Casumo Enlists Neccton

Casumo Enlists Neccton to help detect and assist problem gambling as quickly as possible. AI-based, the tool can detect triggers in real time. (Image from )

Casumo, a hugely popular Malta-based online casino, has enlisted Neccton, a leading developer of player protection software, to help the provider quickly identify problem gambling. The move is further evidence that Casumo Casino is committed to its player base and would rather put the protection of its players above profits.

You do not become a leading online casino by chance; it takes hard work, dedication, and a proper focus on delivering what your customers want. Many online casinos have fallen to the wayside for not understanding this. Casumo, on the other hand, has flourished because it does!

It is not just about filling up a platform with thousands of casino games or offering lucrative bonuses and promotions. Players obviously appreciate lots of choices, and value from promotions, but most would prefer a platform that is reliable, trustworthy, and offers fantastic customer support over any of that. Plus, if a player knows that a casino puts a strong focus on responsible gambling and implementing tools to help identify problem gambling, it shows that the casino’s operators have good morals.

Casumo knows this, and it has now brought in the Austria-based Neccton, who will provide expert help when it comes to player protection. The company has developed an AI-based software solution called Mentor that analyses player behaviour in real-time. It can detect the potential signs of problem gambling far quicker than most other solutions.

 Casumo Casino has been online since 2012 and has since earned a big reputation in the iGaming industry. The platform is considered among the most popular platforms and has won over a dozen industry awards from the likes of the EGR and IGA.

How Does Mentor Work?

This ground-breaking tool tracks players in real-time and takes quick action when it flags up the potential for problem gambling. Once it discovers that a player is behaving critically differently from usual, the Mentor tool will immediately contact both the casino operator so that it can take the required action, and the player.

An example might be that a player has considerably increased the size and frequency of deposits in a short space of time. This is a trigger that will lead to Mentor contacting the player to inform him about this increase and offer assistance or guidance. A player that has lost much more than usual but is still playing will also attract the attention of the AI-based software.

All in all, this is an impressive move by Casumo Casino and one that will help to keep the casino among the top platforms in the iGaming industry.

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