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The New Pirate Theme Version of War on Bets Live Casino game by Bet Game.TV is Now Available!(image source:

The Bet live dealer studio introduces a new version of its War of Bets live casino game with fresh features and tons of additional functionalities available across multiple platforms.

War of Bets is (as Bet describes it) a ‘chart-topping favourite’ and an amazingly simple game to play. There are amazingly simple strategies attached to the gameplay while the game also has shifting odds as the game progresses through 2 levels with multiple betting options, which is why it became immensely popular in the first place.

As Bet research team realised the higher demand for multi-platform gaming for its live dealer games, the team redeveloped the game for HTML5 gameplay. Players can now access and stream the War of bets live casino game hosted by a live dealer to their web browser on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and other web browsers on mobile operating systems.

As per the original, Bet made sure that desktop and laptop players still have full access to wide-screen options included. While the entire betting interface for the game received an update giving players a smoother gameplay experience with enhanced player dwell time.

What is ‘War of Bets’?

When players enter the War of Bets studio, they come face to face with a pirate’s ship theme. The game streams to player’s devices via Ulta-HD webcams in real-time and there is a real-life dealer dealing live cards so there is no RNG or Provably Fair algorithm required.

The game plays out using 6 decks, and the game plays out much like Dragon Tiger which is a derivative of Baccarat. War of Bets is by and large the same concept but with a unique name and with a slight twist to the gameplay as unlike Baccarat or Dragon Tiger, it has a second round of betting that gives players brand-new odds ponder on!

The game’s simplicity and exciting ‘changing odds’ add-on coming from the second betting phase was something that Bet players could not do without, and so War of Bets is back!

A Simple & Very Popular Casino Game With 2 Betting Rounds

In the first round of betting, players bet on the ‘Player’ or ‘Dealer’. At this point, the payout odds will show as even payout 1-1 for ‘Player’ and ‘Dealer’ bets.

Once all bets are down, both positions eventually receive a single card. The one with the highest card wins the initial betting round.

The Ace is the highest card in the game, picture cards are next, and the remaining card values are according to their printed number. Therefore, Kings beat 10s, Aces beat all other cards, and so on. And like Baccarat, there is also a ‘Tie’ bet option. However, rather than 8-1 payouts, ‘War of Bets’ gives its players a huge 13-1 payout.

  • Dealer – 2.05
  • Player – 2.05
  • Tie – 13.00

Those that placed their bet on the winning side receive even odds on their wins!

Where does the second round of betting come in?

Here comes the twist. There is an optional second round of betting which plays out after the ‘Player’ position receives its card. The original pre-player card odds displayed will change, giving players the chance to bet again before the ‘Dealer’ card comes out.

Naturally, if the player receives a ‘10’ card, then the chances of the ‘dealer’ position winning are slim, and the odds reflect this. Players that bet on the ‘dealer’ despite the ‘10’ card’s higher probability of winning will receive longer odds.

For example, if the player receives a ‘7’ then the odds for the first round of betting shown above will change to:

  • Dealer—1.70
  • Player—2.44
  • Tie—17.05

Players can bet on any of these options for the second round of betting. There are also multiple wagering options so players can change the amount of your bet for the second bet so its not like a double down in blackjack where you have to bet the same amount again.

The new version of the game is already available at live casinos with the Bet list of live dealer games which includes Bet on Poker, Bet on Baccarat, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Dice, Wheel of Fortune, and Speed 7 all now HTML5 ready and available on mobile devices. The firm also holds Curacao and UK Gambling Commission licences.

You can try the demo game here and check out the video below from the BetGamesTV YouTube channel!

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