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For the second time in the game’s history, the Cash Hunt bonus on Crazy Time cracked through the million Euro marker. This time around the total win was a mind-blowing €8,104,936 win shared across 6,132 luck winners!

Crazy Time is the world’s most expensive live casino game ever built, and it since its inaugural appearance on the live casino scene back in July 2020, less than a year ago, on 6 occasions it cracked the million-Euro barrier and in 5 of those instances the ‘Top Slot’ 50x multiplier was involved in the caper!

As the live presenter set the big Crazy Time wheel in motion, the 2-reel top slot rolled in the ‘Cash Hunt’ + ‘50x’ multiplier. And naturally, this sparked comments in the live chat with username Tip saying, “I seriously need a Top Slot on a bonus game please!”. Well, lucky for that player. 6,000+ others, the luck of Crazy Time gods were with him as the wheel slowed down and the flapper ticked into the ‘Cash Hunt’ bonus – a massive bonus round to have a 50x multiplier on, to say the least.

The game presenter when crazy saying, “that’s how we do it – woo hoo baby”, which is of course ‘Crazy’ is the name of the game. He then headed straight over to the ‘Cash Hunt’ 9×12 grid to look at which multipliers were showing across the 108 symbol positions. Multipliers showing were 250x, 500x, 1250x, and 2500x. There was also a lone 5000x multiplier in the mix. And when scanning the board, we noticed very few 250x multipliers with the 500x and 1250x taking up the lion’s share of the spots.

With those numbers, players that bet on the Cash Hunt bonus knew they were in for a big win with the ‘Top Slot’ x50 multiplier included! 250x = 12,500x, 500x = 25,000x, 1250x = 62,500x, and 2500x = 125,000x, 5000x = 250,000x multiplier! However, the max win on Crazy Time is a 50,000x multiplier so effectively the 1250x, 2500x and 5000x multipliers are all worth the same amount as each one surpasses the max multiplier pay-out limit!

Cash Hunt Was the Last Bonus to Crack 1 Million Euros

The first time a million Euro win came out of Evolution’s Crazy Time studio was on the 13 March 2021, and we were right there to report the €1.6 million big win paid out across 762 players! This happened after the Crazy Time bonus paid €2.8 million, Pachinko Bonus paid €10.7 million, and the Coin Flip Bonus €1 million!

Since then, the Crazy Time bonus paid out a second 7-digit win, which was worth €1.3 million, and it reached that number without the help of a ‘Top Slot’ multiplier! Now the ‘Cash Hunt’ bonus has paid its million Euro plus payout we will be waiting for the Coin Flip and Pachinko bonuses to churn out their second million Euro windfalls!

Perhaps one of Crazy Time’s biggest competitors is Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech. However, that game still has not produced a win that surpasses the 1 million Euro mark. Albeit, the Playtech wheel fortune title has not been around long and it recently reached a pay-out worth over 900k Euros!

Top 5 Cash Hunt Winners

  • €500,100 (Kornore1993) 5000x
  • €416,591 (Qwd1e1) 1250x
  • €312,625 (Gg) 2500x
  • €260,297 (laurenceomahony) 1250x
  • €182,222 (Roku) 1250x

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