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‘Evolution Adds Greek and Portuguese Live Dealers to Its Collection!’ (image source:

The Evolution brand is in the news again, but this time it’s not a brand new live dealer title and instead, the live casino manufacturer adds Greek and Portuguese languages to its existing live roulette title.

That’s yet another 2 languages added to a long list of supported languages so Evolution can continue its ambitions to provide localised live dealer experiences to multiple nationalities!

The Portuguese live croupiers will host Brazilian players via ‘Brasileira Roleta’, while, needless to say, the Greek croupier managed tables will support the ever-growing list of Greek clientele.

Both new versions of roulette may also become available to European casinos that serve the rest of the world. It makes sense, especially as it would benefit those that speak Portuguese or Greek as their first language but are residents in European countries as well as those that reside in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries that have large populations of ex-pats from Greece, Portugal, and Brazil. Currently, the licencing for the games are under the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) as per the Tweets below, but it is not yet clear whether the Greek or Portuguese version will also fall under the UKGC license.

For players in Brazil, the Brasileira Roleta is set in a beautiful new studio with views of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches and lively city in the background. Disponível agora! Meanwhile, the Greek roulette table comes with a natural Greek setting with colourful flowers and a blue ocean backdrop. Check out the Tweets below! This table is now available as a shared solution while it was originally unique to GVC (now Entain) and Evolution set in a dedicated studio backdrop of Greek islands and the Aegean Sea!

Another noteworthy point to make here is that both tables are roulette, so technically these are live croupiers rather than live dealers!

An International Live Casino Gaming Platform!

Since Evolution launched its platform in 2006, Evolution has grown into a dominant force pioneering the way for live dealer gaming across Europe, South America, and into North America. There are more than 3,000 dealers and croupiers employed on over 700 live tables spread over 9 live dealer studios! There are now 3 studios in North America with 1 in Canada and 2 in the USA and 6 in Europe.

The possibility of a 10th studio is on the horizon, which is likely going to be Michigan, while the firm’s license in South Africa remains dormant until the possibility of legally offering casino gaming online is thrashed out by lawmakers in the country. Although the firm announced its Western Cape license early in 2020, where new languages such as Dutch Afrikaans, Swati, and Zulu could become a possibility.

Currently, online sports betting is legal, and as we have seen in the USA, where sports betting becomes available online, usually online casinos and other iGaming eventually have regulatory authorities assigned to issue licenses.

Via its Ezugi brand, there is also the chance to add Hindi if the latest SBC India 2021 virtual conference persuades officials in India to investigate the possibility of regulating online gambling in the nation. Sports betting online and iGaming have taken somewhat of a beating in the country as government officials in some states say that their citizens are using online gambling to make money or get rich quick. As a result, several states made online gambling illegal and punishable with a hefty fine.

If iGaming could become regulated and Hindi becomes a popular language for live casino gaming, the benefits of having Hindi-speaking dealers and croupiers would not only benefit any potential live studio targeting India, but it would also benefit multiple nations where there are large Indian populations!

Evolution Live Dealers Available in 14 Languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Flemish
  • Danish
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese

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