BetConstruct Sets Up Hands-Do

BetConstruct Sets Up Hands-Do. Hands-do is an innovative tool that excludes human errors in a live casino studio. (Image Source:

Developer of gambling and online betting software solutions, BetConstruct continues its giant strides in the iGaming industry even as the industry is at its peak. With the help BetConstruct is getting from SoftConstruct, its holding firm, it recently announced plans to introduce a fascinating innovation for the area of live casino software and hardware via Hands-Do.

Statement from CEO and Founder of BetConstruct

Speaking on the development, BetConstruct’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Vigen Badalyan noted that:

Automation can achieve several tasks. The teamwork for an entire squad can be performed with just one press of a button as a robot can replace the work of humans.

Vigen explained that this premise forms the basis of inspiration for the BetConstruct team of engineers who went on to construct very special machinery to that effect. The new machinery is called Hands-Do. It is a robot dealer that performs functions like a real-life croupier. Hands-do is an innovative tool that excludes human errors in a live casino studio, thereby optimizing the work thereof. It also augments accuracy in dealing, provides an automated gaming experience 24/7, and helps operators to reduce expenses incurred on private halls and staff recruitment.

Statement from the Hands-Do Creator

Commenting on the innovation, the creator of Hands-Do, Levon Hambardzumyan pointed out that:

BetConstruct has a strong creative mindset and always strives for innovation. He added that the igaming industry pushes the firm to develop innovative software.

Levon revealed that the idea behind Hands-Do was birthed after long observation. He further explained that a dealer’s job is manual labour so BetConstruct thought to change the game using automation. The creator noted that Hands-Do was not developed to replace the player-human communication type as seen in live casinos. Rather, the innovation is aimed at attracting more players as it blazes the trail and supersedes expectations. No one would have thought of such unimaginable innovation before, so it is expected that players will embrace the new technology.

Dragon Tiger and Baccarat are the two pioneer games adapted for the new Hands-Do. However, BetConstruct can still adapt other games for Hands-Do as the technology allows for so much flexibility and creativity. The robotic arm design can also be modified in line with a custom request for individual branding. Hands-DO provides an exciting and unique gaming experience. It is a type of casino-player interaction that can be marketable towards players that desire extraordinary entertainment from their usual gaming routine.

This new development shows that the company is doing everything to remain at the top considering it just released a new live roulette game last month. Once this innovation becomes a reality, we feel the way live games work will change. We can’t wait to see how this pans out.


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