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‘$13 Million South Korean Casino Heist Still Missing $2 Million!’ (image source:

It’s breaking news across the iGaming and casino news grapevine! Someone, somehow, managed to get away with $2 million from a $13 Million heist in which a South Korean Casino was the target. We thought we would take a look and give our verdict on the incident that appears to be a series of heists.

Early this January the investors of Landing Casino told investors that $13 million was amiss–that’s no small feat! No one knows how the money left the casino, there does not seem to be any video evidence, and although most of the cash is now back in the casino’s vaults, the amounts recovered turned up in 2 obscure locations giving authorities clues where to search for the remaining $2 million.

Also, it turns out this was not a ‘rip and run’ bank style robbery but a carefully planned Ocean’s 11 style operation that filtered the money out in segments.

Authorities Recover $10.9 Million From 2 Locations

The casino’s location is on Jeju island and it is the second-largest in the country. Those responsible appear to be both employees of the casino and as such residents on the South Korean island. What’s baffling but equally amazing is how the money was tracked down before leaving the island.

Authorities quickly tracked down most of the haul bringing back $10.9 million to the casino. A small amount of cash was recovered from the casino’s VIP room safe, while the lion’s share of the recovered haul was inside a female employee’s home. Quite how the authorities managed to find the cash in these locations is now known. However, $2 million is still out there.

No Clues as to How the Cash Left The Casino

For the time being, no one knows how the money was stolen in the first place. Police are searching for the answer to that magic question in an attempt to track down the heist’s prime suspect.

It seems that a female employee of Malaysian decent may be responsible. It seems the employee could be the mastermind behind what is now being dubbed as one of the world’s largest cash robberies (not the largest we might add).

Today casinos are pretty good with surveillance tech, but it seems that whoever pulled off the heist. When looking back through footage, the casino security discovered that the theft was either deleted or the cameras were turned off when each stash of cash was taken out of the casino. With no video footage, police and casino big wigs are left scratching their heads as to exactly how the $13 million (₩14.56 billion) left the casino.

Not a One-Time Job

What’s more is this was not a one-time job and as such casino chiefs did not even release, they were being robbed. It seems this casino is doing pretty well! The official statement is that the safe was so full of cash, no one knew or notices the cash was being filtered out. Presumably, the reason the casino only noticed it was $13 million short was that the New Year just ticked over into 2021 and someone ordered a count.

Right now, authorities believe that the inside person was the Malaysian women, but they are also sure she had help. The particular bank notes stolen would weigh up to 280 Kgs in total, which would need significant logistics to ship that amount of cash. However, no one knows where the Malaysian women may be hiding out, and there are no leads as to who may have helped her. The only saving grace that authorities do have is that the remaining $2 million is likely still in the country, as the latest pandemic has made travelling out of South Korea difficult.

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