Evolution Releases Live Craps & First-Person Craps Tables! (image source: https://www.evolution.com/our-games/craps)

The first-ever Live Craps table is now officially available online! Evolution now offers live craps and first-person craps tables, to which you can expect plenty of live casinos to open the floodgates with bonus offers to play this brand new and exciting dice operated table game!

We first got wind of a live craps game coming to live casinos back at the ICE 2020 in London. Since things went pretty quiet until last week when Evolution released a Tweet and YouTube teaser. The theory was that we may see the game launched in November or even December, but within a quick succession of last week’s teasers, Evolution made it official—Live Craps is now online!

2 For the Price of 1

There is also a twist to the tail because we were only expecting a ‘Live Craps’ table hosted by a live croupier; however, Evolution also introduces its ‘First Person’ RNG operated Craps table alongside the live version.

That’s 2 for the price of 1, and the virtual table gives players the perfect opportunity to practice their brand-new Craps strategy at their own pace.

Confirmation came out on Twitter today, plus the Evolution YouTube channel is using the Live Craps table as its cover image for the time being.

Craps Release Dominates the Evolution Website

Availability of Craps is not yet in the Evolution ‘news section’ but on the website’s home page the Craps table and a croupier dominate the top half with the slogan “Craps finally comes to Live Casino—and it’s easier and more fun than ever to play”. You can also visit the Evolution dedicated Craps page where you are introduced to the full game spec.

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Live Craps Table Mini Review

The Craps table gets its very own speakeasy-themed studio and as Evolution describes the game – “It is a lively and fast-paced game with many ways to bet and even more ways to win”.

Some highlights of this Craps table is how Evolution tackles the complexity of the game which could put newbies off. Cleverly, the table comes with a ‘Full Tutorial’ so you can learn how to play, and there is an ‘Easy Mode’ which reduces the number of bet spots that give players easy to follow and understand betting options.

By eliminating the more confusing bets, new players can build up their understanding of how the Craps betting system plays out. Once players absorb the easier betting options, they can switch easy mode off and begin tackling the more complex bets.

Players also get to take advantage of added features such as ‘My Numbers’ providing players with the number(s) they need to win as well as the payout amount that comes with predicting that number. To make things easier and to help the game go more smoothly, players can bet on the suggested ‘My Numbers’ option directly.

Dynamic statistics boards are also available, giving players ‘Popular Bets’ and ‘Top Numbers’ to follow. Players can see the most frequent winning bets on bet spots as well as the most popular bet spots.

First Person Craps—RNG Virtual Craps Table

First-person virtual table gaming is a new vertical for Evolution and one that the developer is crushing it in terms of creating highly engaging immersive table games. As a surprise add-on to the recent Live Craps table, a First-Person Craps table is part of the new release.

The virtual version also comes with special features including the ‘Tutorial’ and ‘My Numbers’ display, plus there is a ‘GO LIVE’ button which will take you straight to the live table.

The addition of First Person craps joins Roulette, Baccarat, Lighting Roulette, Blackjack, Mega Ball, Dragon Tiger, Football Studio, and Dreamcatcher!

Betting on Craps Tables

Craps is one of the most popular dice games in US casinos and creates just as much of an atmosphere as the roulette tables. Its fun betting system and the catchphrase ‘Snake Eyes’ makes it a trademark table that most punters make a beeline for!

  • One roll bets: These bets payout after just a single roll. You can use the ‘Easy Mode’ to narrow down this bet type and place your money on the totals you want to predict.
  • Multi-roll bets: Multi-roll bets are a little more complex and will take some time to get accustomed to. It takes 2 or more rolls of the dice to decide whether you get paid. Check out the Hardways bets to get started with this bet type!
Full Live Craps Review Coming Soon

Of course, our team will start playing the Live Craps table so we can get a full review out to you and give you our verdict on how these tables play out!

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