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Evolution is back in the headlines via its Crazy Time game show title! This time it is not another award, which more are sure to, but a unique 8 minute Crazy Time documentary that covers the making of the studio’s most popular live game show title, which is also Evolution’s most expensive creation to date.

Crazy Time hit the Evolution platform soon after Monopoly Live won the ‘Game of the Year’ award in the 2020 Gaming Intelligence and EGR awards, while Monopoly Live itself came to light in 2019, thus winning the prestigious award the next year. This engaging documentary covers why Evolution released the Crazy Time title so soon after its award-winning Monopoly Live title, the decisions involved in bringing the game to life, technical aspects, and overall development.

Evolution also validates the brief gap in time between the release of Monopoly Live and Crazy Time by using lessons learnt by listening to feedback from the players – one of the many reasons the brand is so successful! After Evolution live casino players gave their full support for the Monopoly Live title, which is brilliant by the way, it was clear that players loved the bonus round, and so feedback from the award-winning title was a defining influence for Crazy Time—it all pointed towards player demand for another wheel of fortune title with even more bonuses and multipliers!

It just so happens Evolution already had Crazy Time in the pipeline, but the concept was not entirely complete even when it was a feature of the ICE 2020 London Evolution Gaming showpiece. We knew then Crazy Time was on the horizon! As the documentary gives us lowdown on the development and allows to meet the faces behind the game’s inauguration, we also get clips of the game in action, bonus, animations, and the hosts presenting the game!

Prepare to be Enlightened!

In case you thought designing a wheel of fortune game is an easy feat, think again! This 8 minute Crazy Time documentary by Evolution talks about the thought that went into even the smallest of details for the game. From how much a coin should bounce, or whether it should be plastic or metal, to creating the gaming environment itself, theme, and costumes.

All you have to do is look at the Crazy Time game title and just watch the game in action. Every detail, every bonus feature, the movement of the wheel, the studio, how the bonus games work, and even the fun Crazy Time logo required expertise, creativity, and mechanics to come to together to bring what is yet another award-winning Evolution game title to our screens.

Meet the Evolution Team Up Close!

If you were hoping for Crazy Time action documentary and ‘how to play’ guidelines, the 8 minute Crazy Time documentary by Evolution is not about advertising the gameplay so much. Instead, you get to see how the game’s concept grew from start to finish. Plus, you get to meet the team behind the creation of Crazy Time, which is quite refreshing because often brands are faceless, but not Evolution!

Todd Haushalter, the Chief Product Officer, plays a prominent role in the documentary. He was recently the face of the ‘How to Play Craps’ video released by Evolution and other brand videos. He always comes across as a sharp shooting intellectual and a smooth operator—most certainly a suave individual who suits the Evolution brand image perfectly!

However, what makes this documentary special is Todd steps aside this time around and passes the baton over to give us a look at some other interesting personalities working at Evolution.

Natalija Rizka, the product owner, who comes across as a bubbly character but also someone that means business. She is seems to be the one with coffee in the morning getting everyone together and kick-starting the brainstorming sessions she loves so much! She also comes across as fun gives as she gives her take on how Crazy Time came to our screens. What is clear is that she enjoyed the social aspect of designing the game and her passion shines through in the gameplay!

We also get to meet Ludis Reklaitis, the ‘Technical Operations Manager for Latvia and Lithuania’, who as you would expect from a technical operations manager is an intelligent young guy who knows his stuff when explaining how the mechanical side to the game created challenges and how the team overcame them.

The fourth personality we meet is the upbeat and enthusiastic ‘Acting Head of the Product Design Department’ Boris Utimisovs. He explains the growth of the game, the hard work involved, and how Crazy Time eventually evolved into what he describes as ‘magic’.

We definitely recommend checking out the documentary, especially if like us, you are a fan of Crazy Time. It’s always great to get insights into those behind the creation of Evolution’s live dealer platform. As Todd Haushalter says to wrap up the documentary, the Evolution team really is made up of a group of brilliant people, all of them specialists in what they do, and we have to say we could not agree more. Evolution’s games, attention to detail, added features, and software are all undeniably first class, and is why the firm has won the EGR B2B Awards 11 years running!

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