BetGames.TV Lottery Comes Back Stronger Than Ever

BetGames.TV Lottery Comes Back Stronger Than Ever. The quality this time will be far better than the previous ones. (Image by dylan nolte on Unsplash)

BetGames.TV, a leading supplier of live dealer betting games will offer its lottery products once again in the studio – Lucky Lottery. The quality this time will be far better than the previous ones as the supplier put the user in mind while redesigning the entire system.

This redesign is aimed at providing players with a pleasant and smooth experience and also increasing their interest. The supplier hopes that the effort it put into the redesign will be worth it and also keep people in the long term as well as serve to augment the popularity and earnings of the lottery.

What Has Changed in The New Lottery?

BetGames.TV has three existing Lucky Lottery game titles with each variant in the lottery machine carrying a different number of balls. Thus the number of balls selected in each round of the 3 lottery games is according to the selected number; that is Lucky 7 draws seven balls, Lucky 6 draws six balls, and Lucky 5 draws five balls. A player who wants to win will use different betting combination options. For instance, he can bet directly on evens, odds, numbers, and colour of balls or even a combination of all. 2,000-1 is the highest paying odds on Lucky 7, 90-1 on Lucky 6, and 1,000-1 on Lucky 5.  Each game kicks off every five minutes on a countdown timer, so players who want to get involved early must stay tuned to the BetGames.TV lobby and pick their colour or number combinations.

Now, BetGames.TV has reworked and redesigned the entire Lucky Lottery studios to exude a reliable and modern look while also improving the video quality of its 3 most famous games dramatically. BetGames.TV has set up many new cameras in the Lucky Lottery studios for all the auditors and end-user to conveniently get a full view of the production stage. At the start of a draw, the view will be switched to the main camera in the studio automatically to make it more convenient. There is more to the lottery than meets the eyes, as BetGames.TV has also been seeking to push its lottery products to the global stage by cracking down the language barrier to make it accessible for people from different countries with different languages across the globe. The supplier of betting games has ensured that players can now use pre-recorded videos to use an RNG-based technology or remote presenter.

Also, BetGames.TV has taken into account any potential issues that could arise with the Covid-19 pandemic by ensuring that the games can adapt quickly to outbreaks and continue from home if there is a need for another quarantine or lockdown which forces people to stay at home!

Statement From CEO of BetGames.TV

Speaking on the remodelling of the lottery, Chief Executive Officer of BetGames.TV, Andreas Koeberl expressed his delight with the massive upgrades carried out on the lottery. Koeberl made comments on the matter in an interview where he disclosed that BetGames.Tv is currently focusing its efforts on producing experiences that are worth the players’ time. He also promised that: Things will get better and that they will not let clients down as his firm will continue to work and focus its effort on making things as marketable and good as possible.

The CEO is strongly optimistic that the notable improvements made on the Lucky Number Lottery games will produce the desired impact and usher in a golden age. Koeberl hopes that the augmented experience will improve revenue, and bet counts while the people will also spend more time on the lottery.

BetGames.TV’s CEO further stated that: He looks forward to making the lottery a top powerhouse that is second to none in the market. The company embarked on a recruitment drive to get valuable human resources this spring and it seems they are using them in preparation to challenge a global market with the freshly improved lottery!


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