BC.GAME Gets Curacao License

BC.GAME Gets Curacao License. It will stand solid alongside other partners and firms in the crypto gaming industry.(Image  by Amit Lahav on Unsplash)

Licensing is essential for gaming firms and casinos as it makes their games legal, safe, and secure. This is why many firms in the gaming industry seek licenses from the top regulators in their respective jurisdictions. These regulators issue licenses to the firms after they have passed the required criteria.

There are many popular and renowned licenses out there such as those gotten from Malta Gaming Company, UK Gambling Commission among others. Curacao Interactive Licensing (CIL) N.V also makes the list as it is globally acknowledged. The Curacao government gave (CIL) N.V oversight roles along with three other master operators; Gaming N.V (JAZ/365), Antillephone N.V (JAZ/8048), and E-Gaming N.V (JAZ/1668).

CIL’s excellent reputation makes it stand out among other casino licenses especially for its strict, responsible, and trustworthy licensing protocol. Any casino that holds a Curacao license is certified to have complied and adhered to all applicable rules and regulations. As BC.GAME has now been awarded a Curacao license, it will stand solid alongside other partners and firms in the crypto gaming industry.

What Does This New License Mean For BC.GAME?

Similarly, the new license will further strengthen BC.GAME’s belief of offering its users a provably and optimal fair gaming experience as well as complete security. Furthermore, BC.GAME can now provide its players with improved services such as easier integration of new currencies (like crypto), highly renowned providers, bigger rewards from games, and even better games among other things. This is possible because the Curacao license will allow for richer opportunities and access to crypto gaming platforms. The implication of the new Curacao license to the community is a better platform with a wide range of game offerings promising a fantastic gaming experience that can be trusted. For BC.GAME, acquiring the Curacao license in addition to its existing license will raise its position in the global market and help it to gain more recognition while strengthening its standing in the Best Crypto Casinos standing.

BC.GAME was the first casino to back the Bitcoin Lightning Network; the crypto casino now has a strong determination to reach a compliance standing that is globally recognized. It hopes to attain this goal in the nearest future as it is just getting started with the Curacao license obtainment. BC.GAME first uploaded the new Curacao license to the IPFS, the decentralized storage blockchain, and imprinted it into an NFT in compliance with the EC-721 standard. The license was then transferred to the casino’s ENS bcgame.eth account to ensure its security.

As a pioneer, BC.GAMES has shown the possibilities and flexibility of blockchain following its decision to lock the Curacao Interactive License sub-license in the IPFS before it imprinted it as an NFT. Regulators and users across the globe can now view the new license – an efficiency win especially as governments all over the world have stepped up, going silent on crypto entities. BC.GAMES has expressed its delight with the acquisition of the CIL and also extended profound gratitude to its loyal players who have been amazing over the years, pushing the casino to greater heights by being part of every achievement. The firm also appreciated the players for their unwavering support and trust, lauding them as the reason why the company can achieve such feats. BC.GAME explained that it has a goal of offering the best crypto casino game experience beset with good times, fun, and huge winnings to its players. The firm however encourages the players to verify all its offerings to further boost their trust.



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