BetConstruct Live Baccarat Tournament

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It’s time to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and what better way to do it than with the most popular card game in Asia. News of the BetConstruct Live Baccarat 15000 Euro promo came courtesy of the live casino manufacturer’s Twitter account. At BetConstruct live casinos, the live baccarat bonus is now underway and will continue until 22 February. Just check out the Tweet below. Players will play baccarat during the promotional period and receive leader points according to the Single Win/Single Bet formula used on previous BetConstruct Baccarat promotions.

Tournament Points System

Players will need to make bets and put together consecutive wins to earn points on the leader board. The minimum bet is €2 to qualify for leader board points, and those that bet the highest numbers and win are going to build points the fastest.

For example, player 1 may win 4 times, and his/her win totals each time was 8, 8, 8, 8 as the player is presumably making bets of 4 per turn and winning 8. In this case, the point total comes to 32 (8+8+8+8). However, another player betting 10 per turn could win 2 bets at 1-1. Each bet pays 20 and in return, the player earns 20 x2 points totalling 40 leaderboard points. Despite the lesser number of bets, the second player earns more points for betting a higher amount and winning. Similarly, a third player may have a bet of 5 of the ‘Tie’ and win. This has an 8-1 payout, and the player earns 45 points in return (40 for the win and the 5 unit bet in return).

Getting Into a Paying Position on the Leaderboard

This is one of those tournaments where high stakes players will probably run away with the top spots naturally. While lower stakes players that want to keep up with their high stakes counterparts will need to bet considerably more often and play for longer! As for the €15,000 prize pool, this is to be divided across the top spots with first place taken the lion’s share of the winnings. All winnings are paid to players half into their cash account and the other half as bonus money with casino bonus terms applied. Players can use their bonus at BetConstruct Live casinos, Vision Casino, and on any FashionTV products!

BetConstruct 2021 So Far!

This is the first time news of anything live casino related to BetConstruct has hit the newswires this year. It seems all quiet on the western front as the old saying goes. However, anything can happen in this business and we are still awaiting the first new live dealer game title, or game titles, to hit the BetConstruct platform. In fact, the only live dealer brand to announce a new game release this year so far is the new kid on the block Quik Gaming with its attractive Lotto Roulette Live, which uses a lotto machine to dig out numbers instead of a roulette wheel. Also out of Quick Gaming live studios is Roulette SuperBlocs title.

Other than Quik Gaming, Pragmatic Play looks like it will be the first out of the blocks in 2021 amongst the big named brands on the live casino circuit with its brand-new Mega Roulette title, which is already piloting in some LATAM casinos while we will need to wait another 2 weeks before it’s officially for the rest of the world!

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