Playtech Transforms Quantum Blackjack

Playtech Transforms Quantum Blackjack to Quantum Blackajck Plus. Now players can get more fun than they ever had. (Image source:

Playtech’s proprietary live dealer blackjack game, Quantum Blackjack, has just been updated. The entertaining game with multipliers has also seen some of its playing rules changed to boost the dare and playability of the game. Quantum blackjack now offers players better enjoyment than they ever had. This article throws light on the significant differences between the old and new versions.

Quantum Blackjack Plus is The New Name

Playtech has transformed Quantum Blackjack from the former version everyone knows into a rebranded version after overhauling the game and re-launching it. The new version is called Quantum Blackjack Plus. The game is all about multipliers. The original version of Quantum Blackjack allows players to hit a multiplier of 100x at most, although the chances are slim. However, many players still hit a high multiplier in the game. This article will quickly take you through a recap on playing Quantum Blackjack, especially if you are new to the game. This recap will also give existing players an understanding of the changes in both versions and the impacts.

How To Play Quantum Blackjack

Quantum Blackjack was released by Playtech in December 2019, is played like every other blackjack game except for one rule change. The rule change is that if the dealer bust with three cards, then a winning player’s hand becomes a push. At the start of the game round, five cards are selected randomly, with multipliers assigned to each of them. If one or more of these cards is dealt to a player’s hand, then the total will be applied to the opening stake as the payout so long the player’s hands beat the dealer. Asides from this rule change, all other blackjack rules apply to Quantum Blackjack.

Difference Between Quantum Blackjack Plus and The Previous Version

There are several differences between Quantum Blackjack Plus and Quantum Blackjack, which is the original version. The differences are listed below:

  1. The same multiplier value is now assigned to all cards in Quantum Blackjack Plus. The multiplier values could be x10, x5, x3, x2, or x1.
  2. It is now possible to double split cards.
  3. There is an increase in RTP from 99.47 percent to 99.57 percent.
  4. There has been a marginal reduction in the Return to Player ratio of side-bets.
  5. Instead of 8 decks of cards used in the previous version, Quantum Blackjack Plus uses 6 decks of cards as do most popular live blackjack tables these days.
  6. The original version of Quantum Blackjack allows up to 5 cards to be selected in each game round, while the new version allows either 3 or 5 cards.
  7. Rather than being multiplied together, multiple multiplier cards in one hand are added together in Quantum Blackjack Plus.
  8. The maximum multiplier, which was 1000x in the original version, is now x50 as players can now have five multiplier cards in one hand.
  • What Do These Changes Imply? The changes made to the updated version of the game imply that the game is now more playable. That is, more multiplier cards are always available on each round of the game. On the other hand, cards to match within the shoe are now fewer because they are 2 fewer decks. One cannot neglect the difference between the new and old versions of Quantum Blackjack. The changes and updates also imply that it might sometimes payoff for a player to deviate from basic strategy if he has an opportunity to split a hand so that he can get a multiplier while ensuring that the leading hand is not at risk. For example, a player can split 10’s when the dealer is holding a 6. Usually, the basic strategy will have the player stand because it is the value bet which is riskier to split but has a potentially higher payout as a reward.
  • Are the Changes Positive? Well, the answer is yes. The update was made with the player in mind such that the new version has lots of better odds in store for players more than what was advertised.

Where Can You Play Quantum Blackjack Plus? This new version of Quantum Blackjack is available at all casinos owned by Playtech, the manufacturer including LeoVegas. You do not have to worry about playing the old version as it has been replaced with the new ones in all the casinos. So, if you want to play Quantum Blackjack Plus, check it out in the casinos’ Blackjack Lobby.

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