Lightning Baccarat Big Win

‘Big Win on Lightning Baccarat Worth €143,588 At Evolution Studio!’ (Image Source:

Big win reports are coming out of the Evolution live dealer camp as the firm put up a second Tweet this week showing off yet another 6-figure pay-out form one of its speciality live casino games.

This week, Evolution’s Mega Ball live game hit headlines with €228,573 paid out over 2 big wins which reported on Twitter, and the firm has now returned to Twitter with news of another 6-figure win but this time from its Lightning Baccarat tables.

The total win reported was €143,588 which came courtesy of a rare ‘Tie Bet’ that came with a massive 1,600x multiplier. This is one of the biggest pay-outs from the lightning Baccarat table, which is part of the Evolution ‘Lighting’ collection – a brand of games celebrated by Evolution after its Lightning Roulette live dealer able earned the manufacturer the Innovation in Live Casino SBC Awards 2018 and Game of the Year at the EGR Operator Awards!

About Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat is a super-charged version of Baccarat that gives players the chance to play a regular version of the game, but with the addition of up to 5 ‘Lightning Card’ multipliers. The game selects these cards at random via an RNG before the hand begins, and the reason Lightning Baccarat is so popular is that taking part in the spoils of the multipliers comes with a mere 20% fee per bet to the player, so no side bets required.

All players need to do is just play their usual Baccarat strategy with the ever-looming chance of the dealer pulling out one of the multiplier cards. Typically, these multipliers are 2x up to 8x the player’s winnings if the multiplier card helps the player win the ‘Dealer’ or ‘Banker’ bet. With the recent €143,588, players that had their money on the ‘Tie Bet’, while 3 multiplier cards appeared in the hand with the ‘Jack of Hearts’ appearing twice. It just so happened that the Jack was the highest multiplier card (x8) leading to the eventual 1,600x multiplier!

How the hand played out!

If you are not already aware of how Lightning Baccarat or the game of baccarat works, we give you the lowdown in the next section. However, for now, let’s look at exactly how this hand played out to reach that massive 1,600x multiplier;

Multipliers before the deal:

  • King of Clubs (5x)
  • 10 of Diamonds (4x)
  • Jack of hearts (8x)

The original deal (3 Multiplier Cards):

  • Player: Ace of Spades (1) + Jack of Hearts (0) = Score: 1
  • Banker: King of Clubs (0) + Jack Hearts (0) = Score: 0

Additional Cards:

  • Player: Queen of Clubs (0) = Score: 1
  • Banker: Ace of Spades (1) = Score: 1

How the 5:1 Tie bet Multiplied:

  • King of Clubs (5x) = (5×8) = 25:1
  • Jack of hearts (8x) = (25×8) = 200:1
  • Jack of hearts (8x) = (200×8) = 1600:1

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