Emily Asava Features in Bizin Africa

Emily Asava Features in Bizin Africa. The Regional Sales/Business Development Manager of TVBET, spoke about its success story on the show. (Image by Matt Botsford on Unsplash)

TVBET’s Regional Sales/Business Development Manager, Emily Asava, recently featured on the sixth episode of the #WhyInvestInAfrica Podcast Question and Answer series organized by Bizin Africa.

In the episode, Bizin Africa’s Managing Director, Jeremiah Maangi, had a conversation with Emily on the success story of TVBET in Africa, and it was pretty insightful.

The duo also discussed the need for more investors to invest in Africa across several industries. Emily was active all through the conversation. She did not hesitate to express her thoughts on how TVBET is dominating the betting market in Africa by becoming the top choice of gaming solution for Africa betting operators. She explained that:

TVBET delivers value to every operator and upholds strong relationships with them while ensuring that their games are hybrid (appealing to various players), mobile, and innovative.

Similarly, the Sales Manager also stressed that more investors should invest in Africa, especially as the continent allows for innovative business to thrive because the businesses provide solutions to unsolved problems in the continent.

The highly motivated Emily also advised young women and men in Africa, particularly those who wish or desire to pursue a career in marketing, business development, and sales fields and business owners who want to invest in Africa. For the prospective African young men and women, Emily advised them to develop the skill, give it a trial, learn to love it, work hard, and learn continuously to know more about the role and products.

About Bizin Africa – A leading agency for new iGaming businesses in the region

Bazin Africa prides itself as the leading agency that helps South African iGaming businesses in launching their operations in Africa. The firm aims to promote Africa to the rest of the world and showcase it as one of the top investment destinations so that business owners can invest in the continent. Bizin Africa also helps organizations that want to venture into new markets as part of its primary role in tackling the unemployment problem through various initiatives. The firm believes in creating awareness and a good image about Africa to business owners to invest in the continent, as this would help the continent grow.

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