Crazy Time Pachinko pays out €13.6 million

Crazy Time Pachinko pays out €13.6 million. This humongous figure was earned by a lucky player via a 5000x multiplier. (Image Source: – Evolution)

Crazy Time Pachinko, a top release from Evolution Gaming, has paid out a lucky winner a whopping figure of €13.6 million! This humongous figure was earned by a lucky player via a 5000x multiplier, making for the largest payout to date. Evolution published this information on its Youtube page last week. This figure is much larger than the €20,005, won by another lucky player earlier in July via a bonus but is more than the former mega win of €10.7 million, won by a group of lucky players in October 2020. Before this recent win, this was the highest win recorded so far in Crazy Time.

Other Amazing Crazy Time Wins

Crazy Time has been known to offer an amazing payout to players, asides from those mentioned above. In February, some players clinched a decent amount of €2.8 million via a single spin. These payers used a 5000x multiplier to make this possible. Later in April, another lucky group of players clinched a €2.8 million with the help of a 1600x multiplier. Knowing the frequency at which this amazing game pays out to players, we can only expect to see more wins before the year runs out as we anticipated the last time.

More Facts about Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a live online game show that comes with a unique feel. It was developed using the money wheel concept of the highly successful Dream Catcher developed by evolution. Crazy Time utilizes a massive prize wheel that has 54 segments that are spread over four different bonus games and cash rewards. The RTP also falls between 94.33% – 96.08%, depending on the betting option you settle for. However, Crazy Time live takes things further by giving players the capacity to get to new levels and multipliers from 4 appealing bonus games. The advanced technology and immersive aspects of this game give players the chance to win multipliers in two of the four available bonus games. What’s more, the win multipliers can get up to 25,000x in this game, ensuring players get a unique and fun experience.

Have Fun with an Interactive Presenter

Crazy Time Live retains its unique feel because a presenter explains the game as it proceeds. This makes it similar to a live show, except that it lets you have fun and enjoy an interactive game while you earn real cash. As you navigate the variety of bonus games available, the presenter is taken to new areas as the interface changes. Players can enjoy Crazy Time Live on both mobile and PC devices, depending on their preferences.



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