BetGames TV New Lucky 7 Lotto is out

BetGames TV New Lucky 7 Lotto is out. Here, winning bets can bring back profit which is 2000x the initial wager! (Image Source:

BetGames TV recently announced via its YouTube page that it has released the Lucky 7 lottery game. It also goes by the name or 7 out of 42,as you can tell from the name, this game is centered around lottery, and players get numerous betting results, and winning bets can bring back profit which is 2000x the initial wager. Let us take a deeper look into this game and its offerings.

How Does Lotto 7 Work?

The Lucky 7 lotto game works in a simple manner. 7 winning balls out of a total of 42 balls are drawn at random into the game tube. The draw is concluded after 7 winning balls are chosen. And if more than 7 balls get into the tube, only the initial 7 balls are counted while the others are disregarded.  This game has only one betting round, and players are able to place wagers on all the outcomes available for the next draw. A betting round occurs between the game draws and lasts for around 3 minutes. However, the draws of the game last for 4 minutes each day.

How to Play the New Lucky 7

As stated above, the Lucky 7 lotto game from BetGames TV consists of 42 balls divided into black and yellow colors. The balls get drawn one after the other from the machine, and it comes with numerous betting options for players. You can decide to bet on the numbers of the balls, colors, or which balls will be drawn, those that won’t be, etc. Regardless of your game style, you will surely find a bet that suits you. Some of the more popular bets include over and under, betting on the total number of balls, odd and even, etc. The bet ranges fall between 1.85 to 1.92. However, it is possible to increase or reduce the margin by betting on over/under, 100.5, etc.

Placing Bets

  • To place a bet in the game, you will need to do the following:
  • Login to your account and make the required deposit
  • Next, pick your preferred betting category alongside the draw outcome.
  • Hit the Confirm button and include your wager in the bet slip field.
  • If you are satisfied, click the Place bet button, and you should see a “Bet Accepted” message pop up once your bet is placed.

7 Lotto Design

Unlike the typical lotto game, the 7 lotto has an appealing design and fast gameplay. There is also a presenter beside the tube where the ball falls into like the typical lotto draw. The game background is purple, and you will also find some light strips that don’t cause too many distractions when playing. The presenters are professional and make the game fun and engaging.

Betting Options/ RTP

The Lucky 7 Lotto comes with a 95% RTP which is not so bad, and it still makes up for this by being affordable. Players can place minimum bets of $0.50 and a maximum of $50, which makes it a great option for different categories of players.

Wrap Up

The Lucky 7 lotto is not the only BetGames TV lotto game on offer. The developer also has the Lucky 5 and Lucky 6 lotto games that have recently been revamped and given a new look, along with its other lotto-styled games. The new design is calmer and comes with a modern look., You can check them out on the BetGames TV website to see for yourself.

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