Crazy Time Drops 14.4 million Euro Win

Second highest Crazy paying Crazy Time win in the history of the game! How Crazy Time Drops 14.4 million Euro Win! (Image from courtesy of

The highest paying live dealer game show Crazy Time paid out a mammoth 14.4 million Euro win after the Coin Flip bonus round draws in a 5,000x multiplier. The win goes down in the Crazy Time record books as the second-highest pay-out to date.

On the ‘Top Slot’ (a 2-reel slot feature) the ‘Coin Flip’ came up on the first reel, and next then the ‘50x’ multiplier lined up with the bonus round.

This combination does happen quite often on the ‘Top Slot’, but rarely does the next spin align with the resulting in the bonus game with 50x. Yet, that’s exactly what happened yesterday on the Crazy Time wheel when the host spun the big wheel and the ticker slowly ticked down and slotted into the ‘Coin Flip’ bonus.

The community chat went wild with those that did not bet on the ‘Coin Flip’ bonus in awe of what just happened. Those that had placed bets on the bonus were probably gasping as this bonus paid 1 million Euros back in September 2020. In fact, that was the last time ‘Cash Hunt’ lined up with the 50x multiplier on the ‘Top Slot’ and the wheel spun into the bonus segment.

Well, guess what? When the eventual result came through after the host played out the ‘Cash Hunt’ bonus, 14.4 million Euros was the result. This is the second time this particular bonus has made it past the 1 million Euro mark.

Highest ‘Coin Flip’ Win: It is the highest ‘Coin Flip’ total pay-out since the Crazy Time live dealer title came online in July 2020. On that occasion, the ‘Top Slot’ also lined up with the ‘Coin Flip’ bonus and a ‘50x’ multiplier. The eventual result was 750x in multipliers and 1 million Euros shared across all players.

Crazy Time Coin Flip Bonus Win – Second Highest Overall Payout but Pachinko Rules

With the latest 14.4 million Euro payout, the record books are once again rattling in the Evolution live casino camp. The previous second-largest payout came 8 months ago with a 13.6 million Euro winning spin for all players involved. For that particular spin, the bonus game was Pachinko, which is also responsible for a total of 5 million Euro plus payouts.

In fact, it was the Pachinko that brought about the now third-highest win on the Crazy Time wheel of fortune game show also boasts the highest win. As 2022 was closing out, the top slot produced what was just a 7x multiplier in line with the Pachinko bonus, and it rolled in. No one could have predicted that this bonus game would end up paying out a whopping 21 million euros. It is also a win so high that is unlikely any other bonus game will produce such an epic win any time soon.

Another noteworthy win via the Pachinko bonus was back in October 2020, just 3 months after Evolution released Crazy Time. That win produced a 10.7 million Euro pay-out via a 5,000x. Just 15 days later and Pachinko struck again with a 5.2 million Euro win. And in July 2021, Pachinko was back in with another million Euro win when players that wagered the bonus shared an 8.1 million Euro windfall.

Crazy Time Awards: In the first year Crazy Time hit the iGaming scene, the new title helped Evolution to pick up two major awards. Crazy Time won the EGR Operator 2020 ‘Game of the Year’, while Crazy Time helped Evolution also pick up the SBS 2020 award for ‘Innovation in Casino Entertainment’.

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