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‘Ben Craig Wins Ballys Main Event Mania Taking Down the $1,500 Tourney!’ (Image Source:

Ben Craig completed an epic turnaround to come out on top at the final table of the Bally’s Main Event Mania $1,500 Main Event. Having scraped his way onto the 8-man final table in last place and up against several huge stacks, he managed to work his way back up the chip counts before finally claiming the title. The $25,834 that Craig bagged for winning this event now brings his career tournament cashes up to $118k.

Craig played with patience early in the tournament, while others were throwing their chips around in an attempt to make it to the final table and the paying positions. He may have rued that decision as he looked around and discovered he was one of the short stacks, but he stuck to his game plan. 

Once on the final table, Pete Dailey, Lewis Robledo, and Vinny Lama were the big stacks, and each looked comfortable for strong finishes. That proved to be true as they ended up in the final four alongside Craig who at this point, was still the shortest stack. 

This was not to be for long, however, as a Q-J all-in against Viny Lima with J-J resulted with a Queen spiking on the turn and doubling him up. He would take Lima’s last chips shortly after, and the table was now down to three.

Now with a stack to play with, Craig could get into the enormous pots he had previously been avoiding. Running hot would have helped too, as many hands were now going his way. After taking out Robledo in a huge hand, he now found himself heads up and with a big chip advantage.

This was an opportunity he would not take lightly, and it did not take him long to dispose of his opponent. Winning several big hands and bullying Dailey off of a few others, the chips finally went in with Craig coming out the winner.

Ben Craig admits that it is his dream to turn pro and that he has attempted this on a few occasions in the past without much success. Perhaps another attempt will give him the result he is looking for?  

The Final Standings:

  • 1st: Ben Craig – $25,834
  • 2nd: Pete Dailey – $15,964
  • 3rd: Lewis Robledo – $10,467
  • 4th: Viny Lima – $7,195
  • 5th: Terry Fleischer – $5,196
  • 6th: Mike Shin – $3,954
  • 7th: Daniel Sepiol – $3,178
  • 8th: Ryan Lenaghan – $2,708

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