888 Made to Play Campaign

888 Launches Made to Play Campaign in the UK. This strategy aims to unify all the company’s top brands, including the 888poker, 888sport, and 888casino. (Photo by fabio on Unsplash)

888 is an industry leader in the gambling industry without a doubt, considering its experience in the field spans over two decades. However, this has not stopped the live casino operator from reaffirming users’ trust.

With the recent Made to Play campaign, 888 is making an effort to unite its leading brands under one consistent message. These brands are 888poker, 888casino, and 888sport.

What’s more, the company stated that the recent campaigns aim to unite individuals and businesses under one individual shared vision.

For a start, the recent campaign of the company will kick off in the UK. To this end, it will leverage its numerous digital channels, ranging from TV and social media.

It will introduce adverts that will air for several weeks. In addition to the UK, 888 has plans to introduce its groundbreaking campaign to other markets too. Knowing this, the company has not confirmed if Made to Play will be introduced to other major markets.

888’s VP of Strategic Marketing Tags the Launch and Important Step

Sivan Finn Shalev, 888’s VP of strategic marketing, had the following to say: Our Made to Play Master brand plan is a crucial step for us, as it merges all the powerful brands that we have developed over time under the same message that points out why 888 is different from the others out there and why customers love playing our games.

888 Aims to Extend into More Markets

888’s recent master brand strategy is not surprising. This is because it recently published its yearly financial results for the year 2021, where it recorded major revenue growth. Here, the company subtly made it known that it was going to start the Made to Play strategy. 888’s CEO, Itai Panzer, stated that the company will re-establish the 888 brands under a master brand strategy known as Made to Play, which will leverage the foundation of their renowned poker campaign going by the same name.

Also, the group experienced a 15% boost in revenue, which amounted to $980.1million. This was as opposed to its earnings in 2020, which was $849.7 million. In addition to the growth experienced in 2021, the company made it known that it had plans to kick off its services in numerous areas this year. Even though the company stated that it had made plans to break into the Ontario market, it also had plans to enter more US jurisdictions. Another option for 888, which is certainly going to be profitable, is to enter the Netherlands under a regulated market. The company has shown consistently that it has no problems with offering quality results.

Right now, we can only anticipate its next move, but from the look of things, we won’t be surprised if something major happens before the quarter of the year. When this happens, we will be sure to update you here.

888 Current Live Dealer Set-Up Included in 888casino + William Hill Operations & Mr Green

The 888 live casino operations should also be part of the Made to Play Campaign in the UK. The 888 live casino review here on Live Casino Central falls under the 888casino brand. However, we don’t hear much about the William Hill International brand or Mr Green Casino, which operates under William Hill International. We know that 888 Holdings purchased all European assets from Caesars Entertainment, but there is very little mention of 888 Holding’s involvement.

Maybe the best policy is to keep the brand names separate for now keeping loyal William Hill fans with the WillHill brand without disrupting its market share. After all, it is a win-win for 888 as any market share that is taken over by the William Hill platform is effectively market share still owned by 888 Holdings, and vice versa.



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