Evolution Discloses 2021 Live Games Roadmap

Evolution Discloses Roadmap For 2021 for Live Casino. New games announced include exciting titles such as Cash or Cash, and Live Blackjack. (Image by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash)

Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter has revealed the company’s roadmap for 2021 Live Games via YouTube.

The roadmap is similar to the ones used in previous years as it focuses on innovation while putting the player at the center and working towards boosting games that are targeted at the Asian market. Evolution often reveals the yearly roadmap at the ICE Exhibition in February, so everyone has been looking forward to this year’s announcement.

However, the annual exhibition is not a central point this year as the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted it, thus the announcement was delayed this year. The roadmap usually contains some new games set to be launched in the year, however, the Chief Product Officer explained that this year’s roadmap involves making improvements to existing games to augment the player experience.

The details of the roadmap are briefly summarized below:

New Games

Five brand new games are set to hit the screen this year according to the details of the roadmap. They are;

  • Cash or Crash: This is a new bouncing ball game show to be played in a virtual flying blimp that flies around over a busy metropolis. Players will have to climb a virtual ladder to get cash prizes while they also decide whether to take their winnings, gamble, or take half and carry on. They can equally leave all the money to double up thereby risking losing it all as they must ensure that they cash out before the flying blimp crashes.
  • Golden Wealth Baccarat: This game is best illustrated as Lightning Baccarat on steroids as there are usually multipliers all around. The multipliers in Golden Wealth Baccarat are even more than that of Lightning Baccarat
  • Fan Tan: This is a conventional Asian game where players get action in spotting the remaining bead. The players here have to bet on the possible numbers of counters that will be left after sorting. It is simple to play; you just have to choose right as the number of counters remaining could be four, three, two, or one.
  • Bac Bo: This Baccarat game is inspired by Sic Bo and played with dice. It is also very similar to Dragon Tiger such that the hand that has the highest number will win.
  • Lightning Blackjack: An unlimited number of players can play Lightning Blackjack at the same time as it is similar to an infinite blackjack table boasting multipliers of up to 25 times awarded for winning hands. A player’s multipliers will increase as he gets more winning hands in a row.

Game Enhancements

Evolution has already implemented a few game enhancements with the first being the Red Envelopes on Baccarat which can boost the Banker, Player, and Tie Pair side bet payouts with multipliers of up to 88x. Another enhancement added to the games is the new zoom function on Live Blackjack such that players can now zoom in to see the real cards instead of relying on the earlier RNG depiction of the cards. Players will really find this comforting because they will no longer have to rely on the images the computer generates to see what goes on.

Lastly, a new functionality has been added to Baccarat Road Maps to make it easy to bet on the game as the roadmaps of all Baccarat tables in play are now vividly displayed. Players can quickly check through the maps to identify the next hand or the game that suits their betting needs and trends. With this new development, players are no longer allowed to open up so many tables or even change between the tables to see what is going on. Evolution has really got this right and players will see it as a huge win.

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