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The release date is not official, but there are rumours abound that Pragmatic Play Live is set to release its latest live gameshow in the first couple of weeks in July. Called Boom City, this will be the prolific iGaming developer’s first live entertainment game since the superb Sweet Bonanza CandyLand and the first live title since Live Speed Blackjack which was released last week.

Pragmatic Play Live first showcased Boom City at the 2022 London ICE Exhibition and has since been putting the finishing touches to a title that is expected to prove extremely popular at the live online casinos.

What will appeal about this title is that it is not a wheel of fortune style game. While titles such as Evolution’s Crazy Time and Monopoly Live, and Pragmatic’s own Sweet Bonanza CandyLand are great, it is nice to see something unique, and that is certainly what Boom City is. It uses two dice to determine the results while offering three bonus games and a maximum possible payout of 20,000x the stake.

While that top payout sounds amazing, achieving that takes a lot of luck and a set sequence of events. As for the RTP of Boom City, this is not official as of yet, but we expect it to fall in line with other live gameshows. Expect anything from 95% upwards.

I love it when a new live gameshow hits the online casinos. They usually offer a great social experience, plenty of fun, and the chance to win big payouts for relatively small outlays. If you are new to this live casino vertical, check out our live dealer page where you will learn all about live gameshows and other types of live dealer titles.

How to Play Pragmatic Play Live’s Boom City

The action on Boom City revolves around two dice and a 6×6 grid that contains 48 segments. The numbers that roll in will decide whether players win a multiplier of their stake (if they bet on that multiplier value), whether the game ends and all players lose, or whether players get to take part in one of the three bonus rounds (if they wagered on that bonus round).

Each value of between 1 and 6 on the gold dice will determine the vertical row on the grid, while the same applies to the blue dice and the horizontal column. Where the two lines intersect on that grid is the segment that wins the round. Multipliers get applied to players’ stakes that bet on them, while the bust symbol will end the game instantly.

It is the other special symbols that liven up the action. For a start, there are Power Up symbols that will remove the bust symbols and replace them with 1x multipliers. That symbol will also add random multipliers to other segments before the two dice are rolled again. It is possible to roll in Power Ups consecutively and this is where the multipliers and bonus rounds can be really juiced up. In fact, if Power Up symbols are hit five times in a row, this is when the 20,000x top payout becomes possible.

The 3 Lucrative Bonus Rounds on Boom City

As with any live gameshow that contains them, it is the bonus rounds that bring the most excitement (assuming you qualify for them). Much like on Pragmatic Play Live’s Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, Boom City offers three of them. It is these bonus rounds that can lead to the bigger payouts and where the tension really builds as players show their delight in the community chatroom.

Of course, to qualify for any of those bonus rounds, you must first wager on them before the round starts. Anyone that did not bet on a bonus round that is triggered will have to sit it out and watch as that bonus round finishes before they can play again.

Boom City Information/Instructions 

  • Phase 1 takes part on a 6×6 grid with 48 segments
  • Segments are filled with 1x, 2x, or 5x multipliers, red cross symbols (which end the game), Power Up Symbols, or the Boom or Bust, Dice Battle, and Lucky Drop bonus round symbols
  • Two dice (blue and gold) are rolled
  • Where the two numbers intersect on the grid is the winning square for the round
  • If a multiplier segment wins, players that bet on that multiplier will have their stake multiplied by that value.
  • If the Power Up segment is the winner, all bust fields on the grid are replaced by 1x multiplier segments. Also, other segments could receive random multipliers. The two dice are re-rolled with the new changes in effect.
  • If one of the bonus rounds wins, any player that wagered on that bonus round will now take part in the bonus feature.
  • Boom or Bust: This bonus feature offers similarities to Evolution’s Cash or Crash live gameshow as you’re faced with the decision to keep going or collect your winnings. This round again takes place on a 6×6 grid that has increased multipliers the further up the ladder you get. Each successful roll climbs a rung, but the further you get, the greater the risk of busting out. Safe Value symbols will protect against busting out while the Hyper Jump symbols catapult players to a multiplier value 6 levels up.
  • Dice Battle: This is the simplest of the bonus rounds, as it essentially involves picking one of the dice and hoping it lands a larger combined total from three rolls than the other. Players that bet on the winning colour will win that combined value as a multiplier of their stake. Plus, should the winning die roll in three sixes, winners receive a 500x multiplier of their stake. The losing side receives nothing.
  • Lucky Drop: This involves picking a die value from 1 to 6 and hoping that value lands often from 6 rolls of both dice. Each time the chosen value lands, the multiplier increases. If your chosen value lands five times in a row, you will receive a multiplier of between 250x and 500x.

As you can see, there is a lot to get excited about and I personally cannot wait to try out this new title. Boom City should hit the online casinos within a month, and once it does, we will be the first to let you all know.

Where to Play: Once Boom City is released; you will need to find yourself a Pragmatic Play live casino to enjoy it. If you are unsure of where to find one, simply read our casino reviews! We will tell you the casino that offers Pragmatic Play Live titles, whether you can deposit using EUR, CAD, INR, NZD, or ZAR fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and more!

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