Ezugi Launches 32 Cards and Lucky 7

Ezugi Launches 32 Cards and Lucky 7. These games were developed to appeal to the Indian market and promise a lot of features. (Image Source: ezugi.com)

Ezugi, a specialist in Live Casino and part of Evolution is keeping players entertained with 32 Cards, its latest game launch. The subsidiary of Evolution Gaming Group has put a lot of effort into capturing the spirit of India with this new thrilling and fast-paced 32 Cards. Ezugi had the Indian market in mind while developing 32 Cards, although the game also has an international appeal.

Statement from Ezugi Head of Product

While speaking on the new title release, Ezugi Head of Product, Lionel Dardic stated that:

It is an exciting game that captures the Indian subcontinent. He also added that 32 Cards is a simple game designed for mobile play and offers an unrivalled experience“.

Dardic further noted that although Ezugi developed 32 Cards with the Indian market in mind, the game will also appeal to international players from all over the world who love the original experience which Live Casino offers. Lastly, the Head of Product lauded the new game as a fast-paced game capable of keeping players glued to their seats. Ezugi streams this game from its Romania-based state-of-the-art studio seven days a week, and 24 hours a day.

About the Game

32 Cards has a simple format that is compatible with tablets and smartphones and does not reduce the quality desktop experience in any way. Players of 32 Cards look to make out the winning hand from the 4 starting hands out of the deck of 32 cards which contains numerical values of 6 to 13.

Then, each player will also receive an additional card whose numerical value will be added to the starting value of the chosen hand. Thus, the hand total for Hand one will be 14 points if it receives a six as the additional card. The winner will be the hand that has the highest total but if more than one hand has an equal hand total, a second card will be drawn and added to the hands until one is higher than the others and will be declared the winner.

Each player can place a bet on any of the 4 hands that have the following starting value:

  • Hand four – 11 points
  • Hand three – 10 points
  • Hand two – 9 points
  • Hand one – 8 points

Ezugi Also Opens New Indian Themed Studio and Launches Lucky 7

Pioneering specialist of live dealer casino, Ezugi has further bolstered its existing impressive game collection with the addition of Lucky 7, a brand-new title. Ezugi launched Lucky 7 as its own version of the famous ‘hi low’ game format with consideration to the Indian market. However, the game should appeal to customers from all other markets including LATAM and Africa because of its simple game concept and fast play.

Lucky 7 has a simple game format which makes it perfect for players who play on mobile and desktop. The players can predict if the next card dealt will be 7 Down (below 7), 7 Up (above 7), or Lucky 7.

In this game, 8 decks of cards are shuffled and positioned in the shoe while the shuffling process commences when the cutting card emerges from the shoe.  The dealer will deal only one card for each round and the result will be stated after the card has been drawn; then the game round will be concluded to make for fast gameplay.

For additional win potential and entertainment, Lucky 7 permits players to make some side bets which they can place independently and also together with the main bet.  The 2 site bets are Even or Odd and Black or Red and see players bet and guess whether the card drawn will be even or odd or the color of the card.

Winnings for players who bet on the winning side will be based on the paytable below:

  • 7 Down – 1:1
  • Lucky 7 – 11:1
  • 7 Up – 1:1

Side bets payout is based on the paytable below:

  • Even – 1:1:1
  • Odd – 0:8:1
  • Black – 0:98:1
  • Red – 0:98:1

Ezugi’s launching of Lucky 7 coincides with the opening of an Indian-themed studio where hugely famous live titles including Bet on Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Namaste Roulette will be streamed. The new studio is equipped with state-of-the-art live dealer technology and hallmarks and games of a studio with an Indian theme that players have come to love.

Statement from Pang Goh

Reacting to the new release and opening of the Indian-themed studio, Pang Go at Ezugi stated that:

Lucky 7 has a lot of action and offers simple but fast gameplay which delivers an exciting experience to players who play either on a mobile or desktop.

Goh added that the addition of side bets to the game brings further supplements the game elements and gives players more choices while boosting the win potential with each game round.  In his last remarks, Goh expressed the company’s delight with the opening of its brand new Indian studio which will be useful in building out its growing presence in the exciting Indian market packed with tremendous potential.

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