Connecticut's Governor signs bill to legalize iGaming and Sports Betting

Connecticut’s Governor signs bill to legalize iGaming and Sports Betting. Now, e fantasy sports, online sports wagering, etc. are legal. (Image Source: Pixabay by AidanHowe)

Ned Lamont, Connecticut’s Governor, has signed a bill that will make fantasy sports, online sports wagering, and other forms of iGaming legal. The House Bill 6451 signed into law formalizes agreements that Lamont made with the Mohegan and Mashantucket tribes of Connecticut way back in March. This agreement was centered on permitting the two tribes to offer sports wagering both at land-based sportsbooks and online in the casinos they operate. With the bill now signed into law, the Mohegan and Mashantucket tribes can now offer fantasy sports and iGaming contests, while each of them can also operate one skin for iGaming and another for online sports betting.

Also, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation will now be allowed to run 1 skin for sports wagering outside the tribal lands and retail betting at fifteen locations across Connecticut if they are at least 25 miles away from the tribal areas. House Bill 6451 got approval from the Senate and House of Rep in Connecticut before the Governor signed it off. With the bill now signed into law, what is left is for the Governor and the tribes to secure approval from the United States Department of Interior (the Bureau of Indian Affairs) to amend Connecticut’s compact with the tribes. Once this approval is made legal, sports wagering and online gaming can now commence in Connecticut. With this new development, New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and now Connecticut is the 6th state to legalize online casinos and the 7th state to allow iGaming as Nevada has online poker but no online casinos!

Statement from Connecticut’s Governor

Speaking on the new bill signed into law, Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont stated that:

The state is now on the verge of offering a modern gaming experience bolstered by technological advancements. He added that the new development will put Connecticut in the limelight and will enable it to compete with neighboring states while positioning the state for success in the future.

The Governor further stated that the state is celebrating the result of several months of dedication and hard work towards the agreement made with the tribes. In his words, Ned said that the agreement is best for the respective tribal members and the residents of Connecticut at large. In his closing remarks, Governor Lamont expressed confidence in their ability to be able to secure approval from the federal government to amend the existing compact, adding that the state will soon launch a modernized twenty-first-century gaming experience in the coming months.

Statement from Mohegan Council Chairman

James Gessner, the Council Chairman of the Mohegan tribe in Connecticut also welcomed the signing of the bill into law, lauding it as a huge accomplishment for Connecticut. He continued that all the residents of the state and members of the Mohegan tribe will feel the advantages of the new state-wide changes, especially at these trying times when the government is working round the clock collectively with the people to recover from the adverse effects of the CoVID-19 pandemic.

Statement from Mashantucket Tribal Chairman

Rodney Butler, the chairman of the Mashantucket tribe of Connecticut also spoke on the new development, stating that it is a notable moment as they celebrate with the State of Connecticut and Governor Lamont. Butler added that gaming means much more than a business to the Mashantucket tribe, as it is the way they provide healthcare to their members, care for their elders, pay for their children’s educations and fund the government.


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