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‘BetGamesTV Dice Duel Full Screen Mode Update!’ (image source: demo.betgames.tv)

The BetGamesTV design team just announced ‘BetGamesTV Dice Duel Full Screen Mode’ version of the game now available to live dealer players on both mobile and desktop devices.

BetGamesTV was last year’s 2020 SBC winner of the Live Casino Supplier awards, and the firm continues as it means to go on by improving its live dealer games’ player experience – this time with its Duce Duel update!

BetGamesTV popular Dice Duel’s brand-new full-screen function rolls out tomorrow, 8 February 2020, players at BetGamesTV live casinos will have the full-screen version rolled out and ready to go.

Benefits of BetGamesTV Dice Duel Full Screen Mode Update

Live casino players saw the original version of Dice Duel hit updated in October last year. However, one of the nuances that remained was that the original version brought with it was the continuous scrolling to get the full gameplay experience. The full-screen mode does away with scrolls as bets and gameplay all intertwine, and the video gives players the full view of the game’s action.

The key benefits of this latest early 2021 update are

  • Now more scrolling down
  • Easier betting options interface
  • More interactive and immersive gameplay
  • Easier functionality and gameplay

Interactive Menu Makes for Smoother Gameplay

As BetGamesTV Dice Duel offers so many betting options, the interactive menu design needs to fit in a large amount of information and options.

When players turn on the full-screen option, the entire bet slip, recent bets, and other game-related options are available on a transparent interactive menu. The menu has several categories such as ‘Main + Odd/Even’, ‘Numbers’, and ‘Totals’. Players click on their desired category, but rather than flick to a new screen or require scrolling, the menu fades the previous information out and transitions to the newly selected information without the need to scroll.

This is basically a 1 touch menu option and it works super-fast so players can continuously flick across each category conveniently and quickly. It also fits the game perfectly as the menu sits as an overlay to the video or sits neatly at the bottom of the screen depending on your screen size.

What’s Next for BetGamesTV?

At the moment BetGamesTV has several unique interactive live casino table games that offer a unique live casino gaming experience. What makes BetGamesTV stand out from other live dealer studio brands is that during its launch into the iGaming arena, it steered away from the release of traditional roulette tables, sic-bo, and blackjack and brings brand-new ways to play live casino games to the table.

BetGamesTV Rock Paper Scissors was one of the latest of those one-of-a-kind table games no other live dealer manufacturer brand has dared to try. Last year the live developer updated its War on Bets title giving it a brand-new studio and theme. It is this differentiation strategy or approach to penetrating the global live casino market that makes the BetGamesTV brand stand out. Rather than challenging the likes of Evolution, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play Live, and Playtech Live with a different version of the same table game, BetGamesTV creates live games that add value by adding diversity to casino software aggregator platform and live casino game selections without-of-the-ordinary live dealer games.

BetGamesTV Live Game Selection
  • Speedy 7
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • War on Bets
  • 6+ Poker
  • Bet on Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Wheel
  • Lucky 7
  • Lucky 6
  • Lucky 5
  • Dice Duel

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