CoinsPaid and SoftSwiss Share Insights On The Growth Of Cryptogambling

CoinsPaid and SoftSwiss Share Insights On The Growth Of Cryptogambling. Both brands have recorded a rapid growth over the years in this market. (Image by Chris Liverani on Unsplash)

CoinsPaid and SoftSwiss, two pioneers and leading firms in the crypto gambling industry have recently shared their insights on the fast-growing crypto gambling market. Both brands have recorded a rapid expansion over the years as seen in the recent Q1 report from SotSwiss Game Aggregator which reported a 26% increase in crypto turnover at the end of March.

The current crypto turnover has increased to 31% to surpass the earlier figure recorded in March. This data further backs a strong trend in crypto gambling’s fast-paced growth as the share was rated just 6% as of the end of the first quarter of 2020 when it continued to overtake fiat.

Statement From CEO of CoinsPaid

Sharing his insight on the growth of the market, Chief Executive Officer of CoinsPiad, Max Krupyshev noted that:

There has been a steady increase in the number of transactions that have been processed through CoinsPaid services in 2019. He however noted that the firm recorded a 5times growth in volume in 2020 with increasing demand for crypto payment solutions constantly on the rise and does not seem to be backing down soon.

The CEO noted that there are still obstacles hindering the general acceptance of crypto although there have been tremendous improvements towards accepting crypto and acquiring crypto financial projects on a global level reflecting in CBCD development, new legal initiatives, and large financial institutions (which is more important to CoinsPaid). Krupyshev continued that the crypto processing market is gradually becoming more competitive with the race for the first pace still on in the sector.

He then expressed his delight with his company’s position as the number one payment provider in iGaming. CoinsPaid CEO further noted that the company is still targeting other niches while expecting that crypto processing will eventually become widely spread all over several economic sectors on a global scale in a few years.

Statement From SoftSwiss COO

SoftSwiss Chief Operating Officer also spoke on the growth of crypto gambling over the years, noting that Bitcoin is currently one of the leading cryptocurrencies in gambling as it keeps growing strong and increasing in popularity. BTC is currently the most famous currency to date, recording a huge 78.5% penetration in the iGaming market and closely followed by Ethereum (ETH) which boasts 9% of iGaming market penetration. Like Bitcoin, ETH is another cryptocurrency that players in iGaming tend to opt for despite the ups and downs it has gone through since it was launched.

Although Ethereum is also growing in popularity, it does not seem close to Bitcoin enough to overthrow it at this stage. SoftSwiss Game Aggregator is a widely acclaimed, rapidly growing, and successful iGaming software brand. The innovative technology brand was the first to launch a crypto online casino in the world, making it a pioneer in the crypto gambling market.

The crypto online casino it launched is powered by both the CoinsPaid crypto casino processing solution and its own live online casino platform. CoinsPaid offers a variety of services designed to deliver easy, secure, and convenient access to operations in fiat and cryptocurrency for both individual and business needs.


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