The MGA Simplifies the Return To Player (RTP) Percentage For Both Land-based and Remote Sectors

The MGA Simplifies the Return To Player (RTP) Percentage For Both Land-based and Remote Sectors. Now RTP for online operators will be 85%. (Image Source:

The Malta Gaming Authority is set to streamline the minimum RTP (return to player) percentage applicable to licensees in all sectors as part of modifications to Article 22 of the Player Protection Directive (the ‘Directive’) (Directive 2 of 2018).  With the amendment now published, the existing minimum RTP percentage which applies to operators who offer their games online will now be reduced to 85 percent from the initial 92 percent it was before. The MGA admits that responsible decision-making calls for the consideration of responses received from stakeholders in the industry. Thus, the Authority undertook a closed consultation with the stakeholders during May 2021 to get a better assessment of the feasibility of the proposed minimum RTP change. Several B2B operators, B2C operators, consultants, were the stakeholders involved in the consultation process which allowed the Authority to better understand the view which the participants of the consultation adopted in regards to the best RTP percentage.

The consultation process also enabled the MGA to understand the possible implications of the minimum RTP change on the participants’ products, competitive position, and operations. Furthermore, the Malta Gaming Authority also commenced a comparative analysis to see how the RTP percentages in some selected jurisdictions across the European Union as well as outside the EU will be applicable. Interested readers can find the summary of the consultation results and research carried out by the authority in the attached Policy Paper (Amending the RTP Minimum Percentage) being published in line with the amendments. The MGA shall publish additional amendments to the Directive later in parallel with its commitment to protecting vulnerable persons, minors, and all other consumers.

All licensees should remember that they must make the game rules readily available to the player at any time while those offering their service online should make sure that the game rules are kept at arm’s length on the sites such that players can access them with just one click on the same page where they will play the game.  As for games that can only be played after the players download and install them on their mobile devices or desktop, licensees must also make sure that the game rules be displayed to the players even before they place their first bet. This requirement applies to both mobile device applications and mobile sites.

MGA Cancels Smart Operation Limited’s Authorization

The MGA has also announced that it has canceled Smart Operations Limited’s authorization it earlier awarded. The authorization MGA/B2C/233/2016 for the ‘Authorized Person’ was canceled with effect from 30th of April 2021 in line with regulation 10 of S.L.583.06 (the Gambling Compliance and Enforcement Regulations) after the ‘Regulations’. Smart Operations Limited (C-73372) had its authorization canceled because it violated regulation 9 (1) of the Regulations for the following reasons: the Authorized person has failed to;

  • Pay all amounts due to the Authority promptly.
  • Release the financial commitments of its operations to the Authority
  • Abide by one or more obligations applicable in terms of any of the applicable law of Malta or other regulatory instruments.

The cancellation implies that the Authorized Person (Smart Operations Limited) no longer has the authority to accept new customer deposits, register new players, or offer any gaming services but is required to retain all registered players and give them access to their accounts. The Authorized Person must also refund all funds to players in credit according to the applicable law.

The Malta Gaming Authority is Not Connected to, Bet,, and

Lastly, the MGA has announced that it does not have any connection with, Bet,, and Thus, any reference to the Malta Gaming Authority and/or gaming license(s) said to be issued by the Malta-based Authority as stated by, Bet,, and are misleading and false.


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