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In the latest BetGamesTV newsletter release, the firm brings to our attention its new ‘Live Dealer Rock Paper Scissors’ casino title which is the only live dealer game of its kind.

This is a simple game that brings the age-old game, now over 2000 years old, to the live casino tables streamed to you by webcam and BetGamesTV live casinos. This is a popular game to play while travelling, in a bar, or just to pass time, but you always need a friend to play. Well, not anymore because you can now log on to any BetGamesTV casino and you always have someone to play with on this 24/7 live dealer tables.

You can try out the BetGamesTV Rock Paper Scissors demo just for a bit of fun and watch the tutorial before getting down to the live-action betting for free. If you like what you see, then check out the live casinos in our Best Live Casinos section and read the casino tests where you will find BetGamesTV casinos!

Simple Gameplay Vs the Dealer – Excellent Rewards

The gameplay in the BetGame’TV live dealer version of live Rock Paper Scissors is arguably better than playing this game amongst friends. You get to play for money and chat with a live dealer via the game’s live chat function.

  1. There are 2 areas to play against the dealer – one on the left and one on the right which are the gold and silver zones
  2. Simply select rock, paper, or scissors in the silver zone to bet this area
  3. Select rock, paper, or scissors in the gold zone to bet this area
  4. There is a 24-card deck with 8 rock, 8 paper, and 8 scissor cards
  5. The dealer will deal 1 card to the silver zone on the left first
  6. The dealer wil then deal 1 card to the gold zone on the right
  7. All odds shown on the silver and gold zone are the mathematically outcome according to the probability of your bet becoming successful versus the amount you choose to bet

That is all there is to it. The game is interactive, simple to play, and one that is well-known across the globe. You can also apply betting strategies as the odds of winning are always 33.33% of 1 in 3 hands.

Other Fun Games with BetGameTV Demos

BetGameTV is well-known for its formidable live dealer platform, which is now an award-winning one. It won the ‘Rising Star in Casino Innovation’ in 2019 and then the ‘Bets Casino Platform Provider’ in 2020 at the SBC Awards. And you will start to see BetGameTV appear at more online casinos over the course of 2021.

Something we really like about this software provider is that many of its live dealer games come with a demo mode. Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Vivo Gaming, and Playtech Live do not have this option but BetGameTV knowns it needs to give players the chance to see what its platform has to offer which means you can play demo live dealer games from your desktop or mobile from the BetGameTV website.

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