Baccarat Evolution Released by Yggdrasil

Baccarat Evolution Released by Yggdrasil & Darwin Gaming, an RNG baccarat variation that offers an innovative Peak & Reveal feature! (Image from Baccarat Evolution Released by Yggdrasil)

If you’re a fan of Baccarat and have not had too much luck on the live tables lately, the news that Darwin Gaming has launched Baccarat Evolution via the Yggdrasil’s YG Masters program might just appeal!

Designed to provide slick performance across mobile devices and for those who prefer to play this high roller favourite for low stakes, this RNG variation of Baccarat is worth a look. Plus, if you do like higher stakes, there is Evolution Baccarat VIP which was released at the same time. The game is identical except for the addition of VIP on the name and the fact it allows higher stakes than the other version.

So what allows Baccarat Evolution, Darwin Gaming’s first title since joining the YG Masters program last year, to stand out from similar RNG Baccarat titles? The title features all the classic elements of the infamous card game, so there is nothing new in that department.

The innovative Peak & Reveal feature is the key selling point of this title. Using your mouse or simply swiping up on your touchscreen device, you can take a peek at your cards and slowly reveal them in much the same way as the live baccarat dealers do on Evolution’s Baccarat Squeeze tables.

Other appealing features include the ability to customise how Baccarat Evolution looks, a turbo mode that delivers quicker results, and an intuitive user interface. When you load up the game, you can choose from playing in a Light, Classic, or Dark theme.

Nuno Goncalinho, Darwin Gaming’s CEO, said upon the dual release of Baccarat Evolution and Baccarat Evolution VIP:

“As a new and upcoming studio, we are very proud to release Baccarat Evolution alongside Yggdrasil. We are very confident that players will enjoy this captivating Baccarat game.”

Stuart McCarthy, Yggdrasil’s Head of Product & Programs also expressed his delight when he said:

“We are extremely excited to partner with Darwin Gaming to release this exciting new twist on Baccarat. Innovation in this area can often prove difficult as players prefer traditional gameplay, but Baccarat Evolution is truly fantastic and offers a brand new experience for those who really enjoy playing this popular card game.”

Live Casino Baccarat Compared to Darwin Gaming’s Baccarat Evolution Table Game

There are obvious reasons we prefer live casino games over RNG virtual table games such as this latest release by Darwin Gaming. As you will know, the games are played live in real-time in the same way as at land-based casinos. We get to watch the action via a stream and the hands are determined by the laws of physics rather than an RNG (random number generator).

However, there are reasons some players prefer RNG-based casino table games. For starters, they can play the game at their own pace. Playing baccarat live involves timers that you have to act by. That is not the case with virtual titles as you can make your action whenever you see fit. Also, virtual casino tables do not use as many system resources, so if you’re playing on a mobile device, in particular, you’re unlikely to get interrupted by lag.

The biggest reason, though, is the lower stakes you can play for. Baccarat is a favourite with high rollers and therefore you will not find a live variation of this game with stakes lower than €1 (or currency equivalent). Some virtual variations let you play for a fraction of that at around €0.20 per bet.

Baccarat Evolution actually has a min bet of €0.50 rising to a max bet of €35. So this is a bit higher than some variations of virtual Baccarat. Also, the VIP version of this game lets you bet from €5 up to €350.

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