Evolution Releases Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Evolution Releases Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. The game is inspired by the popular Gonzo character from NetEnt’s famous Gonzo’s Quest title. (Image Source: evolution.com)

Evolution has announced the release of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt today according to a press release from the firm. The new launch is an innovative online live game show which is also the first live casino in the world to fuse slots-style and live gameplay. Players who play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt can also play with the pioneer Virtual Reality (VR) mode. The game is inspired by the popular Gonzo character and IP (Intellectual Property) from NetEnt’s famous Gonzo’s Quest online slot title.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the newest addition to the huge portfolio of Evolution’s live game shows. Following Evolution’s takeover of NetEnt late last year, Gonzo live game show is the pioneer Evolution game to employ NetEnt IP as it blends the world of slots and live and represents an entirely new direction. The central highlight of the new Gonzo’s treasure hunt is when players search for hidden treasures inside a giant wall of seventy stones. This latest version of Gonzo’s adventure also has a standout feature that players can enjoy when the popular explorer, Gonzo comes alive as a bigger reality virtual character to join the players and the live show host in the search for the treasure.

The option to bet and play on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in Virtual Reality mode is the first of its kind in the live casino market. It uses a Virtual Reality controller and headset to enrich the immersive gaming experience further.

Statement from Evolution’s Chief Product Officer

Speaking on the new launch, Evolution Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter stated that:

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the company’s first product that joins NetEnt’s best with Evolution. He added that he is delighted to work with the fantastic NetEnt IP since Evolution acquired NetEnt.Haushalter noted that Evolution will begin by taking the popular slots character and bringing him into the live casino.

He further stated that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the pioneer live game that allows players to control their game strategy and also the potential outcome of their game. This implies that players who play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt can take control as they hunt for their prizes unlike other games where players cannot change or control the result of their game; it is basic.

The Chief Product Officer continued, saying that the new launch is a new direction for Evolution game shows as they want to expand the definition of a game show to include permitting players to have a high level of control. Haushalter expressed confidence that the new game will attract a new audience even as Evolution continues to evolve gambling experience. He concluded that the launch of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt marks an exciting and incredible landmark in the history of Evolution.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Now Live at Selected Online Casinos

The release of the highly anticipated Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Evolution’s live game show gets the juice flowing especially as it is now live at chosen online casinos. News has it that the legendary video slot character and intrepid explorer, Gonzo is back in this new launch and he takes the center stage in the slot-style live casino game show.


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