BetGames Branded Betway Lucky 7

Betgames and Betway team up to please lottery fans via a new dedicated studio featuring the popular Lucky 7 live dealer game title online! (Image from Courtesy of

Dedicated live casino games seem to be all the rage as of late, and the fad continues with BetGames confirming it will bring a branded version of its Lucky 7 lottery title to Betway live casino!

The new bespoke title is now officially live exclusive to members of the casino. Before its release, Betway used the BetGames Lucky 7 shared version of the title, which is accessed by 100s of online casinos and tens of thousands of players across the globe.

Lucky 7 uses unlimited technology, so there is no limit to the number of players that can connect to the game. That does beg the question as to why Betway feels it needs to usher in a branded live version of the game? There was never any queuing for the title, so the shared version did its job. However, branded games, even with unlimited technology, come with certain advantages.

For starters, when 100s of casinos are connecting to the same game, the community chat becomes saturated with comments. Now with the live version in play, only Betway customers who are fans of one of BetGames most successful lottery titles will be seen in the community chat. The game presenters can more easily pick out comments typed into the chat and answer thus meaning the branded version offers a more personalised experience.

Additionally, live casinos today jump at the chance at having their brand name with a live casino games studio personalised for the casino’s branding itself. It’s great advertising and a brand image building exercise. What’s more, is that many players in today’s iGaming environment are safe in the knowledge that if their preferred live casino has the financial backing to invest in dedicated studio solutions, the company is obviously commercially successful. In plain English, there’s little chance their casino will run into financial difficulty.

Interesting side note: Despite branding being a sign of financial security, it is in fact a moot point. The way iGaming businesses and licensing are set up with online gambling authorities, customer account balances are not part of any casino company’s balance sheet or cash flow forecast. In other words, the balances are not owned by the casino. Therefore, should casino bankruptcy become an issue, players’ balances are not part of any debt or overheads of the casino’s operator.

The licensing authority has power of attorney over the accounts and players are guaranteed to have their balance returned rather than being swallowed up in an asset liquidation or bankruptcy assessment process. [I just thought that was a point worth making at this point].

What is BetGames & Betway Lucky 7?

As with most lottery games, Lucky 7 is very easy to play. There are a number of betting combinations to stake with various odds attached to each. The highest payout you can earn is 2,000x your bet with odds of 2,000:1.

  • Low-Risk Bets: For low risk, lower return nets, you can bet on whether the numbers will be odd, even, green, red, blue, directly on a certain number appearing in the draw and more.
  • High-Risk Bets: For higher risk, high return bets, you can bet directly on a combination of numbers or colours appearing.

The game uses an automatic dispensing machine which is completely random – the same as you would see on your national lottery draws when broadcasted on territorial TV. There is a time period of 5 minutes between draws, so you have plenty of time to choose your bets. Meanwhile, there is a friendly, and usually very chatty presenter hosting the game, adding to the excitement.

Andreas Köberl – BetGames CEO Dr. remarked “Once more we’ve delivered a state of the art, one-of-a-kind product and studio for Betway. The fact that we’re on our third such project for them is testament to the trust they have in us to handle them effectively and supply a robust, engaging and flexible solution to their exact requirements.”

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