially those who have the experience to understand the opportunities and issues which lay ahead. Rhodes also noted that this is a grand time for him to be opportune to work in the Gambling Commission as a regulator. He added that the British government’s Gambling Act Review symbolizes an amazing opportunity to provide sustained and real improvements in the regulation and provision of gambling. In his last remarks, Rhodes stated that the British Gambling Commission has an important and unique role to play as a regulator to spearhead the desired change in the way gambling is regulated and provided.

Statement from Chairman of the Gambling Commission

Commenting on the new appointment, Bill Moyes, Chairman of the British Gambling Commission stated that:

Andrew Rhodes is a man of integrity with a first-class track record of innovation, leadership, and delivery both in the civil service and the private sector.

Moyes further expressed his confidence in Rhodes, stating that he is certain that the new interim Chief Executive will live up to his name and prove to be an excellent appointment at the commission especially at a time when the gambling operators and regulators are under the spotlight. In his last remarks, the Chairman noted that he anticipates working closely with Rhodes as he also prepares to be succeeded by a new Chairman in September.

Andrew Rhodes takes over as the Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission from the former CEO, Neil McArthur who left his role in March. Rhodes’ appointment is interim so that the next chairman who takes over in September will choose a permanent Chief Executive. Sally Jones, Chief Operating Officer, and Sarah Gardener, Deputy Chief Executive shared the Acting Chief Executive role since March.


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