BetConstruct Releases Free Bet Blackjack

BetConstruct Releases Free Bet Blackjack. This blackjack table comes with a 98.45% RTP and players can play some splits and double for free. (Image Source: – BetConstruct)

According to recent information on its Twitter page, BetConstruct has released Free Bet Blackjack for live casino players. This blackjack table provides specific wagers to players free of charge and adds to the other nine live casino games recently released by BetConstruct. Since this developer is not new to developing live casino games, you can expect quality streaming along with professional, engaging, and polite dealers. These dealers make the game fun and hold a conversation with players without compromising the overall gameplay quality.

This blackjack table comes with a 98.45% RTP and players can play specific splits and double without any extra charge. What’s more, when a dealer draws 22, it is now deemed a push, and the dealers land on soft 17 always. Once the dealer gets a blackjack, they will look at each card and allow you to place an insurance bet. Lastly, you can expect to see four side bets in this blackjack variant.

Free Bet Blackjack by BetConstruct: How to play

To play this blackjack variant, you will need to first choose a coin value ranging from $1 -$1000. Once you do, you place it on the board. You have a variety of options at this point, as you can decide to play side bets or wager everything on the main bet. However, you can only win from side bets if you have wagered on them beforehand. Once you have placed all your wagers, you will need to hold on for the timer before the dealer will start drawing cards once more.

Then, you will be offered two cards alongside an indicator that gives you an idea of what most players must have chosen. If the circumstance is right, the dealer checks for blackjack and gives you the option of playing an insurance bet. If this is not the case, you will be offered the opportunity to stand, hit, split, or double. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for all your splits or doubles as you get some for free playing this game. But if you want more, you will then be required to pay an additional sum.

Once your round ends, the dealer shows their face-down card, and if required, they keep drawing till they land on a soft 17. Then, your cards are compared with that of the dealer, and you win if you have 21 or a number close to it. But if you go over 21, or the dealer is nearer to 21, you lose. Unlike the typical blackjack game, pushing the dealer to go beyond 21 will lead to a push instead of a win.

More Amazing Features of The Free Bet Blackjack

You get a free double if your hand consists of a hard 9, 10, or 11. Here, a hard card implies that the cards you have on hand don’t include an Ace. You should also note that a free double is not always to your benefit, and you should only take it if the two cards you have in hand are more than the Face-up cards of the dealer.

Asides from these, there are four side bets available in this game which include:

  • Any Pair: This pays for your first two cards as a pair. The payout for a suited pair is 25:1
  • Hot3: This checks if the face-up card of the dealer, along with your first two cards, make up 19, 20, or 21. The payout for 3 sevens is 100:1.
  • 21+3: This helps in forming a three-card poker hand with your initial two cards, along with the face-up card of the dealer. The most profitable card combination is the Suited Trips, which offers a payout of 100:1.
  • Bust It: To win, get the dealer to burst beyond three cards. However, you get a payout of 250:1 if you get the dealer to burst with 8 cards.

Payouts in Free Bet Blackjack

The Free Bet Blackjack comes with a 98.45% RTP and offers a less frequent payout than the typical blackjack table. Nonetheless, you still get a 3:2 payout when you land a blackjack. But you will get most of the largest wins from the side bets, which reduces the RTP even further.

Wrapping Up BetConstruct Releases Free Bet Blackjack News

The BetConstruct Free Bet Blackjack is a game that offers a lot of freebies for players. If you love the standard blackjack game, you should have no problem understanding this game and landing some decently sized payouts in the process.



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