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‘Australian ISPs have been ordered to block 4 online gambling IP addresses! Are Aussie authorities forcing players to unlicensed gambling?’ (Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash)

Bad news down under and for some of our readers as news reports confirm that Australian ISPs have been ordered to block a further 4 online gambling IP addresses! The Australian government has relentlessly issued bans on numerous European-operated online casinos and sportsbooks for over 2 years now. And the exercise continues with recent news reports confirming that 4 more online casinos are now on the Australian authority’s radar!


Australian citizens that are members of Ozwin Casino, Pokie Place, Bao Casino, and Reels of Joy, 4 online casinos that heavily angle their marketing to attract Aussie players, are about to have their IPs blocked after the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issued a forced ISP-wide ban. Therefore, it is time to get your money out if you still have the chance!

These sites will join a long list of bans applied to other overseas virtual casino establishments such as earlier banned brands like Aussie Play, Golden Reels, Play Croco, and All Spins Win—another set of websites also renowned for targeting Australian casino players and sports betting fans.

Forced IP Blocks: When the ACMA issues IP blocks, it means all ISPs in the country must legally comply within a short timeframe. If caught allowing these IPs to continue, fines will ensue, and as the ISPs have no connection with these casinos, there is little chance of any rhetoric from the ISPs!

Australian Government Makes Blocking Online Gambling IPs a Top Priority

The Australian government has been exercising its right to block IPs belonging to overseas online gambling websites since November 2019. It is estimated that over the last 2 years alone, authorities have successfully forced all ISPs in the country to block in excess of 130 websites either licensed by Curacao eGaming or unlicensed.

Anti-gambling groups say that because the licensing authorities are not based in Australia players are not protected, and if a player Vs casino dispute were to arise, it is unlikely that the player has any legal rights. Although in some respects this is true in the case of licensed casinos, the theory is an inward one as licensing authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority protect citizens under EU consumer rights laws regardless of where the casino member is resident. The same player mediation and casino dispute resolution services are available to non-Eu citizens as they are to EU citizens!

The end of licensed gambling down under? One of the reasons these websites are still targeting Australia is because casinos under the Curacao eGaming license do not need to deny Australian citizens from signing up. Meanwhile, other licensing authorities such as MGA specifically deny any casinos it regulates the opportunity to target the Australian market!

Can Players Duck the Current IP Blocks and Use VPNs

There is always the option of gambling online from Australia via a VPN, but the risk here is that most online casinos have specific terms and conditions in places that forbid VPN connectivity, and if caught, members could have any winning forfeited!

The only way around the predicament is for casinos that argue that it is their rite of passage to offer players in Australia online gambling services, i.e., those that believe in freedom of speech and free will would need to offer a specific VPN gambling service which is something that some online casinos are likely to consider now the Australian authorities are stepping up their efforts to block IPs from known online gambling entities.

Scary times ahead? VPN gambling at unlicensed cryptocurrency websites is already growing in popularity in Australia, and those that already gamble online at any of the blocked licensed online casinos will likely be forced into a fast-growing global online casino black market!

Are Aussie authorities forcing players to unlicensed gambling?

The future of online gambling in Australia is unclear. If you were to ask most people’s opinions, the Australian government is opening the doors to VPN gambling offered by unlicensed online casinos. And Aussies will gamble, as it’s a countrywide tradition.

Harsh laws may be counterproductive: In the end, it seems the harsh laws towards online gambling in the US will push more people towards unlicensed sites not protected by any license and in the end in a nation where gambling is part of the culture; the government is setting its citizens up to take more risks to gamble online with no protection—it is a serious issue that needs addressing urgently!

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