Andrew Moreno wins $1,460,106 in 2021 Wynn Millions

Andrew Moreno wins $1,460,106 in 2021 Wynn Millions. The players were at the final table for approximately 11 hours before Monero won. (Image Source: Image by Amol Tyagi on Unsplash)

The ten thousand dollars buy-in, ten million dollars, GTD Wynn Millions closed on Saturday as the final 9 players played down to a winner from the 1,328 entries received.

Players were at the final table for approximately 11 hours and it was Andrew Moreno who walked away with the 1,460,106 dollars prize money and title in the end. The winner had made a post on social media a few hours before the start of the Wynn Millions where he explained that his plans for April were to focus on studying and playing live poker tournaments.

Andrew added that he created two goals for himself which were to grow his career earnings to more than $1,000,000 and he was able to achieve this feat with the most recent win he got at the Venetian 1,100 dollars buy-in where he came out top in a pool of 637 players and won 127,740 dollars.

According to the post, Andrew’s second goal was to get the elusive 7 figure cash he has always been chasing so he got the help of a tournament coach (anonymous) to accomplish his goal. Andrew added that he is very delighted to be working with the coach and he also specially thanked his wife, Kristy Moreno for being a great team member.  The last part of the post was a shout-out to his little man (expected child) as he admonished him to be cool when he becomes a teenager and get ready to be in a winner’s photo with his parents as he already cashed in the tournament. Andrew Moreno, husband of Kristy Arnett, a former hostess at PokerNews was able to achieve his second goal in the just concluded Wynn Millions.

Statement from Andrew Moreno

Speaking on his victory at the Wynn Millions tournament, Moreno noted that

He is grateful above all else as he started the final table 7th in chips. He added that it was really important to him to declare what he wanted to do because he believed in himself and wanted to hold himself accountable.

Final  Results for the 2021 Wynn Million

Position Player Prize (US$)
1st Andrew Moreno (USA) 1,460,106
2nd Clayton Maguire (USA) 1,443,757
3rd Toby Lewis (UK) 1,235,204

Moreno further expresses shock that everything happened so quickly and he added that he will be playing through and up until the WSOP till his son is born after which he will take a nice long well-deserved break. In his closing remark, the winner noted that he will always remember the huge win and that he is excited to have his people there with him.

According to The Hendon Mob, Moreno has 1,056.155 dollars as his lifetime earnings before the win as he finished the 22
nd place in MSPT Venetian 1,600 dollars Main Event in June for 18,627 dollars and also finished 6th in San Diego MSPT Sycuan Casino in May for 20,281 dollars. Moreno later broke through with a huge win that became the 4th biggest score of his career at the #58:1,100 dollars Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series Event UltimateStack for 127,740.

Furthermore, Moreno finished in the 28th position in 2015 at the WSOP Main Event winning 211,821 dollars and also finished 6th in the #41: 1,500 dollars WSOP Event Monster Stack in 2016 winning a career-high 219,632 dollars. Moreno was very close to getting gold in WSOP in March 2019 when he was the runner-up only behind Sean YU winning 130,295 dollars in the WSOP Bicycle Casino 1,700 dollars Main Event.

Final Table Action

53 hands were played before the first elimination in the final table which took place when Lion Yiming Lee lost with king-queen added to Julian Milliard-Feral’s pocket sevens. Joe Kuether, a professional poker player bowed out after an additional 24 hands were played after shoving the little blind with queen-4 and was not able to get there before Jaime Cervantes who called with ace-seven from the big.

The next person that got eliminated despite that win was Cervantes as he went Hand #88 after he lost a huge flip to Toby Lewis’ Big Slick with pocket queens. Lewis later displaced Philip Shing in 6th place after he shoved the little blind with king-8 and held against Shing who called off with jack-9 suited.  Clayton Maguire held a close 2:1 chip lead over Salim Admon and Lewis at the dinner break while Milliard-Feral and Moreno sat on the short stacks. However, Milliard-Feral soon lost in a flip situation when his ace-queen was not able to get there against Lewis’ pocket of tens but then Moreno started climbing out of his hole.

Moreno’s pocket queens later held against Salim Admon’s pocket nines in a crucial hand to send Salim out of the game in 4th place. With this hand, Moreno got a stack to battle against Lewis and Maguire, so the idea of the deal was soon discussed without further ado. Each of the last 3 players standing locked up the 7-figure score and shaved 10 percent of the prize pool to keep on playing because the winner will earn 313,000 dollars while 100,907 dollars goes to the runner-up.

Maguire began the final table as the leader of the chip and later went on to dispatch Lewis and set up a heads-up contest against Moreno, who in turn had the former on the ropes after getting a double to become the chip dealer. Maguire got his stack in the final hand with ace-king but later fell to Moreno’s ace-queen after both queens showed up on the board. In Moreno’s words, he lauded the event especially with the room and structure making it the best he has ever played. Moreno added that the floors hearken to the players and there was an open-ended conversation at all times to make everything about the tournament perfect.

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